Buying an engagement ring does not necessarily mean that you have to take up another mortgage on your house and become entangled in endless debts. This uniquely romantic moment should be marked with a symbolic token of love, rather than an extravagant piece of jewelry. Just to point out that there are so many other alternatives to expensive diamond rings, we have made a list of the 10 best affordable engagement rings under $500 that she will inevitably fall in love with. All contain precious stones mounted on gold or silver bands and have unique or classic designs.

10. Malachite Engagement Ring

Malachite engagement rings are some of the most inspired affordable engagement rings under $500. This exquisite copper carbonate stone will impress her with its intense green color and its unique light green model. It can be paired with both gold and silver to create some amazing pieces that she will simply fall in love with.

The gem varies in color from dark green to green with lighter shades, has vitreous, fibrous, low luster, and from translucent to opaque in transparency. This ring is ideal for women who love the natural aspect of stones.

malachite engagement ring

9. Vintage-Style Diamond Silver Ring

Instead of the classic gold/diamond ring, get her an exquisite silver ring. Explore the market and you will find some exquisite vintage-style rings with complex models engraved into the silver lining. Engagement rings traditionally feature a central stone, but these engraved silver rings are bound to impress her in an entirely different way. The strong characters of these rings and the impressive manufacturing technique that went into creating them make silver rings some of the best affordable engagement rings under $500.

This ring has high luster thanks to its rodium finish and comes with transparent diamonds. It’s best suited for delicate and elegant women.

diamond silver engagement ring

8. Topaz Engagement Ring

With its impeccable luster, topaz is an excellent gemstone for an engagement ring. It comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from clear topaz to electric blues, warm browns, exotic orange, leafy greens, elegant grays, and reddish pinks. So you can find a topaz engagement ring in her favorite color to make sure she loves it. It is your ideal choice if you are aiming for affordable princess cut engagement rings under $500.

The stone can vary in color from clear to blue, brown, green, gray, and pink with high transparency and has vitreous luster. It’s best suited for free-spirited women.

topaz engagement ring

7. Quartz Engagement Ring

Quartz is yet another spectacular semi-precious gemstone that you can choose for her engagement ring. Like topaz, quartz crystals also come in an impressive color range. The crystals without impurities are clear, but quartz also comes in blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, red, brown and even black. We strongly recommend pink quartz because it is perfectly suited for this romantic event. Overall, quartz is a very strong alternative to diamonds and makes some of the best affordable engagement rings under $500.

The stone varies in color from clear to blue, brown, green, yellow, gray, black, and pink; we strongly recommend choosing a ring with a pink quartz as it fits the nature of the event and is the best option for romantic women. It has a vitreous, even waxy luster and is nearly opaque with a hint of transparency.

quartz engagement ring

6. Morganite Engagement Ring

If you are aiming for a pink stone for her engagement ring, then morganite is one of your best choices. These semi-precious stones come in an impressive variety of pinks, ranging from light pink to intense rose. Morganite is also known as “pink emerald” and “rose beryl” because of its outstanding characteristics. Morganite engagement rings are extremely romantic because the warm tones of the pink that the stones come in. They make for unique, yet affordable engagement rings under $500.

Natural morganite varies in color from light pink to intense rose, is transparent, and has a vitreous luster. It’s another great choice for romantic women.

morganite engagement ring

5. Emerald Engagement Ring

If her favorite color is green, then an emerald engagement ring will definitely leave her speechless. Emeralds are the most appreciated green gemstones on the market because their color is impressively intense. Emeralds can be paired with anything from white to yellow gold, to silver, and all the way to black rhodium because its color range is extremely versatile. Beyond any doubt, it is one of the best affordable engagement rings under $500 out there.

Emerald ranges in shade from light to intense green and in transparency from very transparent to almost completely opaque. It has a vitreous luster and is one of the most recognizable gems. It best fits the temperament of strong women.

emerald engagement ring

4. Sapphire Engagement Ring

A sapphire engagement ring is a uniquely special token of your love that will make her feel very special. While the vast majority of sapphires are blue, these gemstones also come in other colors such as yellow, orange, pink, green, and purple. However, the non-blue stones may exceed the 500-dollar limit. They have a vitreous luster and range from transparent to opaque, being mos suited for elegant women. We strongly recommend pear or heart-shaped sapphires for her engagement ring because they are ideally suited for the occasion. You may opt for silver or white gold lining to get an exquisite affordable engagement ring under $500.

sapphire engagement ring

3. Round Pearl Engagement Ring

Pearl engagement rings are some of the best alternatives to the classic diamond ring because they are extremely delicate and outstandingly elegant. A pearl can compliment a woman’s femininity in a unique way, which makes this organic gem an excellent choice for an engagement ring. They range in color from white to pink, lavender, and even black, have a metallic luster, and are opaque. Light-colored pearls are ideal for sensible, delicate women, while black ones will work great for delicate spirits with a passion for the unconventional.

Freshwater pearl rings are the most affordable engagement rings under $500, but you can also opt for Japanese Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, or Tahitian pearls if you are aiming for a black pearl ring. As for the metal lining, pearls are perfectly suited for virtually anything from silver to white, yellow, or pink gold, and all the way to black rhodium.


belesas halo freshwater pearl ring

2. Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite is the best possible alternative to diamonds if you are aiming for an affordable classic engagement ring. Its impeccable luster makes it the most popular diamond simulant on the market and it is simply exquisite. You can opt for round moissanite, heart-shaped or pear-shaped gemstones, which you can pair with silver or white, yellow or pink gold to get an outstanding engagement ring. While affordable diamond engagement rings under $500 are almost impossible to find, moissanite rings will be well within your budget and she will fall in love with them instantly.

The gem ranges from clear to green and yellow in color, is transparent, and has an adamantine/metallic luster. We recommend this gem to graceful women who understand how overrated diamonds actually are.

moissanite engagement ring

1. Ruby Engagement Ring

Rubies are considered the stones of love, energy, passion, and zest for life, which makes it the best choice for engagements. They work great with many band colors, but truly shine when mounted on yellow gold, in our opinion. The shape of the stone is entirely up to you; choose a round one to highlight the natural beauty of the stone, or a heart-shaped one to better get your message across.

This gem works great for elegant and sophisticated women and is perfect for this special occasion. It ranges in color from pink to blood-red and is one of the hardest natural gems, surpassed only by diamonds and moissanite. As for transparency, it ranges from clear to opaque and has a vitreous to silky luster. It’s the best fit for romantic personalities with a fascination for ancient times and beliefs.

ruby engagement ring


We hope our list of the best affordable engagement rings under $500 has provided you with the inspiration you need; the best, in our opinion, is a ruby engagement ring thanks to its significance and absolutely staggering deep color. However, you can also get a diamond one within this price! The pearl one is another of our favorites,

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