Pool cleaning becomes a lot easier with the right tools and the best pool vacuum can get rid of any debris, algae, or dirt buildup in your pool in minutes. We have evaluated 10 products from the best-rated and best-selling sections to find the fastest, most effective, longest-lasting, and, therefore, best pool vacuum head; we sorted them based on their rating from verified customers, in ascending order.

Our List of the 10 Best Pool Vacuum Head 2019

Following is our list of the 10 best pool vacuum heads of 2019:

10. Hayward Triangular Vacuum Head

Use the see through head on Hayward’s vacuum head to actually look at what you are trying to clean. This head also has a 360 degree swivel hose connector that makes it easy to vacuum on any angle. The triangular sides are lined with bristles to improve the scrubbing power of this head. The only issue with this vacuum head is that it needs to be replaced a little earlier than some others, but it still lasts at least a year.

Hayward 3-brush triangular vacuum head, best pool vacuum head

9. SplashTech 14-inch Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

Though it only has bristles along the side, this vacuum still does a great job of picking up algae and debris. It has a weighted, extra wide head to make your job as easy as possible. The SplashTech vacuum head has a flexible design that will help it to remain stable if your pool has uneven surfaces. It can be attached to standard 1 ¼ to 1 ½ vacuum hoses and pool poles.

SplashTech 14-inch weighted flex vacuum head with side brushes

8. Poolmaster 27402 Deluxe Air Relief Vacuum

Two sets of deluxe nylon bristles line both the bottom and the sides of this vacuum head, allowing for extra coverage. Its handle has a stainless steel tension spring that works to keep the vacuum level with the walls or floor of your pool. Like other Poolmaster vacuum heads, this one has air relief valves that help to alter suction strength to suit your individual needs. According to Poolmaster, this vacuum will work best in fiberglass and vinyl liner pools.

Poolmaster 27402 Deluxe air relief vacuum with vinyl liner, best pool vacuum head

7. Swimline 8201 Vac Brush

This tiny vacuum head actually serves a very useful purpose. It has a cone shaped head of bristles that get into all the tight spots in your pool. You can clean pool fountains, alcoves, steps, and corners with ease. Just like the rest of the Swimline vacuum heads, this smaller brush head will fit on standard 1 ½ inch vacuum hoses. It is safe for both concrete and vinyl pool surfaces. Just make sure you vacuum with a big vacuum head first because this smaller brush head will not pick up big pieces of debris.

Swimline 8201 Vacuum brush

6. Swimline 8150 Flex Vacuum Head

Swimline’s extra wide vacuum is 14 inches wide, so you can clean your entire pool at a quicker speed. It will fit all standard 1 ¼- 1 ½ inch pool vacuum hoses, and the snap-adapt handle makes it easy to join the head and the hose. The weighted head keeps the pool vacuum submerged, so you do not have to struggle to keep it beneath the surface. It has eight wheels around the rim of the vacuum to facilitate in pushing it along the ground.

Swimline 8150 weighted flex vacuum head, best pool vacuum head

5. Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief

The adjustable air relief valves along the top of the vacuum head are very useful at preventing excessive suction. Poolmaster has also placed integrated perimeter brushes around the edge of this vacuum to increase cleaning power. The rounded edges help to fit in corners and other tight spots, while the 13 inch width helps to speed up the process of vacuuming your pool. It fits both standard pool poles and standard vacuum hoses, so you can choose how you want to use this device. This last feature make it the best pool vacuum head for customers who also need a filter.

Poolmaster 27400 air relief vinyl liner vacuum head

4. Swimline Hydro Tools 8145

The 8145 vacuum head by Swimline has angled brushes designed to pick up debris, so this is a great choice if your pool is near trees or bushes. This brush has a triangular shape that fits well around pool steps and in pool corners. Thanks to Swimline’s snap-adapt handle, you can easily attach this vacuum to any 1 ¼ or 1 ½ inch vacuum hoses. You can purchase these vacuum heads in an affordable two-pack to save a little money if desired.

Swimline Hydro tools 8145 pool vacuum head, best pool vacuum head

3. Hydro Tools weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

The unusual crescent moon shape of this vacuum head is actually extremely efficient. Its sharp points fit into corners and smaller spaces, while the wide curve along the front manages to cover a lot of pool ground very quickly. With a weight of 1 ½ pounds, you do not need to worry about the Hydro Tools pool head floating to the surface while you use it. A bonus feature is the availability of replacement brushes, which lets you update the pool head without needing to buy a new vacuum head. Even though it only got the 3rd spot on this list, this is the best pool vacuum head for heavy use.

Hydro Tools weighted half moon pool vacuum head

2. Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool Head

Milliard’s vacuum head is see through, so you can look at your pool as you clean it. Thanks to the weights on the vacuum head, it easily remains on the bottom of your pool. With a cleaning surface that is 11 inches wide, you will be done cleaning your pool in no time at all. The triangular shaped head is more maneuverable than other rectangular vacuums. The gentle nylon bristles on this vacuum can even be used on vinyl lined pools, and it also has rubber bumpers to prevent more scratching.

Miliard Sea-thru triangle weighted pool vacuum head, best pool vacuum head

1. FibroPro Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum

FibroPro’s vacuum head stands out because it is made from quality materials. It has a thermoplastic urethane construction that makes the vacuum easy to maneuver regardless of water temperature. This material is also flexible enough to go over uneven surfaces like mosaic tiles. The six weights on the FibroPro head keep it pressed against your pool for a more thorough cleaning. It has urethane wheels with metal ball bearings that make it easy to push along your pool’s walls but also stay on the bottom, which makes it the best pool vacuum head of the year. With a chrome plated handle that fits standard 1 ⅕ inch hoses, this vacuum will not easily break or bend.

FibroPro Professional flexible swimming pool vacuum head

Additional Information About Pool Vacuum Heads

How Long Do Pool Vacuums Last?

The lifespan of commercial pool vacuums tends to depend upon the amount they are used and the type of pool they are maintaining, regardless of their type. Pool cleaners usually come with integral parts and these need to be replaced each time they go bad. This means that a pool vacuum should be regularly checked for working parts. This will ensure that your pool vacuum lasts as long as possible.

Running your pool cleaner too fast can decrease its lifespan significantly. This is because the faster it moves, the quicker the parts will wear out. So with that in mind, if you want your pool cleaner to last as long as possible, it’s important not to rush the process.

If you take proper care of your pool vacuum then it should last for up to 2-3 years without and major issues.

How Do You Connect a Pool Vacuum Head?

This may seem tricky at first but it is actually quite an easy task. To begin with, you need to connect the long pole to your vacuum head. You then need to connect one of the ends of the hose to the vacuum head. The hose should have one side with a swivel head. That is the side that should be connected to the vacuum head. Once this is complete, your vacuum head should be securely fitted.

How Does a Pool Vacuum Head Work?

Once the vacuum head is attached to the vacuum hose, it is lowered and placed at the bottom of the pool, meanwhile the other end of the hose must remain in the user’s hand. The other end of the hose is then placed before the water entrance of the pool to be filled up with water.

You will notice a formation of bubbles, and that’s how you will know that water is entering the hose. Afterwards, as soon as those bubbles vanish while the water continues to enter the hose, it descends down the cleaning area and this results in the creation of suction.

After this process has taken place, the hose is then connected to the skimmer which is mounted adjacent to the pool through a vacuum adapter plate and is ready to use. The final step is the running of the pool cleaner along the floor to clean up all of the mess.

Our Verdict on the Best Pool Vacuum Head

Even though this list contains a wide range of products when it comes to their shape and size, the best-rated products are those of triangular or rectangular shape – our guess is they’re easier to maneuver and use. According to ratings and reviews from verified customers, the best pool vacuum head is made by Fibropool and got the first place in our top thanks to its sturdy, heavy-duty construction. If you prefer a triangular head, however, you will have to decide between the Milliard and the Swimline. Do you have any other recommendations for this list?

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