There are not too many out there that would consider mosquitoes to be a favorable friend during any occasion. In fact, many argue mosquitoes are among the most useless creatures out there and desperately search for the best mosquito killers out there. Because if not, the blood-sucking bandits create a terrible itch, invite possible infections, and can even spread serious diseases. They swoop down without notice and slyly latch-on. Before you know it, you’re bitten and itchy.

In the spirit of knocking-out these troublesome, airborn parasites, we have compiled a list of some of the most efficient mosquito killers. Taking a look at overall efficacy, ease-of-use, and relative pricing, this list highlights the top ten here for you and your loved ones. Let’s get started.

10. Cutter Backyard Bug Control Fogger

Cutter, the renowned maker of insect repellents and killers provides an outdoor fogging option without the associated cost of a machine to do it. For approximately $11.99 per can and no additional shipping costs, you can effectively fog any area with unrivaled ease and simplicity. Aside from flying insects, this product can also settle to surfaces. By doing so, it can also kill many additional crawling pests such as carpenter ants and fire ants. Find it now on Amazon by following this link:

9. GLOUE Bug Zapper

The Bug Zapper by GLOUE is a well-reviewed and very popular choice in home mosquito killers. This is for good reason as it is highly effective, portable – plugging into any regular wall outlet, and noise-free. Using virtually no electricity, this unit can be run continuously for regular protection around the home or office. To remove its captured victims, simply unplug, open lid, and dump. $13.95 is all this unit costs, and it can be found at Amazon by clicking on the image below.

8. Mosquito Bits

Unlike the other products on our list, Mosquito Bits takes the approach of terminating the mosquito larvae before it can develop into a fully grown, biting nuisance. You can achieve this by adding the recommended amount of Mosquito Bits into any areas of standing water in which larvae grow. This additive is safe for all other wildlife except for mosquito larvae and fungus gnats should you have an issue with them as well. A 30-ounce container costs $17.41 and comes with free shipping with the purchase of two more containers. Get it at Amazon by following this link:

7. LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb

The number seven spot in our list of the best mosquito killers goes to the LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb by SkyGenius. This new twist on the traditional bug zapper concept allows for bug zapping right from the convenience of any indoor or outdoor light fixture that accepts normal bulbs. With only 10 watts of electricity, this bulb makes quick work of any bugs or mosquitoes drawn by its attractive aura as well as makes plenty of light for your own visual purposes. Expect to pay around $17.99 per bulb and receive free shipping with the purchase of three or more. Find it at Amazon by following this link:

6. Black Flag Outdoor Fogging Insecticide

For use with foggers such as the Burgess 1443, Black Flag’s Outdoor Fogging Insecticide is one of the best available for the non-commercial consumer. Its all inclusive formula effectively takes down mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, and many more flying pests. Prices vary, but a gallon of this powerful fogging solution costs around $23.99 with no additional shipping charges. Go to the following page and get this top mosquito killer from Amazon now.

5. The Terminator Electric Bug Swatter

Some totally enjoy the manual elimination of these extremely bothersome pests. In this area of personal satisfaction, it gets no more personal than the up-close swatting of flies, gnats, and yes, mosquitoes. This eco-friendly elimination method employs battery-driven electricity in a comfortable, hand-held swatter. It can be quite effective when in the hand, but its drawback is admittedly its inability to help when not in the hand. The price tag on this one is $24.95 with free shipping included after the purchase of two or more. Amazon has this one, and you can find it here:

4. AIWOTOWOW Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

The next spot on our list of best mosquito killers goes to the AIWOTOWOW Indoor Electronic Insect Killer. By emitting UV light at exactly 365nm, this indoor unit safely and quite effectively eliminates mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other pests drawn to its enticing glow. You can hang the unit with its accompanying chain, or let it stand alone. Either way it’s deadly to them and safe for humans and pets. Prices start at approximately $25.99 each. They will ship free with the purchase of two or more. Find yours now at Amazon:

3. Pest Sentry Electric Bug Zapper

The sound and tell-tale flicker of bug-zappers in the night is a tradition long engrained in our society. The Pest Sentry Electric Bug Zapper is specifically made for that classic mosquito control although it will attract and kill a whole host of other insects, and do so outside as well. In addition, this product also has an easy-clean collection tray, a highly effective and reasonably compact design, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s hard to go wrong with this choice in mosquito control. Pricing runs right around $34.97 per unit and is accompanied by complimentary shipping on orders of two or more. Get yours on Amazon:

2. Burgess 1443 Insect Fogger

The Burgess 1443 is another great option in the area of foggers. At around $56.90 per unit and with free shipping, the consumer has access to a professional-grade fogger at a great price. Used in conjunction with Black Flag, Repel, and Cutter insecticides, users can create a kill zone of 5,000 square feet in under 10 minutes, experiencing a true mosquito killing machine. You can find the Burgess 1443 Insect Fogger online now at Amazon.

1. Tri Jet Non Thermal Fogger

The first in our list of the best mosquito killers comes to you courtesy of Createch USA, a leader in fogging solutions for over 30 years. With the Tri Jet, the user can load their desired treatment and cordlessly propel fog coverage up to 30 feet in any direction. But not only can this unit effectively kill mosquitoes, you can also use it forodor, mold, and sanitation applications as well. Pricing for a unit runs at about $230 and ships for free. Find this item on Amazon now.

At-home mosquito control has never been easier. With great products like these to choose from, you can meet any of your needs with regard to killing this veracious visitor. Get these mosquito control solutions at Amazon, and get your money’s worth today.

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