Available in a wide range of colors to choose from, Sharpie highlighters products help us sort through information and identify the most important ideas, so that their users are able to quickly find what they need at a glance. More importantly, Sharpie highlighters are inexpensive, easily accessible, and effective office supplies. This article helps you determine the best quality Sharpie highlighter based on price, price to quality ratio, rating, usability, and customer opinion. It names 10 of the best Sharpie-branded highlighters and notes their prices, features, uses, and recommendations. If buying a good highlighter is at the top of your list of priorities, you’ll find this guide very useful.

10. Fluorescent Yellow Sharpie Highlighter, 4 Pack

A classic through and through, this product is wide-barreled and long lasting. It contains four Yellow chisel tipped highlighters that allow for wide and narrow lines of text highlighting. The highlighters are non-toxic, odorless, and quick-drying making them useful in a number of scenarios.

sharpie highlighter



  • The color is very bright
  • Long-lasting product


  • They only come in one color so it can be difficult to differentiate between the highlighted info

9. Sharpie Retractable Highlighters with Chisel Tip, 8 Pack

These chisel-tipped Sharpie retractable highlighters come in eight different colors including Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Raspberry/ They do not bleed through paper, and can be used to highlight notes, faxes, copies, and newspaper articles. The tip is designed to make it easy to glide across the paper as well as writing notes.

The click button top retracts the highlighter into its base, preserving the ink by preventing it from drying out. It offers more color range than other highlighters on the market.

sharpie accent highlighters



  • Easy to use
  • Smooth gliding across the paper
  • The ink does not bleed through paper or seep out of the highlighter


  • They run out of ink quickly

8. Clear View Sharpie Highlighter, Assorted Colors, 4-Pack

Among the most notable features this Sharpie product offers is its clear tip, designed to allow its users to see what they are marking. This small introductory product set comes with one Yellow, Pink, Green, and Orange highlighting stick. It has the same Smear Guard technology that most Sharpie products offer which prevents highlighted work from becoming illegible when touched.

sharpie clear view highlighter stick



  • Vibrant colors
  • The little window helps with tracing straighter lines


  • Some might leak
  • Sensitive to shock and heavy use, the tip can lose its shape rather quickly

7. Mini Sharpie Highlighters, 4 Pack

Perfectly portable, the small size of these mini highlighters is among their biggest selling point. Quick drying and odorless, they’re easy to pack away in a pencil case or handbag for easy accessibility. They do not smear, come in Orange, Green, Yellow, and Pink, and come with a cap clip that attaches itself to a key chain. This product is AP Certified non-toxic and perfect for use by younger children. The small size makes them a great gift but they do not last as long as regular sized Sharpie highlighters filled with more ink.

mini sharpie accent



  • Compact size, easy to carry around
  • For their size, they are rather long-lasting


  • Easy to lose as the cap comes off easily


6. Sharpie Gel Highlighter, Assorted Colors, 5 Pack

What stands out about this Gel Sharpie Highlighter is how well they work on glossy surfaces. That means that the pens are ideal for a variety of different paper surfaces from magazines to Bibles. They’re designed not to dry out if the cap is left off and come in Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, and Blue.

sharpie gel highlighter



  • They do not dry out
  • They’re odorless


  • The caps are easy to misplace as they don’t stay on the other end while the highlighter is in use

5. Pocket Sharpie Highlighters with Chisel Tip, 24-Count

Featuring four each of Fluorescent Orange, Pink, Blue, and Green as well as six Yellow and two Lavender, this 24-count set of highlighters offer a lot of options for its price. They come in their own plastic case, have Smear Guard technology, and odorless ink. You can highlight, underline, and even write notes with the pens which are easy and comfortable to hold and use. The highlighters work well on a number of paper surfaces. Students and professionals love this product because of the range of colors offered.

pocket sharpie highlighter



  • Work very well and are long-lasting
  • 6 color choices in a single pack


  • Might be too many for a single user, work better as office supplies

4. Assorted Sharpie Highlighter with Chisel Tip, 10 Pack

Available as a pack containing 10 brilliant colors including Berry, Blue, Coral, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Indigo, Purple, and Red, this Sharpie product delivers consistent flow allowing for clean application across a number of paper surfaces. The highlighters are brighter than other highlighting pens, clip to 3-ring binders for easy access, and have a visible ink supply indicating how much of the product is left to use.

sharpie highlighters



  • Do not dry out
  • Vibrant colors – even the ones that seem a bit darker will highlight without issues


  • The cap won’t stay on the other end of the highlighter

3. Sharpie Pocket Highlighters with Chisel Tip, 12 Pack

Containing 12 Sharpie Highlighters total, it contains three Yellow, two Pink, two Orange, two Green, two Blue, and one Purple fluorescent highlighter. Smear Guard ink protects pages from smears and smudges, leaving smooth, highlighted text to read. There is not a lot of variety in the colors, however, so this set is one that many people keep on hand but prefers less to other Sharpie highlighter products. The price makes it enticing enough for customers to continue to buy and use it, though.

pocket sharpie highlighters



  • Good color variety
  • 12-pack makes them ideal as office supplies


  • The cap is a bit difficult to put back on – not ideal for children

2. Clear View Sharpie Highlighter with Chisel Tip, 4 Pack

Despite being limited in color, this Sharpie product remains popular because it has a see through tip which lets you observe what is being highlighted so that lines remain straight and crisp. It comes with Smear Guard ink which eliminates the amount of drying time required before turning the page. The chisel tip highlighters are good for highlighting notes, faxes, copies, and newspaper articles.

The set includes one Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green fluorescent highlighter with thick barrels. The product can perfectly trace thin and wide lines.

sharpie clear view highlighters



  • The see-through tip is very helpful
  • Do not bleed through paper or smear ink
  • Great for kids


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use like office supplies

1. Sharpie Accent Tank-Style Highlighters

These Sharpie highlighters are the best-rated highlighters currently on the market. Like all the other products on this list, they use quick-drying Smear Guard ink. The barrel design ensures they can store enough ink for a long-lasting supply. They do well with most types of paper including glossy paper, but we recommend you stay away from them if you have a book with very thin pages as they can sometimes bleed.

sharpie accent highlighters


  • Very long-lasting
  • Vibrant colors


  • The green and blue ones might be too dark for small or thin text


All in all, Sharpie highlighters are some of the best on the market as they use Smear Guard ink, a technology they have been working on for years. The absolute best ones are the tank-style highlighters according to ratings and reviews from verified customers, but the transparent window ones are also an interesting choice. What’s your favorite?

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