Whether you live in a crowded city or an isolated forest, personal safety is still of the utmost importance. A stun gun can help you to fight of human or animal attackers in tense circumstances. Since a stun gun is typically needed in emergency situations, you should make sure that you have a reliable and effective one when you need it. Our list of the top ten stun guns in 2019 has the very best stun guns on it. We have found the ones that will hold a charge, fit in compact spaces, and bring down an attacker quickly.

10. Sabre Maximum Strength Stun Gun With LED Flashlight

Sabre’s extremely strong stun gun will stop most attackers in their tracks. It also has a strobe LED flashlight that can be used to further disorient any assailant. You will not need to worry about an accidental discharge, because you can turn the safety switch on when you know you will not be using the stun gun. This small yet sturdy stun gun can be purchased in either a black or an olive shade.

sabre stun gun

9. Little Wolf Stun Gun

The Little Wolf stun gun has an angled shape that helps to make aiming easier. Unlike most shorter range stun guns, this stun gun has a long range cartridge that can stun a target up to 15 feet away. Despite this long range capability, it is not technically a taser. Just keep in mind that only three long range cartridges come with the device. At shorter ranges, the Little Wolf stun gun is powerful enough to penetrate thick clothing and hit attackers with 1.2 million volts of power. This surely qualifies it to be one of the best stun guns of 2019.

self defense powerhouse stun gun

8. Police 305 Stun Gun With Flashlight

This police stun gun looks like a simple flashlight at first glance. It has a bright, LED light that can be used whenever you need extra brightness. You can easily charge it from a standard wall outlet with the included charging cord. However, this 7.5 inch long flashlight also contains a stun gun device. It has a safety switch to prevent you from accidentally using the stun gun portion. When you do turn the safety off, you can shock assailants very effectively.

police 305 stun gun

7. Vipertek VTS-881

This is one of Vipertek’s smallest models, at just 3.75 inches tall. Though the tinier size can make it trickier to hold onto, the stun gun does have a non-slip coating that eliminates some issues. You can charge it directly from an outlet, eliminating the need for inconvenient cables. Not only does it have a powerful taser, but it also has a small LED flashlight for dark situations.

vipertek vts881 stun gun

6. O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun

This massive stun gun may be enough to intimidate an attacker without even touching them. Instead of just electrifying across the top, the stun gun electrifies in a 360 degree area along the entire shaft. At 19 inches long, this gives you a lot of range for using the stun gun. The only downside to this impressively large and powerful stun gun is that you cannot recharge the batteries. It takes basic 9 volt batteries though, so it is easy enough to keep your stun powered.

o mega stun gun

5. Streetwise Black Mini Smack Stun Gun

The Streetwise stun gun might look tiny, but it packs a powerful punch. This stun gun has 20 million volt power, yet it is lightweight enough to fit on a keychain. A small LED light blinks when it needs a charge, so you can remember to keep the battery charged. It also contains a small flashlight that will help you to see in the evenings. It crackles audibly as soon as you turn it on, which is sometimes enough to deter attackers.

streetwise stun gun

4. Vipertek VTS-880 Stun Gun

Vipertek is well known for their excellent stun guns, and this compact stun gun lives up to their reputation. At just 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, you can carry it in a pocket, purse, or tool box. The stun gun produces a strong, bright current that will send a high voltage shock through anyone you touch. Even the loud sound of the stun gun is enough to scare many attacking animals. It comes in either a cheerful pink or a subtle black color, and both color options have a nonslip coating.

vipertek vts880 stun gun

3. Police Grab Guard Heavy Duty Stun Gun

This stun gun has a molded shape that lets you keep a firm grip on it at all times. It recharges from a basic wall out for extra convenience. The spike electrodes are extremely sharp, so they can penetrate thick fur or clothing to touch your attacker. Shock plates along the side of this Police stun gun will shock an assailant who tries to grab the stun gun from you while it is on. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you will not need to worry about it breaking.

police 928 stun gun

2. Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun

Streetwise has created a clever stun gun design that relies on an untraditional shape. It is intended to conceal the stun gun and leave you the element of surprise when attacked. You slip the ring of the device over your finger and hold the bigger base of the stun gun in your fist. This lets you use the stun gun by tapping the button while punching an attacker. This device comes with a recharging cord and a lifetime warranty for additional convenience.

streetwise ring stun gun

1. Vipertek VTS-979 Rechargeable Stun Gun

This extremely strong stun gun produces noticeable sparks the second you hit the on switch. It is a compact 6.5 inches long, and there is an LED flashlight on the stun gun for security in dark spaces. Thanks to the non slip rubber coating, the stun gun will not slide out of a slippery hand. Vipertek has even included a safety pin attached to a wrist strap, so the stun gun will be disabled if it is pulled from your grip. You can easily recharge the battery, so you do not have to bother with purchasing new batteries.

vipertek vts979 stun gun

The Difference Between Stun Guns and Tasers

There is quite a lot of confusion about the difference between tasers and stun guns. Funnily enough, a taser is actually more closely related to a real gun than a stun gun.

Stun guns are designed for direct contact whereas a taser aims to put someone to the floor from a distance. The problem with tasers, however, is that they can not be used again on a different target immediately. Stun guns, on the other hand, can be used right away again and again.

Stun guns work in a very interesting way. It is recommended to hold it onto the target for a number of seconds. While doing this, an electrical discharge will pierce into their skin and reach some muscle tissue. Once this happens, the muscles are overworked which results in the blood sugar of the target depleting. The final result is a major shock accompanied by intense pain, extensions of muscle contractions, plus a reaction similar to muscle failure.


The right stun gun can help to keep you safe in dangerous situations. Whether you choose one of the compact mini guns on this list or one of the bulky, heavy-duty stun guns, you can be confident that it will cause an unpleasant shock to stop your attacker.

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