We have looked through all the magnifying lights on the market to find the ones that magnify effectively, have useful designs, and are made from sturdy materials. This list of the top 10 magnifying lights of 2019 contains lights of all sizes and costs, ordered from the bottom to the best magnifying light of the year.

10. TMS Tabletop Gooseneck Magnifying Lamp

Adjust the TMS lamp to your desired height with the useful gooseneck arm. When you are not using the lamp, you can close the cover to protect it from dust or scratches. The glass lens provides 5X magnification, and it has an inset magnifier with 10X magnification for detail work. The cool-white light in the lamp helps to reduce eye fatigue while providing adequate brightness to the object you are viewing.

TMS magnifiying lamp

Note: this product has been discontinued.


9. Studio Designs Magnifying Lamp

Magnify items to three times their normal size with this glass magnification lens. The flexible arm extends up to 36 inches. You can adjust the entire lamp with the handy tension control knobs. These control knobs keep the lamp from dropping once you put it into its desired position. You can choose to get the Studio Designs lamp with either a basic CFL bulb or a more long lasting LED bulb when you purchase the lamp. The only downside is that the clamp mount can be slightly difficult to attach.

Studio Designs Magnifying lamp


8. NEON LED Light Magnifier and Desk Lamp

This lamp may look a little complicated, but it is actually extremely useful for those who use magnifying lights for hobbies and crafts. Three separate magnifying lens at 2.5X, 7.5X, and 10X allow a lot of versatility. Five LED lights are installed along the flexible arm lamp that can swing to any position you want it. There are even auxiliary alligator clamps on the lamp to hold any object up to the magnifying lens while both your hands are occupied.

neo LED Light Magnifier


7. SE Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier

For a hands-free experience, try the SE LED head magnifying lamp. You can adjust the power of magnification thanks to the fixed lens, flip-down lens, and flip-down loupe. Depending on which lenses you are using, the magnification can range from 1.9X to 8.3X diopters. The head lamp comes equipped with two bright white LED lights that can be adjusted both horizontally or vertically. It attaches securely on the back of your head with a turn dial, so you do not need to worry about slipping. This convenient head lamp lets you magnify whatever you what to look at.


6. V-Light Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Effect Magnifier Task Lamp

At a strength of 3 diopters, this magnifying lens enlarges items by 175 percent. It comes with a full spectrum bulb that provides a glare free light that looks similar to natural daylight. The architect style swing arm allows you to easily adjust the height of the lamp for different hobbies. Its weighted base prevents the lamp from tipping over even at strange heights. Its adjustable cover also allows you to change the brightness and angle of the light.

V-LIGHT Magnifier lamp


5. MagniPros Handheld Magnifying Glass with LED Lights

If you want magnification and brightness without a lamp, this is the perfect option for you. This extra large, rectangular magnifying glass is ideal for looking at small print and other details. It magnifies items to 3X, so you can easily view them from farther away. Even with the huge lens, it just weighs 7 ounces, so your hand will not get tired. At each of the four corners is a bright LED light, and you can turn the lights to two different brightness settings.

MagniPros magnifier lamp


4. Nova Magnifying Lamp Workbench Light

This sleek design is extremely versatile thanks to the swinging arm and adjustable swivel. The lense head can rotate up to 360 degrees from left to right and up to 180 degrees from up to down. This allows you to magnify from any position. The magnification lens itself is very strong with its 5x diopter magnification. There is a protective cover you can flip over the lense to prevent scratching when not in use. Depending on the option you select, you can either attach the lamp to the side of the desk or get a floor lamp that rolls along to whatever position you need.

Nova Microdermabrasion Daylight Clamp Magnifying Lamp


3. Carson DeskBrite200 LED Lamp

The Carson desk lamp is perfect when you just want some simple magnification and brightness for reading or working on crafts. The two bright LED lights make it easy to see anything. Its flexible neck allows you to move around the lens to the most useful position. At just 2X diopter of magnification, the lamp provides a useful amount of low level vision aid. Just keep in mind it may not be useful if you need truly intense magnification. You can power the lamp with batteries if you do not want to bother with a cord, or you can just plug it into the wall.

Carson LED Magnifier Desk Lamp


2. Fancii Daylight LED Magnifying Lamp

View items clearly with this 3X strength magnification lamp. The small lamp clips easily onto any surface, and an adjustable neck lets you move it to the optimal position. It is powered with rechargeable batteries that give you up to six hours of battery life. The six LEDs around the edge of the lamp have three brightness levels which is quite convenient. However, you may need to exercise some caution because the clamp can scuff certain surfaces. Despite this issue, this lamp is still a useful choice for when you need a portable magnifying light.

Fancii Daylight LED Magnifying Lamp


1. Brightech LightView Magnifier Lamp

This lamp uses a 5 inch wide circular lens at 2.25 X magnification. It is attached to an adjustable swing arm that can swivel up to 360 degrees. Around the edge of the lamp are 56 miniature LED lights that provide plenty of brightness without causing heat. They will last for up to 100,000 hours. This lamp may not magnify as much as other lamps on our list, but the lower magnification is ideal for reading or stitching. It is made from heavy-duty aluminum with a thick clamp to attach the lam to your desk or table.

Brightech Light View PRO LED Magnifying Lamp



There are quite a few different styles on this list to serve different professionals in their activity. We declare the best magnifying lamp the Brightech Light View PRO LED model and the best handheld LED magnifying glass the MagniPros one. Nevertheless, the head magnifier from SE is also noteworthy, as is the Neon model thanks to its convenient design that basically removes the need for an assistant at times. Do you know other products that should have made our top?

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