This list offers product information and pricing on ten of the best zippered binders that Amazon has to offer. Each zipper binder was chosen according to cost, function, durability and customer satisfaction ratings. Most are rated at 4.5 stars and none are less than 3.8. All are perfect for a students needs, or anyone else who needs to keep their paperwork in order.

4.1 Case-it Mighty Zip Tab Zipper Binder

The Case-it Mighty Zip offers plenty of room with 3-inch o-rings and features a color tabbed expanding file. The gusseted zipper is designed to open and close easily, and a special spine allows it to lay flat when open. Materials are stiff and resistant to warping, buckling or crushing.

4.5 Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio

The Case-it Executive is a zippered padfolio with a convenient carry handle and includes a 3-ring binder that can be removed, as well as many elasticized organizational features. Case-it products are made from quality Kraft board and this material is highly resistant to warping or buckling. Built to be durable, this is a good binder for active people.

4.2 Samsill Classic Zipper Binder

This Samsill classic zipper ring binder is a simple yet effective way to stay organized. Brass plated metal corner guards protect it from damage and nylon zipper closure makes opening and closing easy to do. Handcrafted, sewn edges provide the perfect professional look when appearances count. At a price of $21.96 as well as free shipping on qualified orders they make lovely, affordable gifts. This Amazon product has a 4.2 star rating and can be viewed at the following link.

7. Case-it Mighty Zip Tab

This Case-it Mighty Zip is a 3-ring binder that includes a color tabbed, expanding file with a hook and loop fastener to keep contents in place. An angled zipper facilitates opening or closing, and a built-in handle makes carrying it when full much easier. Manufactured from firm, Kraft board this Case-it is very durable. It won’t warp or buckle, and the spine is sensibly designed to lay flat when open.

3.5 Five Star Durable Zipper Binder

Offered by Amazon, this Five Star 2″ binder comes with an expanding file and double zippers for easy access. Guaranteed to last all year, the Five Star is water resistant, manufactured from durable, quality material, and features an easy carry handle. Also featured is a zippered storage bag within to help keep small items in one place. With a 3.8 star rating and a price of only $ 19.98, this binder makes an excellent gift for anyone who needs to stay organized. Click the following link for more detailed information.

4.6 Samsill Professional Padfolio

The simple elegance of the Samsill Professional Padfolio presented by Amazon is perfect for professionals who need to think about appearances. Made from soft Napa leather with hand stitched edges, the featured wraparound zipper keeps paperwork and delicate electronics safe. Also featured is a lined interior pocket designed for tablets up to 10.1 inches. At the affordable price of $ 18.35 this beautiful binder has a 4.6 star rating and can be seen at the following link.

3.7 Mead Zipper Binder with Handle and Interior/Exterior Pockets

The Mead zippered binder is made from tough micro-mesh and is puncture resistant. Guaranteed to make it through an entire year of school, it features a 6-pocket expanding file that can be opened from inside or outside. Multiple storage pockets helps to stay organized, and the secure handle makes a loaded binder not feel so heavy. With a 3.9 star rating and a price of only $ 14.83 this binder is an excellent choice. Presented by Amazon, it can be viewed at the following link.

4.1 Case-it Mighty Zip Tab Black

The Case-it Mighty Zip is the ultimate in functionality. It has 3-rings for large capacity, a 5-color tabbed expanding file, and the spine is designed to lay flat when open. A gusseted zipper allows access to inside without unzipping the entire binder, and the built-in handle makes carrying a loaded binder no problem. Made of solid Kraft board, this 4.2 star rated binder is only $14.89 and can be seen at the following link.

4.1 Case-it 2-Inch Ring Zipper Binder

Here’s a bargain from Case-it at only $ 14.89. Presented by Amazon, this 3-ring binder is made from Tri-lobal nylon, and Kraft board which won’t buckle or warp. A mesh pocket on the outside keeps small items handy, and two more on the inside helps you stay organized. The angled zipper is easy to open or close, and the handle makes managing a full binder easier. The spine allows it to lay conveniently flat when open, and a 4.3 star rating certainly proves its popularity. Click the following link for pictures and more detail.

3.5 Five Star Zipper Binder

Normally sold for $ 17.79, this Five Star 3-ring binder is currently listed at $ 13.95. Being manufactured from tough denier plastic makes it durable and moisture resistant. Interior pockets are micro-mesh which is a tough, puncture resistant material. It will lay flat when open so it’s not necessary to remove paper for note-taking. Presented by Amazon, this binder has a 3.8 star rating and can be viewed at the following link.


Zippered binders are thoughtful gifts that any busy person will appreciate. Disorganized paperwork and supplies only leads to confusion. Any of these binders offer solutions to getting, and staying organized. Of the ten listed above, what do you think? Are there other choices we should have mentioned here?

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