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9 Best Deodorants for Sensitive Skin in 2017

The best deodorant for sensitive skin is free of alcohol-based compounds, parabens, or strong artificial fragrances. All of these harsh chemicals could irritate your skin and make applying antiperspirant significantly unpleasant. Finding a good deodorant for sensitive skin can prove difficult nowadays, as the vast majority of the products available on the market are loaded with them. But rest assured that you are not the only one looking for deodorant alternatives for sensitive skin. We gathered 10 high-quality options that will keep your armpits dry while also eeping the skin healthy and breezy.

9. Potassium Alum Deodorant

This is one of main natural deodorant alternatives. Potassium alum is a crystal with antiperspirant properties that works great for any type of skin. You can find it in all-natural stores for fairly cheap prices. The proper way to use it is to pour some water over and then apply it like a typical roll-on deodorant.

This deodorant stone is the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin because it is completely odorless and it will leave your underarm region dry and sweat-free. If the artificial fragrances used in commercial products are the source of your skin sensitivity or rashes, then potassium alum is one of your best options.

potassium alum - the best deodorant for sensitive skin

Potassium Alum – Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

8. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

This deodorant cream is an amazing alternative to generic commercial products. This all-natural product is made from organic oils and plant extracts. It has a lavender and green tea base and a touch of peppermint that will provide your armpit area with a delightful chilling effect.

This is an excellent deodorant for sensitive skin because the cream will actively nourish your axillary area and it will provide a calming local effect. The Soapwalla deodorant is applied manually, so it is extremely easy to use.

Soapwalla deodorant for sensitive skin

Soapwalla Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

7. Dove Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Dove is one of the best deodorant companies on the market. They have special products for sensitive skin which feature an alcohol-free formula aimed to make them as light as possible. The sensitive skin line is also fragrance-free because it is meant to reduce the use of potentially harming chemicals that could damage the skin.

These are some of the best deodorants for sensitive skin because they have the Dove quality guarantee. Dove has both spray-on and solid deodorants for sensitive skin, so you can choose the best version for your specific needs. As opposed to other deodorants, you can find these Dove products in supermarkets and department stores, which makes it widely accessible.

Dove deodorant for sensitive skin

Dove Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

6. Weleda Citrus Deodorant

The Weleda Citrus Deodorant comes in a delightful spritz antiperspirant that provides a refreshing boost of energy every time you use it. Its main ingredient is organic citrus oil, which is an excellent natural antiperspirant. The aluminum salt-free formula makes it an amazing deodorant for sensitive skin because it eliminates some of the most harmful chemicals used in commercial products. Weleda has replaced artificial fragrances with the natural freshness of citrus oil to provide people with sensitive skin with a high-quality natural deodorant alternative that will keep them sweat-free.

Weleda deodorant for sensitive skin

Weleda Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

5. L’Occitane Purifying Roll-On Deodorant

Throughout the years, L’Occitane has earned the trust of women from all over the world because they use high-quality ingredients for their products. The L’Occitan roll-on deodorant for sensitive skin has an aluminum-free formula, which makes it well-suited for any type of skin. Although it’s not the best smelling deodorant out there, it has a delicate and fresh smell that will keep you feeling fresh all through the day.

L'Occitane deodorant for sensitive skin

L’Occitane Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

4.  The Healthy Deodorant by Lavanila

Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant is one of the best natural deodorants for sensitive skin. This deodorant has a well-crafted formula that is extremely efficient, as well as notably nourishing for the skin. The active ingredients in this product are organic essential oils which are topped with anti-oxidants and an efficient beta-glucan technology.

The Healthy Deodorant combines luxurious coconut oil with refreshing lemon peel oil and delicate aloe extract to provide extra protection. This deodorant for sensitive skin will leave a subtle tropical scent on your skin that will last all through the day and it will keep your dry and odor-free, which makes it the best deodorant for smell.

The Healthy Deodorant for sensitive skin

The Healthy Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

 3. Every Man Jack Deodorant

This is our favorite deodorant for sensitive skin for men because it works just as well as regular deodorants and it also smells as fresh as these do. It is the all-natural alternative to commercial deodorants in the true sense of the word. Many customers consider it the best smelling deodorant for men, and after just one sniff we tend to agree.

The Signature Mind Every Man Jack is completely paraben- and aluminum-free. As for its fragrance, it mimics classic men’s deodorant perfectly. The special blend of essential oil and plant extracts provides men with the smell they have gotten used to from a regular deodorant, all without the use of harsh chemicals.

Every Man Jack deodorant for sensitive skin

Every Man Jack Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

2.  Total Nonscents – The Ultra-Gentile Brightening Antiperspirant by DERMAdoctor

This all-natural deodorant for sensitive skin is water-based, which makes it extremely gentle. In fact, the DERMAdoctor all-natural antiperspirant can even be used immediately after shaving because it will not cause stinging, burning, or itching. Aside from the fact that it is extremely efficient against body odors, Total Nonscents will even lighten the wearer’s skin tone.

In addition, its quick-drying formula will leave no white residue on the skin and it will not stain clothing. Therefore, it is one of the best deodorants for sensitive skin out there.

Total Nonscents deodorant for sensitive skin

Total Nonscents Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

1. The Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream

This deodorant for sensitive skin combines organic ingredients like arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, and essential oils. The Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream provides women with a superior protection from unwanted body odors. in addition, it is completely baking soda free, which makes it suited for every type of skin and for customers of all ages.

This deodorant for sensitive skin comes in a variety of scents like grapefruit (also includes lemon, sweet orange, and bergamot essential oils) and lavender (also includes tea leaf extract). A good deal of customers state this is the best smelling deodorant for women. You have to apply the baking soda free deodorant cream from Meow Meow Tweet manually so it provides extra nourishment to the skin. It will leave your underarm area velvety, dry and fresh and it will keep you odor-free for the entire day.

Meow Meow Tweet deodorant for sensitive skin

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – Image courtesy of

This concludes our list of the best deodorant for sensitive skin. You are now one step closer to finding the ideal product for you! Keep in mind that you may need to try out a few products before you find the best one for your specific needs, since the diet and the skin’s pH strongly influence your sweat glands’ activity.

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