If you are looking for the perfect pet, then let us tell you about the 10 cutest cat breeds out there. Cats make excellent companions because they are uniquely affectionate and impressively loyal, in spite of various myths that depict them as being cold-hearted and egocentric. You will be convinced of this fact as soon as you get the chance to spend time with your furry companion.

Before you begin your quest for the perfect cat, there are a few aspects you will need to consider. Be sure to answer the following questions for the first step of your search and you will be well on your way to finding the ideal breed for your expectations:

  • How active do you want your cat to be?
  • How affectionate do you want your cat to be?
  • How vocal do you want your cat to be?
  • How independent do you want your cat to be?
  • Long hair or short hair? How much time do you have for the cat’s maintenance? 

Finding the cutest cat is entirely subjective, so our aim for this Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds list is to provide you with the inspiration you need to begin your search and the information you need to make a choice. Take a look!

10. The Majestic Sphynx

with the Sphynx because we would like to debunk the powerful myth that depicts them as mean-spirited and unaffectionate. The defining characteristic of the Sphynx is its complete lack of fur. Because the lack of hair actively lowers their body temperature, these cats will always look to take shelter beside their masters and find some warmth next to them.

Another aspect you need to be aware of is that Sphynx cats need clothes to maintain a normal body temperature. This gives way to an entirely new way of interacting with the cat. Clothing is not a luxury, but a strict requirement for this breed.


  • The Sphynx does not shed, so you will not have any cat hair in the house.
  • They are particularly affectionate.
  • You can experiment with cat clothing.


  • The Sphynx may not have fur, but you will need to bathe it more often.
  • They are quite rare and rather expensive.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Skin-care products
  • Clothing

Best-Suited for: Adventurous owners looking for a dedicated companion.

9. The Adorably Pouty Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is an excellent companion for people looking for a calm and affectionate cat. It is ideally suited for apartment life because it is remarkably calm and it will be perfectly happy lounging on the couch all day, waiting for its masters to come back home.

After waiting patiently for its masters all day, the Exotic Shorthair is ready to play and spend some quality time with them. This pouty sweetheart is excellent with children, as well as other animals, which makes it extremely easy to integrate into any home.


  • Ideally suited for apartments.
  • They do not require extensive grooming.
  • They are remarkably docile and calm.


  • They are predisposed to respiratory system health issues.
  • They are predisposed to ophthalmic inflammations.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Regular visits to the vet.
  • Daily cleaning of the eyes.

Best-Suited for: Cat enthusiasts with busy schedules.

8.  The Sophisticated Birman Cat

Birman cats are unlike any other cat breed on the planet. They have a unique elegance and grace that sets them apart in the entire small feline series. Their white and chocolate brown fur is a one of a kind color combination. But the color of their fur is not the only remarkable fact about their coat. It is also impressively smooth and silky, which makes petting them a true privilege.

Aside from being one of the cutest cat breeds in the world, Birman cats are also outstandingly cerebral. They are some of the cleverest cats out there, which opens them up for entirely new type of relationship with their masters.


  • Remarkably intelligent.
  • They have the silkiest fur.


  • They shed quite a lot, so you should expect to have cat hair in your home.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Regular grooming.

Best-Suited for: Cerebral cat owners who are looking for a special connection with their cat.

7. The Magnificent Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is beyond any doubt one of the cutest cat breeds in the world. Its defining features are its impressive size, its long elegant coat, and its wonderfully large tail. The Maine Coon has a wild side that sets it apart from any other cat breed out there.

The myths surrounding its origins are virtually endless and its supposed ancestor is the mountain bobcat. But instead of behaving like a wildling, the Maine Cook is extremely devoted to its chosen human companion and it is wonderfully affectionate. This loving giant will care for its human with impressive devotion. It is a true lifelong friend.


  • Extremely devoted to its masters.
  • They are amazingly playful and they are fascinated with water.


  • They require regular grooming.
  • May not be suited for small apartments.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Regular grooming.
  • Cat food.

Best-Suited for: Cat enthusiasts who want a lovable giant in their homes.

6. The Loving Bombay Cat

Their large rounded eyes and their delicate rounded muzzles make Bombay cats one of the cutest cat breeds out there. But what truly sets them apart is their impressively loving personality. Bombay cats will not only love their masters but the entire family.

They will always be eager to spend time with the family, but they will never display any type of obnoxious behavior. They are extremely elegant and considerate and will avoid bothering you at any cost. However, whenever you take a seat on your couch or armchair, you should expect your cat to be sitting discreetly by your side.


  • They are impressively affectionate.
  • They are considerate and discreet.
  • Their short fur makes them perfectly suited for apartment life because they do not shed.


  • They are prone to respiratory and dental issues.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • None

Best-Suited for: Loving cat owners who want to spend a lot of time with their cat.

5. The Adorable Manx

Manx cats are one of the cutest cat breeds in the world because of their adorably short tails. But there is much more to Manx cats than meets the eye. Their short tails and their long hind legs provide them with an impressive capacity to jump.

Their particular conformation and their witty personality make Manx cats excellent explorers. So prepare to see your home in an entirely new light because your cat will show you corners and storage spaces you never realized you had.

Another thing about Manx cats that you should be aware of is that their tail does not come in one size only. Due to their complicated breeding process, their tail may come in up to four sizes. According to the size of their tails, they can be rumpy, rumpy-riser, stumpy, and longy.


  • They are wonderful companions because they are extremely playful and very affectionate.
  • They are suited for both apartment life and the outdoors.


  • The Manx gene that gives them their small tails predisposes them to a wide range of orthopedic abnormalities and issues.
  • Their breeding process is extremely complicated.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Regular orthopedic check-ups

Best-Suited for: Cat lovers looking for an energetic companion.

4. The Loveable Ragdoll

Ragdolls are one of the cutest cat breeds in the world because of their unique personality and their furry good looks. They come in four color varieties: chocolate, seal, lilac, and blue and they resemble Birman cats quite a bit. Their mid-length plushy fur sets them apart from Birmans because Ragdolls have uniquely silky coats that make them perfect for hugging and loving.

But the best thing about the Ragdoll is its loveable personality. It is the friendliest cat out there and it is remarkably docile. It is outstandingly sociable and it will make friends with everybody in the house. Ragdolls are extremely good with children because they are delightfully playful and extremely loving.


  • They are extremely friendly and sociable.
  • They are extremely loving.
  • They are perfect for apartments.


  • Owners should be cautious with their Ragdolls because their overly trusting nature exposes them to dangerous situations.
  • Their shed quite a bit, so owners should expect to have cat hair around the house.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Regular grooming

Best-Suited for: Cat lovers looking for a sociable and affectionate companion.

3. The Loveable Munchkin

Please note that the Munchkin has only recently been recognized as an official cat breed and the matter is still under considerable debate. Because Munchkins are usually mix-breeds, their exact characteristics are rather difficult to standardize.

Munchkins are some of the cutest cat breeds out there because look like living toys. The standard feature of Munchkin cats is their adorable short legs, which gives them a truly unique stature in the feline series.

These lovely darlings are simply irresistible. They are entirely unaware that there is anything different about them and they will never shy away from playing with their long-legged feline companions. They are extremely energetic and they love exploring the house. Their short legs prevent them from jumping too high but rest assured that no cupboard or table in their reach will remain untouched.


  • They are very playful.
  • They are perfectly suited for apartment life.
  • They are very docile.


  • They may develop orthopedic issues throughout their lives, especially if they become overweight. 

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Regular orthopedic check-ups.

Best-Suited for: Cat lovers looking for a toy-like companion.

2. The Picture-Perfect British Short Hair

The British Shorthair is known all over the world as being one of the cutest cat breeds. These cats have been featured in numerous cat food commercials. They are the brand image of Whiskas cat food, which has made them immensely popular.

But there is so much more to the British Shorthair than its looks. These cats are extremely intelligent and they will develop complex relationships with their masters. They are impressively independent and they make excellent explorers. You should expect to come home to find your cat in a new hiding place every day.


  • They are outstandingly beautiful and extremely intelligent.
  • Their fur is impressively smooth, but they shed very little.


  • They are prone to becoming overweight. 

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Weight maintenance diets.

Best-Suited for: Cat lovers looking for an intelligent companion.

1. Cutest Cat Breeds No. 1 - The Irresistible Scottish Fold

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Scottish Fold is one of the cutest cat breeds in the world. Their ears are folded forward and downward, which makes their ears appear rounded. This comes into contrast with their large rounded eyes and heads, making these cats absolutely irresistible.

The ears of the Scottish Folds are produced by a dominant gene, which affects the development of the cartilage in their ears and causes them to fold. Since this is a dominant gene, it has a great influence on their breeding process.

Homozygous Scottish Folds (specimens which have inherited the dominant folding gene from both their parents) commonly develop severe congenital osteodystrophy. This is the main reason why the breeding process must be conducted by professionals so that the chances of getting homozygous kittens is avoided as much as possible.

The easiest way to cope with this issue is breeding Scottish Folds with other breeds that resemble their general characteristics. The most common partners for Scottish Folds are British Shorthairs. The mix-breed is commonly referred to as the British Fold.

Sottish folds usually choose one human in the household to bond with and they are extremely devoted to their chosen masters. However, they are not clingy or insistent. They are perfectly happy sleeping next to their chosen humans and very rarely opt to stay on their laps. As for the rest of their human family, they will offer them attention but they will remain visibly loyal to their chosen master.


  • They are extremely devoted.   
  • They are not clingy.


  • Complex breeding process.

Specific Maintenance Costs

  • Weight management professional diets.
  • Professionally supervised breeding process.

Best-Suited for: Cat lovers looking for a devoted companion. 

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