Getting the proper education is the start point of a prosperous career, so naturally, the battle is fierce. Every year, the best minds of the young generation fight for the chance to learn from highly trained professionals in the best universities in the world.

In our top 10, we are going to tell you about the highest ranked universities according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and Forbes college rankings so you can get an idea of the world standard in education.

10. The University of Chicago

university of chicago logo

And we begin our list of top universities in the world with the University of Chicago, which is ranked the 10th best university in the world. Based in Oakland, California, this public university is part of the three system public higher education plan alongside California Community College System and the California State University System. In addition, the University of California has 10 campuses, each known for its specific academic profile:

  • uc berkeley logo
    UC Berkley

This is the world’s leading public research university and the top-ranked branch of the University of California. You can follow this link to explore their major areas of study and their requirements.

uc davis logo

  • UC Davis

This is another one of the top branches at the University of California.

You can find their main schools and colleges, as well as other important info, on the UC Davis official webpage.

  • UC irvine logo
    UC Irvine

This is a public research university located in Irvine, California. It offers students 80 undergraduate programs and as many as 98 graduate and professional programs. Since it would be impossible to list them all here, explore their academic profile and see if you would be a good fit on the official UC Irvine website.

  • ucla logo

This is the Southern Branch of the University of California. At the same time, it is one of its top rated divisions. Explore their academic programs to see how they have revolutionized the American education system.

  • uc merced logo
    UC Merced

This is one of the most prestigious branches of the University of California. Same as with the other universities in this list, you can explore what might be the most impressive academic program and read more about their mission on their official webpage.

  • UC riverside logo
    UC Riverside

This branch of the University of California specializes in biological sciences. As you can see, their academic program is extremely generous. As a result, it is one of the best universities in world for scientific research programs.

  • UC San Diego logo
    UC San Diego

It seems like the San Diego branch of University of California is one of its most diverse branches. You can check out their main specializations on the UCSD website.

  • UC San Francisco logo
    UC San Francisco

This branch of the University of California specializes in health studies and medical research. Browse through all of their specializations on their website.

  • uc santa barbara logo
    UC Santa Barbara

This is one of the leading research branches at the University of California and at the same time one of the best universities in the world. Explore their impressive academic program on the aforementioned website.

  • uc santa cruz logo
    UC Santa Cruz

This is one of the top public ivy institutions in the world and one of the top branches at the University of California. Explore over 60 undergrad majors and more than 40 programs for graduates on the UC Santa Cruz official website.

9. ETH – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, ETH is one of the world’s leading academic institutions. It specializes in technology and mathematical sciences, management, engineering, and science. As many as twenty-one former students or professors at ETH were awarded the Nobel prize. Out of them, Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr, who were awarded the Nobel prize in Physics, are the most famous laureates.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Logo

Explore their impressive academic offer, which includes Bachelor’s degree programs, as well as Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Doctoral programs. Their research facilities are among the highest ranked institutions in the world. One of their most prestigious programs is the “Treffpunkt Science City”. This program aims to transform ETH’s Hönngerberg campus into an entire district based on the core principles of sustainability. ETH is one of the best engineering universities in the world.

8. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the United Kingdom and the entire world. It major area of study and research is science, but students can find a wide range of stellar programs at the university.

imperial college london logo

One of their most recent research programs was conducted by Luca Alessandrini, a postgraduate student from the Dyson School of Design and Engineering. He developed a composite material which employs the resonating properties of spider’s silk and made a prototype violin which allows the user to adjust its acoustics. The Imperial College London is one of the best research universities in the world.

7. Princeton University

Princeton has 41 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 Turing Award winners, 14 Field Medalists, 21 National Medal of Science winners, 209 Rhodes Scholars, 126 Marshall Scholars, 5 National Humanities Medal, and two American Presidents. Therefore, it’s safe to say Princeton University has earned the seventh place on our list of the best universities in the world, while many other university rankings acknowledge its importance, too.

princeton university logo

You can find their comprehensive academic offer on the aforementioned official website. It features Bachelor’s Degree programs, Master’s Degree programs, as well as Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Doctoral programs. Their core areas of study and research are Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural Sciences.

6. Stanford University

Founded back in 1891, Stanford University has become one of the best universities in the world. One of the university’s most notable achievements is the development of today’s Silicon Valley. This started after Stanford’s Provost Frederik Terman encouraged the business expansion of its colleagues, students, and graduates after World War II.

stanford university logo

His aim was to build a self-sufficient local industry and judging by the technological and socio-economic boom that Silicone Valley is today, it is quite clear that he was brilliantly successful. Stanford graduates have started many of today’s Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, Snapchat, Instagram, Nike, and Sun Microsystems. In fact, Stanford alumni generate as much as $2.7 trillion annually, which is the equivalent of the world’s 10th largest economy.

Needless to say, over 30 of the world’s living billionaires are Stanford alumni. The university also takes pride in its 60 Nobel Prize laureates, 20 Turing Award winners, 17 Astronauts, and 7 Fields Medal winners.

Stanford is one of the best universities in the world for students aiming for degrees in various fields of science. These include Biological Sciences and Medicine, Science and Technology, Computer Science, Business, Law, and Humanities.

5. Harvard University

Harvard University needs no introduction because it is a standard of education and excellence in itself. Founded back in 1636, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and one of the most prestigious elite academic facilities in the entire world.

On their official website, you can find their broad academic offer, including very diverse areas of study for the brightest young minds in the world.

harvard university logo

Among its notable alumni are 8 Presidents of the United States, respectively Barack Obama, Gorge W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Rutherford B. Hayes, John Quincy Adams, and John Adams. Other famous Harvard alumni are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Harvard is one of the best universities in the world because it offers such a broad curricula to students.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most esteemed Technical Studies, Engineering, and Science universities and research facilities in the entire world. It is actually the main scientific contender of the California Institute of Technology. Here are MIT’s extended list of academic programs.

mit logo

With 19 Turing Award winners, 38 McArthur Fellows, 45 Rhodes Scholars, 34 Astronauts, 6 Fields Medalists, 52 National Medal of Science winners, and a whopping 85 Nobel laureates, MIT has built a stellar reputation. Among its most notable alumni are astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Ronald McNair, physicist Richard Feynman, Columbian President Virgilio Barco Vargas, and architect I. M. Pei.

3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the second-oldest academic institution in the English-speaking world and one of the best universities in the world. It was founded in 1209 by an association of Oxford scholars who left the university. As such, Oxford and Cambridge University share quite a few features and core principles. In fact, in the United Kingdom, they are commonly referred to as “Oxbridge”.

university of cambridge logo

With 31 colleges and as many as 100 academic departments, the University of Cambridge provides students with an impressively broad spectrum of educational opportunities and study areas. You can explore their current academic profile here.

Its list of notable alumni features some of the biggest names in Biosciences, Humanities, Literature, Education, and Politics. The list includes Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, Alan Turing, Paul Dirac, Lord Byron, Virginia Woolf, Stephen Fry, and Hugh Laurie, making Cambridge one of the best universities in the world.

2. University of Oxford

Oxford is the most prestigious university in the United Kingdom and a standard of academic excellence all over the world. It is also one of the second oldest surviving universities in the world. While a clear foundation date is not available, there is historical evidence of teaching at Oxford that dates back to 1096.

university of oxford logo

Oxford’s list of notable alumni is by far the most impressive in the entire list. It features titans like Stephen Hawking (probably the most famous Oxbridge alumni), Stephen Wolfram, Tim Berners-Lee, James Fowles, C.S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde, John Locke, Thomas Hobbs, Gilbert Ryle, T.E. Lawrence, Rowan Atkinson, and Bill Clinton. Therefore, it’s safe to say the academic achievements of Oxford alumni have made history.

However, their current research programs are responsible for impressive advancements in Mathematics and Physics, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. On their official website, you can explore their current list of research opportunities and their complete list of courses.

1. California Institute of Technology – The Best University in the World

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the California Institute of Technology is the best university in the world. Located in Pasadena, California, Caltech was founded in 1891 and currently has six core academic divisions, as follows:

  • Biology and Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Geological and Planetary Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy

You can explore their current academic offer to get a better idea of the educational opportunities they offer.

California Institute of Technology Logo

Caltech alumni founded or co-founded some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Hotmail, Intel, Compaq, and MathWorks. Their list of notable alumni includes filmmaker Frank Capra, John McCarthy, the inventor of the Lisp programming language, astronauts C. Gordon Fullerton and Harrison Schmitt, Qian Xuesen, the “father” of Chinese Rocketry , and Nobel Prize laureates Carl David Anderson, Douglas D. Osheroff, William Shockley, Edwin McMillan, and Vernon Smith.

In conclusion, we hope our list of the 10 best universities in the world has inspired you towards higher academic goals. We live in the age of overwhelming progress and development and there are some brilliant opportunities for education and research available to the world’s brightest minds.

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