If you have invested in a MacBook Pro computer, it is definitely important to keep it safe. MacBook Pro cases and covers prevent scratching or damage, and add style to your MacBook Pro; you can also choose a protective carrying cover if you are always on the run. After researching online ratings and reviews from verified customers, we gathered 10 options for the best MacBook Pro case, cover, and sleeve. We analyzed their durability, design, and how customizable they are.

10. Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case

These cases have a pleasant rubberized texture that feels both soft and silky without being too slippery. They have a hard shell interior to protect your laptop from any scratches and scuffs. There are 20 bright colors to choose from, and the Apple logo will shine through the case brightly. The vents and rubber feet along its bottom prevent slippage or overheating. Just keep in mind that these cases only fit perfectly on the older MacBook Pro models.

Kuzy macbook pro case


9. Broonel Heavy Duty leather Protective Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro

Broonel’s case is essentially a protective cover, carrying case, and laptop stand all in one, so it is definitely worth the higher price. Soft, high-end leather makes the outside look aesthetically appealing, and a microfiber interior provides extra cushioning. Your laptop will be secure thanks to the inner corner attachments and the dual zipper along the edge. The flip out stand positions your Macbook in an ergonomic position when you need to use it. Along the outside is a business card holder, making this the best MacBook Pro case for business users.

bronel macbook pro leather case


8. iDoo Matte Rubber Coated Hard Case for MacBook Pro

iDoo specializes in trendy Macbook covers, so you can find all the most stylish prints and colors like millennial pink. Their designs are fully vented and allow complete port access. With a two part snap on design, you can easily take the cover on and off to suit your needs. The case is transparent enough to show the Apple logo, but it is also thick enough to protect the surface of your laptop.

iDOO macbook pro hard case


7. i-Blason Heavy Duty Dual Layer Cover

These covers for the 13-inch MacBook Pros are perfect for clumsier owners who need a lot of protection. iBlason has engineered shock absorbing ridges and beveled edges to protect the computer during any fall. Along the outside is the impact resistant cover, and then this is lined with an anti-scratch protector. All of this protection does not get in the way of the many holes for port access that allow you to charge your computer or use headphones without removing your case. A latch will hold your MacBook closed when it is not in use. In our opinion, this is the best heavy-duty MacBook Pro case.

iBlason heavy duty macbook pro case


6. Mosiso Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13 With Retina

Mosiso makes their hard cases with durable and flexible polycarbonate that protects your computer from scratches and provides some cushioning during falls. Along the bottom are two rows of air vents to avoid overheating and four rubber feet to prevent slipping. It comes in over 30 colors and finishes, so you can select your favorite color and make your computer stand out. A matching keyboard cover and screen protector are included with your purchase for additional protection. Mosiso provides a one year warranty for the case and keyboard cover, so you do not need to worry about it breaking soon.

Mosiso macbook pro plastic case


5. Fintie MacBook Pro Retina Case

This is a solid budget choice if you want some sort of colorful pattern on your MacBook Pro. The Fintie MacBook Pro cases come in many appealing designs, such as poppies or marble streaks. It also has a circle cut out in the center, so your Apple logo will show up through the case. There are plenty of vents, so the laptop will not overheat while in the case. The interior is a hard polycarbonate shell to protect the laptop, while the outside is a synthetic leather texture. Although it’s the second best-rated case on this list, we declare the Fintie model the best MacBook Pro case for its design since the pattern options are exquisite.

Fintie ultra slim macbook pro case


4. KEC MacBook Pro Retina 13 Inch Case

KEC’s covers are ideal for people who have a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina and mostly want a protective case that looks aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from many appealing designs, including mandalas, galaxies, oceans, watercolors, and glitter. The outside texture is a rubberized surface that prevents slipping and repels smudges or stains. There are also plenty of vents along the bottom to prevent overheating, and the design makes it quite easy to install on your Macbook Pro. You can see the Apple logo through the cut out on the case. This is the best MacBook Pro case according to ratings from verified customers.

KEC macbook pro hard shell cover


3. Tomtoc Drop-proof Laptop Sleeve

Tomtoc creates a sleeve that keeps your MacBook safe whether you are carrying it or storing it in a backpack. The soft foam interior prevents scratches, while the extra padding and reinforced corners help to prevent breakage if you drop your computer. In addition to the shockproof sponge, the outside has a spill-resistant surface to keep your computer safe from liquids. It comes in multiple sizes, so you can easily find one for most versions of the MacBook Pro. You can also pick from four different colors. The side-mounted pocket even gives you storage for chargers and other laptop accessories. This is the best MacBook Pro sleeve according to online ratings and reviews from verified customers.

Tomtoc macbook pro sleeve


2. Inateck Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro Retina Sleeve Case

Inateck has created a sleek case that makes it easy to transport your laptop thanks to the handle along the top. There are five layers of protection, including two layers of foam, so your laptop will be cushioned against bumps. The interior is made of a soft velvet that protects from scratching. All of this protection is coated in a liquid proof, wear-resistant fabric that can protect from spills and rain. This case will fit laptops that are between 13 and 14.6 inches in size. You can store phones, pencils, and chargers in the outer pocket on the bag.

Inateck macbook pro sleeve bag


1. ProCase MacBook Pro 12 Protective Sleeve/Bag

This model is specifically intended for the newest versions of the MacBook Pro, both with and without a touch bar. It is very lightweight, at just 8 ounces, but it is still hard enough to protect from scrapes or scratches. The case is designed to give access to all the ports, so you do not have to remove it when you need to charge your laptop or plug in accessories. ProCase offers both solid colors and patterns, so you have a lot of variety to choose from. The product comes with a silicon keyboard cover skin and is the best MacBook Pro sleeve/bag hybrid.

ProCase macbook pro sleeve

Note: If you’re looking for something with a little more spare room, we recommend one of the entries in our list of the best laptop backpacks of 2019.


Although all these models will protect your laptop, our research suggests the best MacBook Pro case is the KEC Retina model. The best MacBook Pro sleeve/bag is the one from ProCase, but the one from Inateck is a reliable choice, too. Tomtoc seems to have the highest-rated laptop sleeve. Do you have other entries to add to this top?

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