The best shower filter should prevent mineral or chlorine buildup on hair and skin and keep the shower and bathroom free of stains. We have found the most effective water filters for your shower that are easy to install and long-lasting. We took into account the filtration system they use and sorted them from the lowest- to the highest-rated according to verified customers who used them.

10. VitaPure Vitamin C Inline Shower Filter by Sonaki

The vitamin C filtration system used in this shower filter provides a very gentle sort of filtration. It removes up to 99.9 percent of the chlorine and chloramine in water, and unlike basic carbon filters, the vitamin C filter works at all water temperature levels. With a transparent housing, you can easily see when you need to replace the cartridge. This style of shower filter may be a little larger than some of the others, but it is quite effective if your main issue is chlorine and chloramine buildup.

vitapure shower filter


9. Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter

With the Aquasana filter, you get both a filter and a shower head. The filtration portion of the product contains a dual-stage system that filters out synthetic chemicals and softens water. It also balances water pH levels to keep them at a level healthy for skin and hair. The ultra-filtered water is then dispersed through a showerhead or shower wand at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

aquasana shower filter


8. Cropal 8-Stage Shower Filter

Cropal’s filter fits all shower heads, and it comes with extra O-rings to prevent any leakage. Once you finish the quick installation process, you can enjoy water that has no more heavy metals, chlorine, hard water, and water impurities. The eight stage filtration system creates water that will not dry skin or damage color-treated hair. It even gets rid of the unpleasant sulfur odor that can sometimes linger in well-water. Your first purchase comes with a replaceable filter cartridge, and then you just need to change it every six months or so.

cropal shower filter


7. Culligan Filtered Shower Head with Massage

Culligan’s shower head has a conveniently replaceable filter, and it has five massage settings that make the shower very relaxing. Their filter has a cartridge that filters out sulfur, chlorine, and water scale for six months. It also has a patented bacteriostatic filter that helps to limit the growth of bacteria in the nozzle. You can select either a wall-mounted or hand-held version depending on your showering needs. Both varieties meet the EPA water sense certification standards, so you do not need to worry about wasting water when you use this head, which makes it the best shower filter for environmentally-friendly customers.

culligan shower filter


6. Geysa High Output Universal Shower Filter

This simple and affordable shower filter fits between your shower head and the arm to filter water. The twist and screw method lets you change the filter cartridges without needing to reinstall the entire thing. These cartridges help to filter out chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria. It works best in showers with high water pressure.

geysa shower filter


5. CaptainEco Advanced Shower Filter

The dual filter design in this shower filter works to remove multiple issues. It has an activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, ammonia, chromium, and other problematic chemicals. It also has a filter for softening hard, alkaline water to make the water more suitable for human skin and hair. CaptainEco’s shower filter has an inline system designed to stop the growth of organic materials. Its universal fittings allow you to attach it to all types of shower arms without reducing shower pressure. Another advantage is the fact that you only have to change the filters once every 12 months lasting 24 in total, making it the best shower filter for users looking for a long-lasting product.


4. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

The Aquabliss filter removes both chemicals and the heavy metals that make water hard, so it addresses the two main problems people have with their water. It also removes any lingering bacteria, pesticides, or fungi. The multi-stage filtration uses a blend of activated carbon, KDF 55, and calcium sulfite, so you have maximum filtration in either hot or cold water. With a convenient universal connection, you can install this filter on all types of showers in just a few minutes. You can change the filter cartridge easily too, which makes it one of the best shower filters available this year.

aquabliss shower filter


3. AquaHome 10-Stage Shower Water Filter

The AquaHome filter is ideal if your main issue is hard, alkaline water. There are multiple filtration stages, include activated coconut carbon, antibacterial balls, copper-zinc granules, and calcium sulfite. It is compatible with all types of shower heads, including handheld, combo, and rainfall heads. The easy installation system also makes it easier to change the filter cartridges, which you will need to do every six months.

aquahome shower filter


2. Limia’s Care Shower Filter

Multiple filtering labels, including KDF 55, calcium sulfite, activated carbon, cotton, and a metal mesh help to thoroughly remove chlorine, heavy metals, and organic substances. In addition to getting rid of impurities, this filter helps to make water feel softer and less irritating on the skin. The Limia water filter kit comes with an extra filter cartridge, silicone seals to prevent leakage, and teflon tape for accurate installation. With average use by a four member family, Limia recommends that you replace the cartridge very five to six months. This is the best shower filter for those looking for a heavy-duty product.

limia care shower filter


1. Invigorated Water Vitamin C Shower Filter

Invigorated Water’s filter uses multiple stages of minerals to filter the water. Natural zeolite crystals remove heavy metals, and maifan removes bacterial impurities. The final stage is a vitamin C block that balances water pH, removes chlorine, and reduces chloramine levels. It also has negative ion balls to ionize the water and improve its softness before it is forced through the laser-cut cone shaped water holes that improve water pressure. Keep in mind that this does have a soft citrus scent. Many find it relaxing, but this product is not recommended for people who dislike the smell of citrus.

invigorated water shower filter




Even though any shower filter will drastically improve the water quality, we declare the Invigorated Water option the best shower filter of the year thanks to its sleek and compact design and its effectiveness. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty product, you might want to choose one of the products from Limia’s Care, AquaHome, or AquaBliss. Do you know other products that deserve to be in this top?

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