Scarring is the body’s natural way of healing our skin after accidents, but scarring is not what you might typically consider desirable for your body. This list has 10 suggestions for the best scar treatment that will clear up those blemishes on your skin. We also went through some pros and cons for each one and analyzed their type, active ingredients, fragrance, and price range, among other things. Our list is sorted in order by overall customer rating in ascending order, so scroll down to see the best ones!

10. InstaNatural Scar Gel

instanatural scar gel

InstaNatural has created an amazing cream that works for both old scars as well as new. Using ingredients that are essential for skin health, such as green tea and epidermal growth factor this scar gel packs a punch against those unwelcome blemishes. Your skin will be kept moist with the aloe vera extract while the antioxidants present rush to the wound site. This gel works over time to efficiently erase most facial or body scars.

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  • Rubs in easily and leaves no residue
  • A little goes a long way, this product will last for months


  • Might not be as effective for larger or older scars

9. Body Merry’s Scar Gel

body merry scar gel

With restorative ingredients such as sea kelp and epidermal growth factor, this scar gel will deliver unparalleled results by erasing scars. This gel is perfect for any skin type and focuses on both new and old scars as well as stretch marks and sun spots. Blemishes are reduced and skin is left looking and feeling like new. It’s one of the best scar gels currently available for purchase.

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  • Visible results after as little as a week
  • Non-comedogenic formula


  • Leaves a little residue

8. Biofusion Natural Scar Removal Cream

biofusion scar removal cream

This product makes our best scar gels list from its use of all natural ingredients. With a shea butter base, this skin treatment is packed with nutrients, such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, to provide your skin with total rejuvenation while erasing those unwanted scars. The ingredients work together to target scar tissue and repair the damaged area. This skin product is perfect for old scars as well as new to eliminate blemishes, hydrate, and restore skin’s natural health and has been called by many the best scar removal treatment thanks to its good results and affordable price.

[table id=189 /]


  • Very affordable
  • Highly moisturizing treatment


  • The lid can be hard to open

7. Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Removal Cream

mederma pm scar cream

Here we have another ingenious Mederma scar cream that has us impressed by its unique design. This scar gel is the first of its kind that is formulated to work while we sleep. Our bodies work hard while we slumber to repair our skin cells, and this cream makes the perfect complement to achieve maximum results. Mederma promises that your scars will be smaller and less visible in as little as 14 days, which makes it a serious competitor for the title of the best scar removal cream this year.

[table id=190 /]


  • Very effective, works even on older and deeper acne scars as well as burn scars


  • Does not work too well against highly pigmented scars

6. ScarAway Scar Repair Gel

scaraway scar diminishing gel

This scar gel from ScarAway impressed us because of its unique Kelo-cote silicone design. After application, this gel dries within minutes and forms a breathable, flexible, and waterproof zone that protects the affected area for 24 hours. This gel works to flatten raised scars. Additionally, the repair gel reduces redness, fades discoloration, and relieves discomfort and itches that may be associated with scarring. Overall, this gel is perfect for any skin type and is gentle enough to be used on facial scars. It’s the best scar treatment for sensitive skin areas.

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  • Great texture: forms a protective transparent layer that doesn’t peel or flake
  • Gives visible results after only 4 weeks


  • The price is a bit steep
  • The tube only lasts for about 2 months

5. Mederma Advanced Scar Removal Cream

mederma scar gel

Scars cause us to hide our skin from view, but Mederma makes it possible to get our confidence back. This advanced scar gel is the first of its kind to only require application once a day. With clinically proven results, Mederma works deep to reduce to visibility of both old and new scars. This cream would be perfect for any skin type as it works to clean scars from acne, burns, cuts, and other injuries and is the best scar treatment for you if you’re looking for a cream.

[table id=192 /]


  • Effective in making the skin smoother and toning down scars
  • Highly moisturizing


  • Needs to be used as soon as the wound dries for the best results

4. Cicatricure Scar Gel

cicatricure scar gel

Our next favorite gel is from Cicatricure. We recommend this scar gel as it is ideal for old and new scars. As a moisturizer and humectant, we suggest this product for its ability to boost natural healing of the skin. This cream works hard to diminish scars due to injury, burns, or acne while also visibly improving skin tones. Stretch marks are also erased while your skin is softened. It’s one of the best scar removal treatments this year.

[table id=193 /]


  • Works on most types of scars
  • Seller offers great customer service and quick delivery


  • Results can take some time to appear: about  1-2 months

3. Derma-e Scar Gel

derma e scar gel

Derma-e provides consumers with a scar gel that is promised to deliver results. Designed with a unique combination of botanical extracts, this gel works to soften and smooth your skin. Derma E’s scar gel is packed with ingredients such as allantoin and panthenol to heal, rebuild, and add natural suppleness to the flesh. This particular product applies with no greasy feel and gives off a pleasant smell to appeal to the senses. Ideal for any skin type, this gel diminishes the appearance of scars related to scrapes, surgery, acne, and burns. If you’re ready to treat your skin and get rid of those scars, this gel is one of the best scar gels currently available on the market. Even though it’s the third best scar treatment on this list, it’s the second best scar gel currently available for purchase.

[table id=194 /]


  • The company offers excellent customer service
  • Works great against bigger and older scars


  • Not the best moisturizer
  • Not recommended to those who currently have acne as it can cause breakouts

2. Skin Medica Scar Recovery Gel

skin medica scar recovery gel

This scar recovery gel makes our list because of its strong ingredients to banish away scars. As a gel designed for post-surgery scarring, this recovery gel is made from ingredients such as olea eruopea leaf extract, castor oil, and potassium sorbate for a powerful combination. Shortly after the wound has healed, begin using this gel to reduce redness and inflammation. This is the best scar gel available for online purchase this year and the second best scar treatment overall.

[table id=195 /]


  • Recommended by surgeons
  • Very effective, but requires continuous use


  • Isn’t very good at bleaching highly pigmented scars

1. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

bio oil scar gel

The next product on our list is a skincare oil from Bio-oil. This particular product is formulated with plant extracts such as calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and chamomile oil that work together to rid your skin of unwanted scars and blemishes. With a hypoallergenic design, this skin care oil would be ideal for any skin type. The non-greasy texture allows for a quick and easy absorption to improve the appearance of stretch marks, even out skin tones, and reduce any signs of scarring. It’s the best scar treatment, hands down.

[table id=196 /]


  • Non-greasy formula that quickly penetrates the skin
  • Great smell
  • Highly effective
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Takes a while to work


And there you have it! That’s our list of top ten best scar treatments. In our opinion, Mederma Advanced is the best scar removal cream; the best gel comes from SkinMedica, while the best scar removal oil and the best scar treatment overall is the Bio-Oil. We would love to hear your feedback! If you’ve tried any of these products or have additional suggestions, please share them with us!

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