So, you’re pregnant.


I was right where you are a short time ago, so I know how excited you are.

You are thinking about all about all of the things you need to do.

The doctor appointments you need to make (so many doctors appointments, so…many).

All of the stuff you are going to have to buy.

And, of course: The pregnancy announcement.

How you are going to let your friends, family, children (if you have any), and your partner know about the baby.

A pregnancy announcement is a lot of fun…

Also, a little bit scary.

But, mostly fun.

In my case, my husband and I were most nervous about telling our teenage son.

I wish I could say that I took my own advice and gently announced his baby brother’s impending arrival to my 14-year-old but I just kind of blurted it out.

Thankfully, my kid is cool and knows his mom is a goofball so he took it well.

After about 30 seconds of shock, he expressed displeasure that his parents still did THAT, and began playing his video game again.

It was a non-event.

In hindsight, I probably would have announced it a bit more delicately and maybe made it fun with some sort of gaming theme. But all’s well that ends well.

After the scary part was past me, I was able to announce it to my friends and family.

That part was A LOT of fun!

And it should be fun for you too, you know why?

Because this is a big deal!

Making Babies Is Hard Work, Celebrate It!

Listen, some people think that big pregnancy announcements and gender reveals are just people being extra.

“Back in my day we just carried the baby and gave birth.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people over the years hating on baby announcements and gender reveals.

Ignore those people.

There will always be someone trying to rain on your parade.

Here’s the deal:

Some of you worked really hard for that baby — and all of us work hard after they are born.

If you want to celebrate your pregnancy, do it.

When I found out I was pregnant, I did it all.

Birth announcement.

Gender reveal.

Baby shower.

Pictures of my baby bump as it grew.

I was one of those people who was adamant I only wanted one child. Then, along came my surprise baby 14 years after the first one, and I spent 7.5 months letting everyone know he was on his way. You’d have thought I was the first woman in history to give birth.


And guess what?

It all started with the pregnancy announcement.

So, when exactly is the right time to let the world know your tiny human is going to be making an appearance soon?

How Long You Should Wait Before Your Pregnancy Announcement

couple holding a baby shoes

Image from

The answer to that question is: it’s up to you.

In my case, I was so excited that I told a few people close to me as soon as I took the pregnancy test.

After I went to the first doctor appointment where the pregnancy was confirmed, I was about 4 weeks pregnant, I told everyone else. I’ll explain how I told them below.

The advantage to that was that I never had to hide my excitement, exhaustion, weight gain, or anything else.

My friends and family shared the entire experience with me.

That may not be the right decision for everyone though.

If you had a rough time getting pregnant, or have a history of miscarriages, you may want to wait a little bit.

Here’s why:

During the first trimester, the threat of miscarriage is greater than any other time during the pregnancy.

In fact: More than 80 percent of miscarriages occur during the first trimester or first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Historically, women have thought that they should wait until this trimester is over before they make a pregnancy announcement.

I believe that it depends on what kind of person you are.

For example, if you are a relatively private person, you may not want people to know before the trimester is over because you don’t want to deal with explaining to everyone what happened if the worst occurs.

If you are an open person, you may want the support of your family and friends.

Either decision is fine.

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is: Do whatever makes you most comfortable in every situation, especially when you are carrying a baby.

Now, that you’ve decided when to announce, let’s talk about that baby announcement.

10 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Everyone

Now comes the fun part!

Pregnancy announcement ideas.


There are a million ways you can do your pregnancy announcement.

So, what I thought I would do is give you 10 basic ideas and a couple of examples of how to pull each one of them off.

Let’s get started:

1. A classic way to announce to your partner

First thing is first:

Have you told your partner? If not, that is going to be so much fun.

There are a million ways to tell your partner that you are having a baby, but keeping it classic is always a winner.

Picture this:

Your partner comes home from work and you serve them dinner with baby carrots and baby potatoes. Make them tell you what they just ate.

Then you hand them a box with a tiny little outfit in it and attached to the outfit is either an ultrasound photo or a positive pregnancy test.

Then watch them process what they are seeing.

Another cool idea is to plan a photoshoot and bring along a chalkboard.

Then do this:

If you don’t want to write it on a chalkboard you can always write your announcement on a onesie.

Check out how this woman handled it:

I’m not crying…

You’re crying!

2. Surprise the grandparents

After you have told your partner, you are probably going to want to tell your parents.

Surprising them is going to be great.

You could do the same thing you did with your partner, but for your mom and dad.

For example:

Get a chalkboard and announce that your mom is going to be a grandma at a photoshoot with your parent(s).

Check out this woman’s surprise below:

What a perfect picture, right?

You could also surprise them by writing them a note and then taking a video of them reading it out loud.

Look at how this woman reacted when she found out:

View this post on Instagram

#grandma #surprisegrandma #youreagrandma #grandparent #pregnant I love my mama

A post shared by Honey May (@honeyymayyt) on

Don’t forget to surprise grandpa.

Check out how this dad found out that he was going to be a grandpa:

Did that make your heart melt? I know, it hit me right in the feels too.

The rest of our ideas for baby announcements aren’t going to focus on how to tell specific people. Instead, we are just going to give you creative ideas to use for a general announcement.

Of course, you could use any of the following ideas to tell individual people or everyone at once. It is really up to you.

Let’s see what else you can do:

3. A simple announcement for low-key moms and dads

If you are a laidback person or just so excited you can’t wait to do a big announcement, you can keep it simple.

For example:

When I finally made a pregnancy announcement, I had a friend of mine use photoshop and create a collage type thing with my dog, older son, and little baby feet — then I posted it on my social media pages.

Take a look:

pregnancy announcement with collage of dog, older child and tiny feet

Author's pregnancy announcement. Photo via Author, all rights reserved

If you do not have other children, that’s fine. You can take ultrasound photos and do something similar.

The father in our next photo used photoshop and ultrasound photos to announce that he and his partner were having twins.

Check his pregnancy announcement out:

You could even do just a photo of you and your partner, holding a chalkboard with a simple “+1” on it:

Another great idea is this donut announcement.

This couple took two donuts, two donut holes, a onesie with “Oh, Baby!!” on it, an ultrasound, and a board to announce their “munchkin.”

Adorable, right?

4. Get your pet involved

If you are like me, your pet is probably like your child. My dog is such a part of my family that I actually added him to my pregnancy announcement.

If you have animals that you absolutely adore, you can do the same thing.

Keep in mind:

Some of our animals are very sweet and loving but a total pain in the butt when it comes to sitting for photos. My dog, for example, has to be photographed 375 times to get one decent photo.

So, it may take a wee bit more patience to add your fur baby to the pregnancy announcement.

However, if you get it just right, the announcement will be absolutely adorable.

The people in the photo below is from an Instagram page one pet owner has for her ferrets. She got them involved in her pregnancy announcement by adding baby stuff to their cage.

The photo shows booties, a bottle, an ultrasound photo, and a dry erase board with the message,”Dream becomes reality! July, 2019,” written on it in the ferret cage.

Take a look:

Another Instagram page for a dog, Gus the Golden Boy, announced his human’s pregnancy as well. Gus’ owners put a pair of reading glasses on him and had him sit in front of a book titled,”how to be a big brother,” with an ultrasound photo next to the book:

Finally, check out the following baby announcement staring a super cute Goldendoodle, newborn outfit, calendar, and ultrasound:

puppy pregnancy reveal

From: @monofaces

The possibilities are endless.

5. How about those other kids

Did you just find out your child or children are getting a shiny new sibling?

If so, get them involved!

Pregnancy announcements with older siblings are some of my favorite announcements. There are so many really fantastic ways to announce your new human when you have other kids.

For example:

You can purchase a custom shirt and take a photo with your older child wearing the shirt and holding ultrasound photos.

Like this:

You can post an eviction notice on your baby’s crib to let them know they have to make room. That’s what the parents of this little girl did and boy, she was not happy!

How dare her parents make another human without her consent!

You could also do funny family photos with your older children like this family did.

These three do not look particularly happy:

Finally, another great idea is to pay homage to Britney Spears with your child or children holding an, “Oops we did it again,” sign.

Honestly, there are a ton of fun ways to get your other kids involved.

In fact, if you don’t like any of the ideas above, you can ask your children to help you plan the announcement. Kids can be really creative. They might come up with an even better idea than the one you had!

6. Make it a viral moment…maybe

Get that video camera out:

It’s time to go viral.


You have probably seen viral pregnancy announcement videos pop up on your Facebook newsfeed at one time or another.

Usually, they feature someone who just found out their loved one is having a baby and they are completely shocked. Nobody can ever really predict who is going to go viral but the recipe seems to be:

  • Unsuspecting participants
  • Sly announcement
  • Open-mouthed shocked person

That’s it:

Find the person who is least expecting you to be pregnant and videotape them finding out. Then share it all over social media and see what happens.

Check out the following video for inspiration:

Even if you do not want your video to go viral, it is still fun to catch the reactions of your loved ones.

When I told my best friend I was pregnant with the surprise baby, she literally started crying.

My mother was convinced I was lying to her.

And perhaps the funniest reaction of all was:

My own.

I looked at the test and started laughing like I’d lost my mind.

Come to think of it: someone should have recorded me and it totally would have gone viral.

7. Get those little shoes out

One of the most popular ways to announce the impending arrival of a new baby is with little shoes. I know, it seemed funny to me at first, but it’s actually really cute.

First, go out and buy a pair of tiny shoes. Then place them next to the shoes of everyone in your family.

After you have places the tiny shoes in the right position, write the pregnancy announcement on a chalkboard, or just wait to right it in the caption part of a social media post.

That’s not all:

You can also just use the tiny shoes and leave your shoes out of it entirely.

It may not be the most creative way to announce your tiny human, but it is one of the cutest.

Take a look at some of the posts below:

What about a funny pregnancy announcement?

We have some ideas for that too:

8. Make it funny

Do you and your partner have big senses of humor?

If so, you are in the right place.

A funny pregnancy announcement is what you are going to want to share with your friends and family. You could go out and buy a mug that has a picture of sperm on it and says something witty. Kind of like the mug in the photo below:

You could also turn your pregnancy announcement into a movie poster. Personally, I think this idea is both hilarious and really cool. Had I known about this, I may not have chosen to go all low-key:

Not feeling either of those?

How about this:

The father in this photo is super dramatic, and it turned into a pretty hilarious photograph.

Check it out:

The couple in the next photo also decided to make his little swimmers part of the announcement. Apparently, like the shoes, this is a pretty common joke when announcing a pregnancy.

It looks pretty simple to do too:

The next family makes fun of dad’s inability to prevent a pregnancy.

It one is one of my favorites:


You’ve all heard the joke about “Netflix and chill,” I’m sure. Our final funny pregnancy announcement idea is a play off of that:

9. Use a holiday to your advantage

If you are going to announce your pregnancy around a holiday, use that holiday to your advantage.

Here’s how:

If it is Christmas, you can make a homemade Christmas wreath that announces it. Hang the wreath on your door when your family and friends are around.

If it is Thanksgiving, spell it out on the top of one of the desserts.

Easter? Hold an Easter Egg hunt and then put the ultrasound photo in a large egg.

Get creative!

10. Go big or go home

And, last but not least:

Go big or go home.

Don’t announce your pregnancy on a social media platform or at a small get together.

Throw a big party!

Invite everyone who is important over to your house and reveal the pregnancy then. If you can hold it in long enough, you can reveal both the pregnancy and the gender at the same time. Think about how shocked they will be then.

And besides:

Everyone loves a party.

Congratulations! Your Life Will Only Get Better From Here

No matter which pregnancy announcement you choose, it will be memorable.

You are going to have a shiny new human to cuddle soon and that is the best feeling in the world. If you already have children, this one will be easier than the last. I have found that parenting is going way more smoothly this time around. My first oldest says that is because he was my lab rat.

He’s right.

If you are a first-time parent, a lot of people will give you a lot of advice. But one thing that they won’t tell you is that you are about to find out just how quickly time flies. You will blink and suddenly your baby is going to be in high school.

Cherish every minute of it.

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