Scientific calculators can work with functions, solve equations, draw graphs and charts, or write simple programs on the calculator. To find the best scientific calculator of 2019, we have looked for ones that contain a lot of calculating power, are easy and intuitive to use, and come with extra features and went through customer reviews to make sure the information we provide is accurate. Here are the best scientific calculators of the year, sorted by rating from the lowest to the highest.

10. HP Prime Graphing Calculator

HP’s graphing calculator may be a little less powerful and a little more pricey than others, but it still stands out due to its unique design. This calculator has a backlit touch screen with color capabilities. You can easily navigate through different functions and features on the calculator. The calculator also comes with apps that can be used for statistics, solving equations, and collecting data. Unfortunately, this design also means that the calculator uses battery power much quicker than other calculators.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator


9. Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator

This calculator manages scientific notation with ease, and it has a variety of parametric, polar, and sequence function options. A high contrast LCD screen makes it easy for users to view up to eight lines of input at a time. An input output cable allows you to download additional programs onto the calculator when needed. Though a little outdated, this calculator still does well in comparison to other similar styles, and you can often find it at cheaper prices.

Texas Instruments TI83


8. Casio FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator

Casio’s graphing calculator has all the same features as the more popular Texas Instruments devices, and it also has a few other useful features. The calculator has an impressively high-speed 62KB RAM CPU, and the display is a high-resolution LCD display. Another nice feature is the ability to quickly manage pie charts and bar graphs from the calculator. You can use a variety of functions, graphs, and programs on the calculator, and its keypad is very intuitively designed. All of these great features come packaged in a lightweight and affordable device, making the Casio graphing calculator the best scientific calculator for statisticians.

Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator


7. Sharp EL-W516TBSL

Sharp’s scientific calculator has plenty of functions organized in an easy to understand format. The four line display on this calculator lets you view even long equations easily. With the ability to store mathematical formulas, this calculator makes it even easier to solve complex problems. Another convenient feature is the four redefinable buttons that let you store any of the basic functions in an easy to reach position along the top row. We particularly like this calculator because of its solar power function which keeps you from having to worry about dead batteries.

Sharp ELW516TBSL Advanced Scientific Calculator


6. HP 35S Scientific Calculator

You can adjust the contrast, making it easy to view items on the LCD display. There are over 100 built-in functions that can be accessed on the calculator. With a memory of 30 KB, the calculator retains up to 800 independent storage registers. A battery life of over eight months means that you do not have to switch batteries regularly. Another great feature is the ability to choose between reverse Polish notation or algebraic entry-system when using the calculator.

HP 35s Scientific Calculator


5. Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS

This scientific calculator is a solid choice if you want something affordable and versatile. Though it lacks graphic capabilities, it is still extremely effective. The calculator has a two line display, so you can view both the entry and the result. This calculator can easily handle both one and two variable statistical calculations. You can choose between three angle modes, so problems can be inputted in degrees, radians, or grads. The calculator also allows either scientific or engineering notation, making it the best scientific calculator for engineers.

Texas Instruments TI30X IIS Scientific Calculator


4. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

This is one of the most popular graphing scientific calculators for a reason. It may be a bit pricey, but its large LCD display and extensive calculating power are very useful. The USB connection lets you transfer data between your computer and calculator when needed. You can use the calculator for either graphing or calculation. It comes with many functions and possible modes included. Another nice fact about this calculator is that students can normally get help with the calculator from their instructors because it is so commonly used in educational settings.

Texas Instruments 84 Plus Calculator


3. Casio FX-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

This unusually colorful calculator comes in three different shades to add a little fun to math. It is easy to use and contains all basic mathematic functions. With the extra wide screen, you can look at multiple lines without having to scroll a lot. Another plus for this scientific calculator is that it is extremely affordable. Just keep in mind that this calculator may not be useful for more advanced math. It is the best scientific calculator for middle school or high school students.

Casio fx300ES PLUS Calculator


2. Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator

This Texas Instruments calculator is designed for conveniently and quickly managing a lot of calculations. A four line display allows you to easily view longer problems and more input at a single time. You can quickly scroll through old entries or convert between fractions and decimals. This calculator lets the user enter multiple calculations and compare the results on a single screen. The capability to edit, cut, and paste entries allows you to alter your entries without having to retype out the whole thing. It is powered by both solar and battery power, so the calculator will work for years before needing a battery change.

Texas Instruments TI30xs scientific calculator


1. Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator

The Casio scientific calculator has 240 functions that can be reached through the simple keypad setup. With a two line display, you can view long functions or see what you previously input easily. The nine variable memories on this calculator allow for fast and easy inputting. This calculator also has a convenient slide-on case to protect it from scratches or accidental calculation when not in use. According to verified customer reviews, this is the best scientific calculator available online.

Casio FX300MS Calculator



According to online reviews, the best scientific calculator is the Casio FX-300MS model. Nevertheless, choosing any product in this top, especially if it comes from brands like Casio and Texas Instruments which seem to dominate this field. Do you have any other suggestions that were not included in this top?

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