10 Best Steering Wheel Covers in 2017

The best steering wheel cover should be comfortable and provide insulation during summer and winter months. Of course, the design can also be an important criterion to some customers, and we considered this while creating this top. We reviewed their materials, grip, the number of available designs, and any extra features they might have. All the steering wheel covers featured on this list fit standard-sized steering wheels and had ratings of at least 3.6 at the moment of writing.

10. Auto Expressions Monarch Butterfly Cover

This steering wheel cover from Auto Expressions features colorful and beautiful stitched monarch butterflies against a soft black fabric background. It’s a straight-forward product that’s easy to fit and is made from synthetic materials. Most customers mention they purchased this cover thanks to its design and that it has a decent grip. However, some people note that the stitching can come loose on the cover. In addition, the decorated sections seem thinner and cheaper than expected and the butterflies can come off if exposed to heat and moisture repeatedly.

Butterflies Steering Wheel Cover


9. Gaorui Winter Soft Wool

This steering wheel cover is made from synthetic soft wool that aims to imitate cashmere and is designed for winter time or cold climates. It has a soft texture and good air permeability, meaning it will not make your hands sweat while providing a warm feeling. It’s antibacterial, mold-proof, and flame-retardant and will not suffer any type of water damage according to the manufacturer. Reviews mention it has a good grip and a great feel, although some customers noted the color is more of a dark blue gray.

Gaorui Winter Soft Wool


8. Superior Truckline Sport Grip

This Superior steering wheel cover is made from thick vinyl and features the classic lace-on design. It has a good grip and comes in multiple colors and sizing options. There isn’t really much else to say about this product if you know how to install it; however, if this is new to you, this might not be your best option as the installation instructions are a bit confusing and the process requires some skill and experience. Nevertheless, many verified customers claim this is the best steering wheel cover for older cars since it fits in so well with its classic design.

Superior Sport Wheel Cover


7. Bell Automotive Universal Steering Wheel Covers

These steering wheel covers from Bell Automotive are most appreciated for their traditional designs (Baja, Boho, and Mayan). They are easy to install and have a comfortable feel. The material is soft and comfortable, but still offers a good grip to the driver. Online reviews mention these covers have a tight fit on standard steering wheels, good grip, and good insulation. Some customers mentioned it comes with a strong rubbery smell; fortunately, this cover is also machine washable so you can easily get rid of the smell.

Bell Automotive Universal Baja Blanket


6. Yontree Winter Warm Faux Wool Steering Wheel Cover

The Yontree steering wheel cover also comes with handbrake and gear shift covers, all made from high-quality faux wool for a soft and luxurious feel. It comes in 8 vivid colors and, according to online reviews, looks and feels very, very fluffy. The downside is that some of these covers can start to shed the faux wool in time. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a fun and ultra-warm cover, this is the best steering wheel cover for you.

Yongree Winter Warm Faux Wool


5. CarPass Delray Lace & Sequins Cover

CarPass’s Delray mesh cover comes in two trendy colors: mint and rose red. It features a lace and sequins design with black mesh inserts that offer breathability on the outside, while the inside has rubber bumps for anti-skid protection. Some users have noted, however, that the stitching and the sequins has a rough surface and can scratch the hands.

CarPass Delray Mesh Cover


4. Cutequeen Trading Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

This cover by Cutequeen is, in our opinion, the best fluffy steering wheel cover available for online purchase in 2017. Although it’s not as fluffy as the other aforementioned products, it’s the softest one on this list for sure and also features a massage grip to improve maneuverability when driving. Just like with other fuzzy covers, some users complained about this cover shedding; others mentioned it’s so soft it actually requires a tighter grip when driving, but insulates very well. This is definitely the best steering wheel cover for you if you live in colder climates.

Cutequeen Trading Sheepskin Cover


3. MotorTrend Grip Drive Pro Synthetic Leather

This cover is made from 100% odorless and non-stick microfiber synthetic leather and has a sporty, yet discreet design. The cover is black and features a stitching pattern in 5 color variations and rubber inserts for extra maneuverability. Online reviews mention this is a bit difficult to install, but works great once it’s set in place. Most customers loved the discreet stitching design that adds a nice touch to the steering wheel. If you are looking for a reliable cover with a classic and discreet design, this is the best steering wheel cover for you.

MotorTrend Synthetic Leather Wheel Cover


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2. Moyishi Soft Fit Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel cover from Moyishi is made from PVC leather and comes in 18 design choices which makes it very difficult not to find one that works for you. It is designed for durability and endurance and made to fit most domestic and foreign cars. The material is very easy to clean and offers a great feeling while driving thanks to the good grip and soft texture. Online reviews confirm the high quality of this product, but add it can be a bit difficult to install. Nevertheless, this still is the second best steering wheel cover on our list.

Moyishi Top Leather Wheel Cover


1. SEG Direct Microfiber & Leather Steering Wheel Cover

The SEG Direct steering wheel cover is made from microfiber leather and comes in 8 design options. It features comfortable, soft padding and a massaging design that increases comfort and maneuverability. In addition, it is completely waterproof and eco-friendly. Online reviews from verified customers mention it’s very effective during both seasons and is the longest-lasting product they tried, which also makes it the best steering wheel cover on the market this year.

SEG Direct steering wheel cover



Placing a cover on your steering wheel can be a great way to enhance the comfort throughout the year when driving. According to online ratings and reviews from verified customers, the best steering wheel cover is the SEG Direct one; however, the ones from Moyishi or MotorTrend are also reliable options, and the Cutequeen one definitely deserves some attention, too! What’s your favorite?

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