One of the most pressing questions we strive to find an answer to all throughout our lives is what comes after death. Getting a sure answer to this question seems impossible because the only way to find out implies dying in the process. But there are people who have managed to touch this very fine limit between life and death and who have come back to tell us about their experience. We have prepared 10 near death experiences stories that are sure to give you goosebumps. Take a look at these great NDE stories that will take you through Hell and Heaven!

10. The Colton Burpo Story

Book Heaven is for Real

One of the most remarkable near death experiences stories involves the son of a pastor. Colton Burpo was only four years old when he was rushed into an emergency appendectomy. The boy barely survived the surgery but he came back with an astonishing story. Colton says that he went to Heaven where he met Jesus, God, John the Baptist, and some of his family members who had previously passed away.

Among these were his sister, whom their parents lost to a miscarriage they never mentioned to Colton, and his grandfather, whom he saw as a young man. The boy later identified his grandfather in pictures from his youth.

He also recalls seeing Todd Burpo (his father), going to a room in the hospital to pray. Todd says that that was a moment of despair he hadn’t even mentioned to his wife. This gave him reason to believe that the boy was not making up his story. Todd Burpo then wrote “Heaven is for real”, where he told Colton’s story. It is one of the best near death experience stories of children.

9. The Betty Eadie Story

Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie

Betty Eadie’s story began when she underwent a surgery for a partial hysterectomy. She says that she floated out of her body and went into a tunnel. There were three hooded monk-like figured guiding her, who said that they were her guardians and had been with her all of her life. Betty says that she was attracted to a powerful light at the end of the tunnel and felt herself traveling towards it faster and faster.

As she approached the light, she saw a figure of a man. The light that she saw was radiating all around him. Betty said that she immediately knew that the man was God. Her story was published in September 1994. The book is called “Embraced by light” and it immediately became a bestseller on the book market. It is one of the best near death experiences stories about Heaven.

8. The Veronika Barthel Story

The Veronika Ulrike Barthel Story

This is yet another near death experience story that will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Back in 1981, Veronika was driving home one day when she was struck by lightning. According to her story, this was just the beginning because she was instantly transported into what seemed to be Hell.

“The creatures that I saw there were more terrifying than anything I even saw in a horror movie.”, says Veronika. She says that she was escorted by demons to what appeared to be the Lake of Fire. She described it as the inner part of a volcano. Inside the lake, there were people screaming terribly because of the immense pain that was inflicted on them.

The ground was filled with snakes which were biting at people’s feet. There were also caves guarded by demons who threw people in them. Then they threw spears at them and inflicted unimaginable pain on them. Veronika’s story ends as she somehow was transported back into her car where she saw her very own burning hands grabbing the steering wheel. This is one of the best near death experiences stories about Hell.

7. The Bill Wiese Story

23 Minutes In Hell by Bill Wiese

Bill’s story begins as he was laying patiently in bed one night. He noted that it was 3:00 A.M. sharp. Then suddenly, he was transported directly to Hell, which he describes as being more terrifying than anything he had ever seen. Bill says that he was thrown in a small dark cell with reptile-like creatures, which were there to torture him.

These horrid creatures threw him against the walls and pierced at his flesh with their sharp claws. Bill begged for death, but there was no relief to be gained in that place. He says that he could hear other people being burnt and tortured, who were screaming for their lives.

As suddenly as he was taken into hell, he was taken back into his bed. It was 3:23 A.M. and Bill realized that he had just spent a whole 23 minutes in hell. This was actually the name of his book, which was published in 2006. This is one of the best near death experiences stories about Hell.

6. The Eben Alexander Story

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander is a skilled neurosurgeon. He did not believe in Heaven, Hell, angels, God, or the existence of a person’s soul. He based his beliefs on firm scientific facts and actually deemed near death experience stories to be fiction generated by the brain due to chemical reactions.

That was until he had a near death experience of his own. Dr. Alexander suffered from a rare neurological disease that made the parts of his brain controlling thought and emotion simply shut down. He went into a deep coma for a whole seven days. As the doctors were considering turning off his life support, Dr. Alexander opened his eyes and came back to life.

The fact that he survived was a medical miracle, but the story that he came back with was even more fascinating. Dr. Alexander said he was guided by an angelic being beyond the limits of this world. He described it as a super-physical experience which culminated with him meeting the Divine source of the universe, the missing link that explained the existence of our world.

Dr. Alexander has very different ideas of the soul and the power of divine healing. This is why he wrote a book about his amazing experience, which he called “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife”. This is one of the best near death experience stories about connecting with a divine power.

5. The Dannion Brinkley Story

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Dannion Brinkley had not one, but two near death experiences. Back in 1975, he was struck by lightning and was declared dead. 28 minutes later, he woke up in the morgue and he had an astonishing story to tell. He says that he traveled through a dark tunnel to a crystal city. Then, Dannion was taken to what he describes as “a cathedral of knowledge”, where thirteen angels told him about 117 revelations about the future. He says that 95 of these revelations have already come true.

After his travels to this mystical place, Dannion was blessed with the gift of mindreading. Then he suffered a second near death experience and he was reunited with the angels, who told him that his gift was given to him to provide comfort to the dying.

Then, Dannion found his true calling and began working with the elderly and the sick to tell them about the wonders that await them after their death. Eventually, Dannion Brinkley wrote “Saved by the Light”. He believed that a book could help even more people understand that there is something amazing ahead of us and that there is reason to hope. The Dannion Brinkley story is one of the best near death experiences stories about Heaven.

4. The Crystal McVea Story

Waking Up in Heaven by Crystal McVea

This is another great near death experience true stories. Crystal McVea suffered a surgical procedure for her pancreatitis back in 2009 and she went into full respiratory arrest. During this time when she was clinically dead, she says that she traveled all the way to Heaven. She describes this to be so much more than what we can imagine when we think of paradise. She says that she had as many as 500 senses there and that the experience was absolutely exhilarating.

Crystal says that while she was in Heaven, she met God Himself. This was the peak of her trip and she describes Him as being an immense light, but one that she could “feel, taste, touch, hear, and smell”. God asked her several times if she wanted to stay in Heaven or return to Earth and she remembers she chose Heaven every time.

Finally, God sent her back to Earth because she woke up in the hospital. But Crystal was rid of all of her guilt and all of her shame. Her life would never be the same again because she knew that God would be there waiting for her in the future and that she would now cherish every day as a gift from the Lord. Crystal McVea wrote her story and named it “Waking Up in Heaven”. The book was published in April 2013 and it is one of the best near death experiences which also involve God.

3. The Mary McNeal Story

To Heaven and Back by Mary C. Neal

Dr. Mary McNeal is an orthopedic surgeon. Back in 1999, she drowned in a kayaking accident. Her kayak was pinned down underwater and she was trapped there. In spite of the great effort made by her companion, she couldn’t be rescued and she was declared dead.

This is where her story begins because Mary went to Heaven, where she met angels, Jesus Christ, and God himself. They told her that she was going to be sent back to Earth because her family would have to face a great tragedy and that she needed to be there to help them through it. God told her that her son, Willie, who was 9 at the time would die. But Mary was not told when or how he would die.

Then she woke up in the hospital, with two broken legs and severe lung complications. Ten years later, tragedy stroke and her then 19-year old son, Willie died in a car accident. In 2012, Mary’s book entitled “To Heaven and Back” was published and became a bestseller. It is one of the best near death experiences stories about Heaven.

2. The Ian McCormak Story

Clinically Dead by Jenny Sharkey

Ian McCormak was diving for lobster when he was stung by a box jellyfish. He quickly began to feel worse and worse and the necrosis settled in at an alarming pace. By the time the ambulance arrived at the scene, Ian says he felt completely paralyzed. At the hospital, he was declared clinically dead for a period of 15-20 minutes.

Ian remembers seeing an image of her mother praying for him. Then, when he died, he says he went to a scary dark place where there were people screaming all around. “From the darkness I began to hear men’s voices screaming at me telling me to ‘shut up’- that I ‘deserved to be there’- that I was ‘in Hell’”.

But then something amazing happened and a radiant beam of light appeared. It took Ian with it and lifted him upward to what seemed to be a circular opening far above him. Ian says that he felt like a speck of dust “being drawn up into a beam of sunlight”. When he got to the light, Ian says that he met God and that He spoke to him. Ian has yet to write a book, but you can read more about his story on his website. It is one of the best near death experiences stories about Heaven.

Best 10 Near Death Experiences Stories No. 1 – The Howard Storm Story

My Descent Into Death by Howard Storm

Howard Storm has a very terrifying near death experience story. It all began when he woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain. He was then transported to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a perforated stomach. As he waited to get into surgery, the pain became worse and worse up to the point where he said his goodbyes to his wife.

Then the pain suddenly stopped and Howard found himself looking at his own body on the hospital bed. He tried calling out to his wife, but it seemed that she couldn’t hear him. Then he began hearing familiar voices. “Come with us!”, the voices said. “Let’s go! We’ve been waiting for you.”

So he followed the voices, and they led him out of the hospital room and into a long and dark tunnel. As he walked, the tunnel became more and more terrifying. Howard felt like he couldn’t walk anymore because he was so scared. But when he told the voices he wouldn’t walk any further, they attacked him.

“Mostly they were biting and tearing at me”, says Howard remembering the fight. The torture went on for quite a while and got intensively worse. “They did other things to humiliate and violate me which I don’t talk about.”

Howard’s salvation came as a he began praying after a soft voice whispered to him “Pray to God!”. Then he said that Jesus himself rescued him from the evil creatures and told him to live his life differently. Howard was a declared atheist before this incident and needless to say, he changed his beliefs afterward. In 2000 Storm published a book called “My Descent into Death”. It is the most captivating and scary near death experience story out there.


Near death experiences stories are like looking through a keyhole towards the afterlife. There are quite a few people who have managed to get a glimpse of what comes next after we die and their NDE stories are absolutely fascinating. We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 NDE stories. If you know of another gripping NDE story, please write to us in the comments section and we can update the top together. We look forward to hearing from you!

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