Teeth whitening kits help you get rid of teeth staining caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea, or other such habits that cause an unpleasant discoloration (or coloration) of the teeth. The best teeth whitening kit should be effective, easy to use at home without any outside help, and reliable. Below, we gathered the 10 best teeth whitening kits you can purchase online in 2019 and analyzed their type, efficiency, ease of use, and selected the best of them.

10. Dr. Diamond Complete 3D At-Home

dr diamond teeth whitening kit


This teeth whitening kit comes with a 44% Carbamide Peroxide gel that increases the effectiveness and rate of the whitening process. The tray is made from impressionable material specific for dental care. When put on, it molds to fit the teeth impressions of the wearer. Also, a shade guide is part of the purchase to help the user understand the whitening process. The it comes with two syringes (5cc), 3 Vitamin E swabs, a LED light, an Oral Care brush, and an instruction booklet.

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  • The trays are thin and easy to adjust to
  • Gets visible results after only 2 uses


  • A kit comes with about 6 treatments, which might not be enough for extreme discoloration

9. Dr. Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

dr song teeth whitening kit

The kit includes gel, 8 large syringes, a gel applicator brush, a LED Blue Light Accelerator that facilitates a speedy whitening process, and remineralization gel that helps strengthen the teeth after treatments. The whitening gel is 35% Carbamide Peroxide to give extra strength, and for that reason, no one with sensitive teeth should use it. There is a tray included, which molds to your teeth after dipping it in hot water.

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  • Gets visible results after as little as 3 treatments
  • Comes with enough gel for up to 25 applications


  • Not advised to those with sensitive teeth

8. Cool Teeth Whitening Kit

cool teeth whitening kit

The whitening gel in this kit is 44% Carbamide Peroxide, meaning it is highly potent. You get ten syringes with every purchase of $17.99. There is also a detailed instruction manual and a color chart that explains different aspects of teeth whitening. Because of the high concentration of the gel, you can buy remineralization formula separately to counteract the effects of the peroxide. Although it doesn’t have the highest spot on this list, this is the best teeth whitening kit for you if you are looking for a long-lasting product.

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  • High-concentration whitening gel for faster results
  • Easy to follow your progress with the card included in the package
  • Noticeable results after just one use


  • Can cause burning of the gums of the gel accidentally touches them because of the high concentration gel

7. Zero Glow Teeth Whitening Kit

zero glow teeth whitening kit

Every purchase of this teeth whitening kit comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You get four syringes, each with 3ml of gel (35% carbamide peroxide). There are also two syringes with remineralization gel for enamel protection. The acceleration lights can be used for 20 treatments or more, depending on the intensity of your process and batteries for the light are included in the package. There are three teeth trays just in case one gets damaged, but this is pretty unlikely considering the Zero Glow kit is the best home teeth whitening kit in its price range.

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  • Does not cause teeth sensitivity
  • The remineralization gel is one of the most effective among all kits in this top


  • The results are not as impressive as with some other kits

6. Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitestrips Kit

crest 3d teeth whitening strips

The Crest 3D Whitestrips promise to remove 14 years worth of teeth staining after a full treatment and a visibly brighter smile after just one use of the Express strips. The kit comes with 20 regular treatment strips for the upper and bottom teeth (40 total) and 2 express treatment strips (4 total) – all enamel-safe and using the same ingredients dentists use in their whitening procedures.

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  • Very effective and very easy to use
  • You can drink water and talk while the strips work their magic


  • Bottom strips do not cover all visible teeth for some people
  • Can cause teeth sensitivity in some people for a day or so after using them

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5. Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit

shine whitening teeth whitening kit

The Shine Whitening kit comes with whitening gel, 3 dental guards, a LED light, and remineralization gel to restructure the enamel after using the whitening treatment. Even though no info is available regarding the concentration of the whitening gel included in this teeth whitening kit, customer reviews mention this product is well suited for people with sensitive teeth and gums. In addition, customers also mention the customer support offered by the seller is stellar.

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  • Formula seems to fit people with sensitive gums and teeth
  • Great customer service by the seller


  • Offers visible results after only 6 uses

4. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

auraglow teeth whitening pen

The AuraGlow teeth whitening pen contains 35% carbamide peroxide gel and is the best teeth whitening kit for those who are always on the run. It can be used at home, on the go, or at the office thanks to its ease of use. You just need to apply the gel on and in between the teeth and keep a wide smile for one minute for a treatment to work. You can repeat the treatment for up to 2 times per day to maximize the results.

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  • Does not require mouth guards, UV lights, or other additional pieces
  • The quickest teeth whitening treatment out there
  • Mint-flavored


  • Some people might have difficulties in keeping the gel on their teeth even when smiling wide

3. DentaPro2000 Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

dentapro2000 teeth whitening strips

The DentaPro2000 is the second best teeth whitening kit for those who feel like whitening gels and mouth guards are too much of a hassle. The manufacturer promises this kit will remove 10 years worth of teeth stains and bring out the natural white of the teeth 25 times better and faster than a teeth whitening toothpaste. The kit comes with 28 strips good for 14 treatments and a shade strip that will help you track the progress of the treatment.

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  • Very effective and easy to use
  • Did not cause teeth sensitivity in most customers


  • Can have issues with gripping on the teeth of some people

2. ActiveWow Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

active wow teeth whitening kit

The ActiveWow teeth whitening kit comes with 2 whitening gel syringes, 2 remineralization gel syringes, 3 thermoform trays, a whitening acceleration light, and a case to hold the trays in. The manufacturer promises the results will be visible after just one treatment.

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  • Does not cause teeth sensitivity
  • According to online ratings and reviews from verified customers, it’s the best teeth whitening kit using gel trays


  • Does not come with a whitening gel applicator so you need to use q-tips

1. Utilax Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

utilax advanced teeth whitening kit

The Utilax whitening strips are the best teeth whitening kit available for online purchase this year according to ratings and reviews from verified customers. They use a non-peroxide whitening agent that does not cause teeth sensitivity or gum discoloration and include a special non-toxic adhesive that reacts with saliva and sticks to the teeth every time.

[table id=146 /]


  • Very easy to apply and will not peel off before you take them off
  • Gets noticeable results after just one use


  • Some customers report they are too difficult to take off after the desired treatment time has passed


All in all, the best teeth whitening kit comes from Utilax thanks to its brilliant results and ease of use. However, the best home teeth whitening kit using gel trays and accelerator light comes from ActiveWow. Do you have other suggestions for this top? let us know in the comment section!

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