The best portable washer and dryer combo should be compact and lightweight so it can fit into tight spaces and accompany students, vacationers, and others who frequently move from place to place. We gathered the best-rated portable washers with spin dryers rated at least 3.5 out of 5 by verified customers. We analyzed their size and weight, power, washing and spinning capacities, the ability to set wash and drying times, and the ability to multitask.

As a word of caution, these portable washer and dryer combos do not operate on heat for drying. The spinning performs the drying function, so upon completion, you’ll still need to take some time for air drying. If you don’t have clotheslines in or around your home, make sure you also check out our collection of the best clothes drying racks in 2019!

10. DELLA Small Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer


With a wash capacity of 11 pounds, this Della model has the highest such capacity in our list of best portable washer and dryer. However, it has a spin capacity of only 3.3 pounds. Its clear lid allows you to view the washing and drying and check on the water. You can also wash and dry at the same time with its dual function. The model includes modes for normal wash and gentle wash for more delicate clothes.

[table id=333 /]


  • Ability to monitor water through its clear lid
  • Dual function for simultaneous washing and spin drying
  • High wash capacity
  • Remains relatively quiet


  • Collars and elastics may stretch during the wash

9. Panda Small Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

Panda Compact Washer 1.60cu.ft, High-End Fully Automatic Portable...
  • This washer is a space-saving design which makes your laundry easy and simple. It is perfect for Apartment, RV, Vacation...
  • Lager size 1.6cu.ft capacity allows you to fit up to 11 lbs. of cloth, electronic Touchpad controls and LED display,...
  • Large See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub, 3D waterfall, Pulsator generates strong and weak water flows

This Panda portable washing machine joins our list of best portable washer and dryer combos because it allows you to see the cleaning and action with its transparent lid. The model can handle washing loads between 7 to 9 pounds. However, with its spin dryer capacity of roughly half that of the washing function, you may need to spend two times to get optimal drying. You can hang the Nook of the drainage pump out over the side of a sink or bathtub for draining.


  • Clear lid
  • Presence of a drainage pump out


  • Lint trap does not effectively remove lint after spin drying

8. Do mini Portable Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

Do mini Portable Compact Twin Tub Capacity Washing Machine and Spin...
  • Do mini Professional Compact Portable Washer and Spin Dry Cycle Mini Laundry Washer for Baby Clothes, Underwear, Towels
  • The Mini Washer and Spinner Can Do Small Loads of Laundry. Don't compare on price, you get what you pay for.
  • 6 Pound Wash Capacity & 3.8Pound Spin Capacity; Dual Function Design Allows Simultaneous Operation(spin wash and spin...

Yes, this Do Mini makes a good apartment washing machine and dryer, but it’s also a hit with many recreational vehicle users while camping or traveling. It performs washing functions with 240 watts of power, a six-pound wash capacity and the ability to hold 3.8 pounds during its spin drying. In order to connect the hose with a kitchen or bathroom faucet, you will need an adapter, which you need to purchase separately.

[table id=335 /]


  • Dual washing and spin drying functions
  • Ideal for baby clothes, underwear, and towels


  • No sound or signal to indicate the end of a cycle

7. KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine & Spin Dryer

KUPPET Clothes Washing Machine, 10lbs Compact Small Semi-Automatic...
  • ▲【QUICK & EASY CLEAN】KUPPET mini compact twin tub washing machine, which is prefer for doing laundry in a compact...
  • ▲【LARGE CAPACITY】This portable washing machine features the twin tub dual function design can save your precious...
  • ▲【TIMER CONTROL & POWERFUL PERFORMANCE】Our compact washing machine has separate timer control settings for washer...

With this KUPPET participant in our best portable washer and dryer list, you have the ability to set washing and drying times. Choose up to 15 minutes for washing and five minutes for the spin drying. Thanks to its dual function, you can simultaneously wash and spin dry your loads.

[table id=336 /]


  • Design of unit promotes water conservation, less use of detergent and cost savings
  • Separate timers for wash and spin dry functions
  • Easy to carry due to light weight
  • Makes little noise during spinning


  • Leaves lint on clothes

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6. ROVSUN Portable Washing Machine & Dryer with Twin Tub

ROVSUN 10 LBS Portable Washing Machine with Twin Tub Electric Compact...
  • ★PORTABLE CAPACITY: The capacity of total laundry 10lbs(washer 5.6lbs,spinner 4.4lbs), Featuring Spin Wash and Spin...
  • ★EASY OPERATION: 1300RPM motor with a voltage frequency of 110V/60HZ, allowing you to simply put in your load of...
  • ★CLEAN WASHING: Compact but able to fit in a decent sized load of clothing, you will amazed at how clean it getting...

With this ROVSUN portable washer and dryer combo, you have a 360-watt machine that can generate RPMs of 1300. In addition to washing and spin drying, this unit dehydrates all at the same time. A stainless-steel cylinder affords staying power for this portable washer and dryer for apartments.

[table id=337 /]


  • Inexpensive price compared with other models
  • Stainless steel de-watering cylinder
  • Simultaneous wash, spin drive and dehydration functions


  • Plastic hoses do not fit some faucets

5. Della Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dry Cycle

Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle with Built in Pump (33L...
  • Washer Capacity: 8.8Lbs, 1.25 cubic feet
  • Spin Dry Capacity: 5.5Lbs, 0.25 cubic feet
  • Washer Power: 300W

As with its 11-pound counterpart, this Della mini apartment washing machine and dryer also has a clear lid from which you can watch the condition of the water and your clothes get clean and dry. With the washer comes a built-in drain pump that automatically drains the water. Along with other offerings to our list of best portable washer and dryer, this Dell up also comes with a dual function allowing you to wash and dry clothes at the same time.

[table id=338 /]


  • Clear lid
  • Dual function
  • Built-in drain pump


  • Unit is not a fully automatic washer

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4. Giantex Portable Compact Twin Tub Washer & Spin Dryer

Giantex Washing Machine, Portable Clothes Washing Machines, 13lbs Wash...
  • 【Compact but Functional Washing Machine】: This is Giantex compact twin tub washing machine, which is perfect for...
  • 【Twin Tub Washing & Spinning】: Washing Tub: Place clothing in the wash tub section , Rated Washing Capacity: 8lbs....
  • 【Powerful Motor Working】: The machine runs off 110v power and will take up to 8lbs capacity for washing and 5lbs...

To help save energy in the environment, this Giantex allows you to separately control the wash and spin drying operations with separate timers. It can handle up to eight pounds during washing in four and a half pounds during the spin drying. This highly-rated portable washing machine and dryer is one of the favorites due to its durability, convenient pricing, and ease of use.

[table id=339 /]


  • Ability to set different times for washing and drying at the same time
  • 110 volts of power


  • Drain hose needs to have more length

3. Pyle Portable Mini Washer & Spin Dryer (Upgraded)

Upgraded Version Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer, Mini Washing...
  • EASY TO USE: The portable washer dryer features a convenient top loading system. Simply insert detergent and water into...
  • ROTARY CONTROLS: The portable washer machine features rotary controls for wash timer, program and drain selector, as...
  • MINI WASHING MACHINE: The portable clothes washer has a high-powered 250-watt motor and a capacity of 7.7 lbs. Watch...

No assembly is required on this Pyle mini washer/dryer which, according to our research, is the third best portable washer and dryer in 2019. The upgraded version

[table id=340 /]


  • Drain selector and program
  • Translucent tub container window
  • Ready to use when taken out of the box


  • May wrinkle some clothes due to speed of spinning

2. Best Choice Products Portable Compact Washing Machine with Spin Dry Cycle

This Best Choice portable washer is the second best portable washer and dryer combo for apartments and other small areas due to its washer capacity of 10 to 12 pounds. It can also handle 6 to 8 pounds during the drying function, which is more than enough for a college student or small home.

[table id=341 /]


  • Large wash and spin capacities
  • Very quiet during cycles


  • Not fully automatic

1. XtremepowerUS Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dryer

Barton Portable Compact Washer & Spin Dry Cycle Timer Top Load Washing...
  • ? Powerful Cleaning - Compact Mini Twin Tub Washer is effective enough to leave your clothes smelling pleasantly clean...
  • ? Save Time & Money - Designed to save time and money with two built-in units, one tub for washing clothes and a...
  • ? Constructed of High-Density Body and Upgraded Motor - Make it well built to use for years. Easy to move & transport to...

This extreme power USA portable washing machine and dryer holds a rating of 300 watts for washing and 150 watts for spin drying. It can hold almost 9 lb of clothes in washing and 4.4 lb while spinning. The rating explains why this model carries the highest price tag; nevertheless, it’s the best portable washer and dryer currently on the market and will last you a long while.

[table id=342 /]


  • High power ratings for washing and spin drying
  • Stainless steel spinner
  • Ability of spin dry cycle to get clothes fairly dry


  • No information on the size of the adapter


These are our offerings for the best portable washer and dryer combo. If you’re a college student or just don’t have your own place yet and need to move often, these appliances will eliminate the need for laundromat visits and give you more free time. Our favorites are the XtremepowerUS model due to its high power and drying abilities and durability, but the ones from Best Choice Products, Pyle, or Giantex are also reliable choices.

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