The lightweight style of GoPro cameras makes them ideal for recording action-packed stunts and movements. Unfortunately, this much shaking around can end up creating a video that jumps too much for people to watch. A stabilizer can be a great way to solve this issue. Once you mount your GoPro into the stabilizer, you can easily move between shots without causing jarring movements. In this article, we will rank the various GoPro stabilizer brands based on their levels of stability, ease of use, and durability. Keep reading to find the top ten best stabilizers for GoPro camera.

10. Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro

The Zeadio stabilizer is very simple, but it does provides a perfect fit for all GoPro cameras. It lets you capture action shots and hard to reach angles without jarring the camera or creating excessively shaky footage. If desired, you can mount a smartphone on the top of this stabilizing grip to view your shot as you film it. The triple hot shoe adapter makes it easy to attach any other necessary accessories like microphones and flashes.

zeadio go pro stabilizer

9. Glide Gear Scopio 3 Axis Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

A three axis stabilizing gimbal set keeps your GoPro shooting steady even when everything is moving around wildly. This stabilizer is made from a shockproof aluminum alloy, so you do not need to worry about it breaking quickly. The gimbal stabilizers do require batteries, but once it is powered up, it works perfectly. You also get a pole adapter with this stabilizer that makes it easier to get hard to reach shots.

glide gear scorpio

8. CamKix Stabilizing Hand Grip for GoPro Hero

This versatile stabilizer from CamKix can be made to suit a variety of filming styles. A dual mount design allows you to record multiple angles or use a smartphone as a viewing screen while shooting. You can choose a stabilizer option with or without a hand grip depending on your needs. Either way, this kit helps to keep your GoPro nice and steady. Just keep in mind that it does not have any gimbals for extra stabilizing.

camkix gopro stabilizer

7. Shoot Diving Handheld Stabilizer for GoProp Hero

If you need underwater stabilization, then this is the ideal camera for you. This waterproof stabilizer can be used to perfect any underwater shots. Its dome port even allows for clear and crisp filming with the camera halfway in and halfway out of the water. The stabilizing portion of the camera is held with two hands, so you can swim steadily underwater. It also contains a diving light and a lens hood to reduce lens flare and make it easier to see your underwater footage.

shoot gopro stabilizer

6. EfotoPro Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer Steady for Go Pro

EfotoPro’s stabilizer has a uniquely curved design that removes motion and shake while keeping your camera steady. It comes with separate counter-weights to allow precision adjustment of the stabilizer. The flexible handle has a non-slip design that helps you keep your grip firm even when moving around a lot. An aluminum design ensures that this stabilizer is both sturdy and lightweight. Just make sure you follow the assembly instructions carefully because this camera does come with a lot of moving parts.

efotopro gopro stabilizer

5. Feiyu Tech 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro

This stabilizer model securely clamps and unclamps onto the GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+, andHero 4. You can click the button to choose between stabilizing modes. It is possible to stabilize your GoPro along a single axis of motion or along all three motion axes. Once you set the stabilizing mode, the camera will smoothly film as you move the handle in any way. This battery powered stabilizer is quite affordable and longlasting. In case you want to safely store all your pictures and videos, you should choose one of the best GoPro SD cards.

feiyu tech gopro stabilizer

4. Fantaseal 4 in 1 Camera Stabilizer for GoPro

The Fantaseal stabilizer has an advanced low angles shooting system with a standard ¼ inch thread that will securely hold most GoPros. Its C-shaped design is comfortable for long film shoots, and you can easily manipulate it to get difficult shots. You can mount a smartphone on the top to use as an external screen during shooting. It stabilizes primarily through the shockproof EVA handle. Though the lack of gimbal does mean that the stabilizing motion is not quite as smooth, this also means that the sound of the gimbal will not harm the audio in your shoots.

fantaseal gopro stabilizer

3. Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer for GoPro

This stabilizer is specially designed to grip your camera even during vigorous movements. It has a lower arm made of a special material that eliminates swaying. Three extra counter-weights further stabilize the camera grip and let you adjust it when needed. The Roxant stabilizer is so well balanced that it keeps shots smooth on stairs, skateboards, and motor vehicles. You can also use this stabilizer to hold other small cameras or smartphones if desired, making this a very versatile purchase.

roxant gopro stabilizer

2. Opteka X-Grip Professional Action Stabilizing Handle

Our second option for the best stabilizers for GoPro is made to fit the GoPro Hero 5, Hero 4, Hero 3, and Hero 3+ easily, and it will also hold many other compact camera styles. The ABS impact-absorbent plastic and non-slip rubber rails securely stabilize your camera for most action shots like skating. It has a cushioned and padded handle to make holding the stabilizer comfortable during even lengthy filming. Another useful feature on this stabilizer is its removable mount that can be used to hold video lights, flashes, or microphones when needed.

opteka xgrip

1. GoPro Karma Grip

The pro-quality stabilization of this camera grip is truly impressive. It is compatible with most newer models of the GoPro, and it produces smooth footage when used. If you have the Karma Drone too, you can attach the stabilizer to the drone for even more impressive footage. The stabilizer also contains built-in camera controls to change modes, pause recordings, and add highlight tags as you record. Its built-in battery powers both the grip and the GoPro for almost two hours with each charge. Though it is a little pricey, the Karma Grip is the best stabilizer for GoPro for filming enthusiasts.

gopro karma stabilizer


The best stabilizers for GoPro can make any video look more professional and artistic. Even the budget choices on our list will make a big difference to your movies, and the high end GoPro stabilizers do an even better job of creating smooth and clear videos.

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