The best onion chopper makes cutting or mincing onions quick, easy, and tear-free. We gathered the most convenient, durable, and useful onion choppers on the market and analyzed their effectiveness, durability, and materials. Here are the best onion choppers available for online purchase this year, sorted based on reviews and ratings from verified customers from the lowest to the highest rating.

10. Kuuk Onion Chopper

Kuuk has cushioned the sides of their chopper to make it very easy to grip. You can get chopped onion in just a couple seconds. This style of chopper can be nice because it lets you customize the size of your chopped onion. You can press down on the handle just a few times for a rough chop, or repeatedly tap it to finely mince your onion. It easily twists apart to clean the chopper after use. Just keep in mind that it can only hold one piece of onion at a time.

Kuuk Onion Chopper


9. Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper

This is a quick and easy onion chopper that gets the job done with minimum fuss. You just set your halved onion on the top of the stainless steel blade and then close the green plastic lid to force it through the blade. It will hold up to two cups of onions before you need to empty the chopper. Another bonus is the measurements printed along the side of the container which make it easier to follow recipes.

Progressive onion chopper


8. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper

Cuisinart has created a convenient and sturdy chopper that makes onion chopping quick and easy. Along the top is a push-down handle that is wide enough to grip comfortably. You do not need to worry about the bottom slipping either because it has a textured surface. The blades are housed in stainless steel instead of plastic, so it is extremely durable. This product comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes it the best onion chopper for heavy use.

Cuisinart onion chopper


7. HIC Old Fashioned Onion Food Chopper

HIC uses an older design that will be appreciated by people who do not like the modern version of onion choppers. It requires a little more muscle to use, but you get quick and easy results. The glass design means you do not have to worry about any BPA contaminated plastic, and the stainless steel blades are lead-free. It can hold up to ⅕ cups of onions at once. This plunger style chopper uses a four blade base to cut up your onions. It can chop a little unevenly, but the HIC chopper is still a solid choice.

HIC onion chopper


6. OXO Good Grips Vegetable and Onion Chopper

At the top of the lid is a removable grid of plastic that pushes each piece of onion through the blade without getting stuck. All your chopped onion then falls neatly into the storage area that holds up to 2.5 cups of chopped onion. One of our favorite parts of this design is the side opening that lets you pour out chopped onions without removing the lid. The non-slip base makes it easy to put pressure on the top of the lid without causing the chopper to slide around. Among products that use this design, this is the best onion chopper that’s also compact which makes it ideal for small kitchens.

OXO onion chopper


5. Acodine Onion Manual Hand Chopper

This chopper is designed to protect your fingers while chopping since the blade is hidden away within the base. The zigzag shaped blade chops the onion finely without getting big pieces stuck to it. You can chop your onions quickly by placing them in the bottom storage area and pressing down on the top of the chopper. It is made from a durable ABS plastic that is food friendly and high quality. Another nice feature is that Acodine will replace your product in the rare event that it is damaged.

ACODINE onion chopper


4. Vremi Mini Food Chopper

This uses the classic onion chopper design to quickly and easily chop food without any mess. All you have to do is put your onions in the bottom cup and press down on the upper handle repeatedly. However, this chopper is perfect for people who just want to be able to chop a few onions without hauling out a knife and cutting board. Made from BPA free plastic and stainless steel, this chopper will be a useful kitchen tool for years.

Vremi Food Chopper


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3. Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Chopper

This style of this chopper is perfect for cooks who need a lot of onion very quickly. The hand powered chopper works by pulling a cord that spends a central chopping blade. In order to use it, you stick your onions in the manual food processor, close the lid firmly, and then tug repeatedly on the cord. It is made from durable and dishwasher safe plastic, and you can even pick your favorite color. Even though it did not get the first place, the chopper from Chef’n is the best onion chopper for manual use.

Chefn onion chopper


2. Fullstar Onion Food Chopper, Slicer, and Dicer

Fullstar’s onion chopper makes the top of our list for its versatility and convenience. It comes with four interchangeable blades, so you can slice, dice, chop, or julienne your onions. Made from rust-resistant, 420-grade stainless steel and BPA free plastic, this chopper is built to last. The non-skid base prevents any sliding, while the storage container makes it easy to hold your cut onions until you need them. In addition to chopping onions, you can also use this chopper for other fruits and vegetables. When you are done using it, you can quickly wash it in the dishwasher.

Fullstar onion chopper


1. Mueller Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper

Mueller’s onion chopper is intended to easily slice onions without releasing their fumes. All you have to do is place your onion in the upper portion of the container and then swing the lid downwards. It can hold up to four cups of chopped onions in the lower portion, so the chopper is ideal for creating big meals. You can choose to either dice your onions to ½ inch or ¼ inch squares by switching out the blades. The stainless steel discs used for cutting are made from German 420-grade hardened steel so they do not get dull easily, which makes this the best onion chopper available for online purchase this year.

Mueller onion chopper



The best onion chopper of the year is the Mueller Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper thanks to its very good customer reviews and ratings, materials, and ease of use. Nevertheless, products from Fullstar, Chef’n, or Vremi are also reliable. In fact, the onion chopper from Chef’n has one of the most interesting designs among the products on this list. Nevertheless, the best for heavy use is the Cuisinart model thanks to its lifetime warranty. Do you know other good onion choppers that deserve to be in this top?

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