11 Best Roof Rakes

Heavy snowfall is only good for making snowmen, in every other regard it can lead to inconvenience and even turmoil. In fact, snow is responsible for millions of dollars of roof damage every year. Fortunately, you can keep the problem under control by regularly removing the snow off your roof. Here are some of the best roof rakes on the market that are easy to use, long-lasting, and sturdy, ordered by Amazon rating.

11. Ohuhu Twist-n-Lock Snow Roof Rake

Ohuhu Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

The best feature of the Ohuhu snow roof rake is its twist-n-lock telescoping aluminum handle that can be extended to 21 feet in length. The blade of this roof rake measures 6×25 inches. But the biggest advantage of this snow roof rake is its weight: only 4.6 lbs., meaning it’s one of the most lightweight snow roof rakes available.

Most of the Amazon reviews state that, although a bit difficult to put together, it’s a long-lasting and reliable product that’s extremely comfortable to use thanks to its reduced weight.

10. Snow Joe Telescoping Roofer Joe Rake

Snow Joe RJ204M Telescoping Snow Roof Rake
Roofer Joe has a lighter side. This poly blade version of the classic aluminum Roofer Joe roof rake (RJ205M) is lighter but just as sturdy and easy to use. The Twist-n-Lock telescoping pole reaches from 6.2’ to 21’ and the lightweight construction of the poly blade brings the weight of this roof rake down to a mere 4.8 lbs.

Lightweight doesn’t mean light work though; the 25”x6” blade can cut through the serious snow packs of the dead of winter and bring them down easy. Available on Amazon for the incredible price of only $28.87 with Amazon Prime and with free shipping, this is one of the best deals on roof rakes that you will find, and certainly the best price on Snow Joe brand Roofer Joe items anywhere.

9. Extreme Max 5600 Shingle Snow Rake

Extreme Max Roof Snow Rake
The unique design of this roof rake gives you all of the clearing power of larger rakes with less space taken up. The angled blade can clear heavier packs with less effort; it measures 24” x 7” and features rollers to get as close as possible for maximum clearing while saving your shingles from scraping that can damage them. The 21’ pole is able to reach your entire roof easily and has a simple and easy to use snap button system.

You can break down the handle for storage between uses and save less space in your garage or basement. Available on Amazon for $38.16 with free shipping.

8. Suncast Roof Snow Rake

Suncast SRR2100 Snow Roof Rake
This roof rake is simple, but effective. The 21’ long reach handle is perfect for getting to even the highest points on your roof with the 24” wide curved graphite blade. The graphite coating makes the blade non-stick so snow would build up on it while in use. The 7” depth of the blade makes even the deepest pack of snow easily managed. The bottom section of the handle pole is coated with resin to make gripping easier and usage safer. This rake is great for smaller residences and businesses and comes at a great price. It’s available through Amazon for $68.93 and comes with free shipping.

7. AVALANCHE! Deluxe Snow Rake

AVALANCHE! SRD20 Snow Rake Deluxe
Reach further and clear faster with the AVALANCHE! SRD20 Snow Rake Deluxe 20. Weighing only 5 lbs., this is one of the lightest snow rakes on the market. But don’t be fooled, it’s also one of the most effective. The rake includes a handle that extends up to 20’ by adding or removing the five 4’ sections. No more having to battle with unwieldy poles that are too long for some sections of your roof and not long enough for others.

The wheels protect your roof from the blade which is a whopping 24 inches wide to remove as much snow as possible. Everything is easily stored in your basement or garage thanks to the included mounting rack. For sale on Amazon for only $54.99 and with free shipping, it’s a great choice to help save your roof and your back this winter.

6. Garant Yukon Snow Roof Rake

Garant GPRR24U Snow Roof Rake

This Garant roof rake has a 24-inch polyethylene blade and a wide-angled head that will remove more snow without damaging the roof top. The handle is made of 3 5-feet ultra-light aluminum sections, one also having an anti-slip grip.

Most reviewers are very satisfied with this product, stating it’s also able to remove crusted and compressed snow without damaging the roof. The blade is sharp and wide enough to gather a decent amount of snow and the handle is flexible, yet resistant. A small number customers reported that they can be difficult to assemble, which ultimately lead to them being unable to use the rake any longer. Nevertheless, if you’re handy with tools and housework, you shouldn’t experience any issues after installing it properly.

5. Avalanche Snow Removal System

Avalanche Original Roof Snow Removal
Anyone who has ever had to clear heavy snow fall from the roof of their home or business knows that it’s a task that, at best, is daunting. The Avalanche Snow Removal System is a new take on the classic roof snow rake. It makes clearing even the heaviest snow from any roof fast and simple. The patented design features a cutter frame with 1 ½” wheels to help protect your roof and your shingles from harm.

The handle is an incredible 16’ long and snaps together from four 4’ sections. The fully assembled handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver. In addition, it also features a vinyl grip on the end for comfort and safety. The plastic snow slide is 17” wide and a full 12’ long to help move the snow from the roof to the ground quickly. Easy to assemble with no tools, the system includes a snap on couple system which makes storage convenient. Available for $125.10 with free shipping on Amazon, this is one of the easiest to use snow roof rakes on the market.

4. Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

Garelick 89421 Aluminum Snow Roof Rake
Engineered to not damage shingles, this roof rake from Garelick features a unique roller system. It allows the blade to slide down the roof easier than any other rake on the market. The special design means that the blade never touches your shingles. The whole unit weighs just 6 pounds and features a long reach 21’ pole comprised of four easy to assemble sections. The 24” wide and 7” deep blade can cut through even the tightest of snow pack easily for quick clearing. This rake is available from Amazon for only $57.02 and offers free shipping.

3. MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor

MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor
The Minnsnowta Dynamo Roof is the rake for clearing the snow from the roof of  your home or business with as little hassle as possible. This rake doesn’t require strength to get the job done, instead it uses gravity instead. The revolutionary design combined with an innovative ergonomic handle will make removing snow from your roof a breeze.

Weighing only 13 pounds, this roof rake is easy to control. The four 6’ handle sections snap together easily and hold together tight. The 10’ chute discharges snow to the ground, not onto you. This snow roof rake is available on Amazon for an average of $139.99 plus $15.04 shipping.

2. Nordvik Industries Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

Nordvik Industries Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

This snow roof rake is made entirely out of aluminum and features a 20 x 6 inches blade with a vinyl-coated edge which protects the roof. This rake also comes with 3 handle extensions, each measuring 5 feet in length and 1 inch in diameter. These extensions easily click together thanks to the extrusion button connectors. In fact, the whole rake is simple to put together, long-lasting, and sturdy.

Interestingly, this product gathered no 1, 2, or 3-star reviews on Amazon. Customers who purchased this product state it’s a lightweight, but strong roof rake that will rise to the expectations of those living in areas with heavy snowfall.

1. MinnSNOWta Roof Razor Snow

MinnSNOWta Roof Razor Snow
The MinnSNOWta Roof Razor is one of the best roof rakes on the market. This versatile and easy to use roof snow rake makes clearing snow from the highest areas of the roof easy by letting gravity do all the work. The 36” wide blade is able to make quick work of the job and the ultra-lightweight design saves your back. This premium quality snow roof rake is for sale at Amazon for only $172.23 with $17.75 shipping, a great price when considering its capabilities.

Note: this item is currently unavailable. We will check its status regularly and update this page as soon as it becomes available again.


These roof rakes are the best way to protect your home from the damage that can come from excessive accumulation of snow and the formation of ice dams. With these tools, you can clear your home’s roof quickly, easily, and safely without using ladders. What do you think? Do you agree with our product selection for the best roof snow rakes of 2017?

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