To be reliable, a wrist wrap should protect the wrist joint with a secure grip and take off some of the strain put on the wrist while exercising, lifting weights, This article examines the best wrist wraps of 2019 based on their materials, utility, appearance, affordability, and longevity and ranks them by their average customer rating in ascending order.

10. HumanX Line Wrist Wraps

HumanX makes their wrist wraps from competition grade elastic that provides extra stability. You can select ones with either a red stripe or a pink stripe to make them look more unique, and both options have optional thumb straps for added security. Another nice feature is the fully adjustable clothing that lets you pick how much tension you want. On the tightest closure, your wrists will be complete immobilized, but you can loosen it for more flexibility.

HumanX Line wrist wraps by Harbinger

9. WOD Wear Strength Wraps

WOD wrist wraps have a unique closure design that many find more secure than traditional wraps. To fit them to your wrists, all you need to do is secure the fastening string and then twist the wraps. They are preshrunk, so you do not have to worry about any shrinkage after washing the wrist wraps. A double layered, tear resistant stitching ensures that the wrist wraps will hold up even when put through the washing machine. Just keep in mind that there is not a thumb loop on these wraps. Even though not the most versatile choice, many customers mention these are some of the best wrist wraps for those looking for a stylish option.

WOD Wear strength wrist wrap

8. Ipow 18.5 Inch Wrist Wraps

These are a sturdy, no-frills design that is perfect for an athlete on a budget. With an 18.5 inch length, you can wrap them complete around your wrist. They also have thumb loops that are 2.5 inches long for extra durability. A simple velcro closure provides plenty of security to prevent slipping as you use the wraps. The adjustable tightness lets people of all sizes wear the wrist wraps, and you can use them for both heavy weightlifting or gentle yoga activities.

Ipow 18.5 inch wrist wraps

7. DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps

Double stitching and premium velcro ensure the durability of these straps. They come in a variety of colorful patterns for athletes who want wrist wraps that stand out. A machine washable polyester makes it easy to clean your wrist wraps in between uses. The extra width along the wrist wraps helps to distribute weight as you work out.

DMoose Fitness wrist wraps strong velcro

6. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps and Lifting Straps Bundle

These wrist wraps also come with lifting straps, so you can get even more of your needed gym equipment at an affordable price. They are made from cotton with an elastic support that keeps the wrist in place during exercise. You can pick from a variety of colors and prints to match your other workout gear. At 15 inches wide, the wrist wraps work well for people of all wrist sizes. Nordic Lifting is so confident in the durability of their wraps that they offer a one year replacement guarantee, which makes these some of the best wrist wraps when it comes down to durability.

Nordic Lifting wrist wraps and lifting straps bundle cotton

5. Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

They come in an appealing range of colors that make them stand out in the gym. You can select either stiff or less stiff options depending on your own personal preferences. Generally the stiffer option should be used for weightlifting while the less stiff one is ideal for crossfit and body weight fitness. Extra wide velcro and thick thumb loops keep the wraps in place while you move about. They have premium stitching that will hold up even through multiple workouts and machine washes.

Rip Toned professional wrist wraps

4. NeoProMedical Wrist Straps Set

The NeoProMedical straps are intended to help immobilize wrists during workouts so you do not end up with wrist pain. Made from 100 percent cotton, the wraps are breathable during even intense workouts. They are slightly stretchy which helps to prevent any unpleasant chafing. You can use the optional thumb loop to keep them from sliding down, or remove it if it just gets in your way. These are some of the best wrist wraps for pain or discomfort during workouts, but aren’t that great for powerlifting.

NeoProMedical wrist straps protector set

3. Bear Grips Premium Extra Strength Wrist Wraps

Bear Grips uses a special blend of cotton, polyester, and elastic to create very strong wrist wraps that wick moisture away from your skin. The inclusion of quad elastics lets the wrist wraps stabilize your wrists while remaining moderately flexible. They have wide thumb loops and a strong closure, so you do not have to stop and adjust your wraps during your workout. The option of selecting between 12, 18, or 24 inch wide wrist wraps allows you to pick the size that best suits your arm shape.

Bear Grips Premium extra strength wrist wraps

2. 321 Strong Fitness Wrist Wraps

321 wrist wraps are ideal for stabilizing the wrist during heavy lifts without cutting off circulation. You can select either a small or large size depending on your needs. Made from a mixture of soft terry fabric, elastic, and velcro, these wrist wraps are easy to put on and unlikely to rub against your skin. Machine washable fabric keeps the wraps from becoming stinky after a lot of use. An included vinyl storage pouch lets you keep the wrist wraps together and avoiding losing them in your gym bag. These are some of the best wrist wraps for powerlifting according to reviews from verified customers.

321 strong fitness wrist wraps terrycloth

1. Professional Quality Wrist Wraps by Stoic

Stoic has created these powerlifting wrist wraps that will stand up to the toughest workouts. They are made from a proprietary blend of thick nylon elastic that keeps the wrist protected and does not become stretched out. You can wrap them tightly for true immobility or use a looser wrap to allow more blood flow. A ½ inch wide thumb loop is strong enough to keep the wrist wraps in place without wearing out and breaking over time. At 18 inches without the thumb loop, these are the best wrist wraps for heavier-built people.

Professional quality wrist wraps medium stiff


The models from Bear Grips, 321, and Stoic are the best wrist wraps available for online purchase this year thanks to their resilience, tight and comfortable fit, and high-quality materials and work great for powerlifting. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a set of wrist wraps for pain, the NewProMedical wraps are your best option; and if your workout routine doesn’t put too much strain on the joints, you might want to choose a more stylish option like the WOD Wear wraps. Do you have other recommendations for this top?

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