A headlamp can be an excellent way to brighten up dark areas while keeping your hands free. Though mostly associated with cave exploring, headlamps can also be useful for hiking, emergency car maintenance, or camping. Lightweight LED bulbs help to make these lamps more comfortable and effective. In our guide to the top ten headlamps of 2019, we will rank them based on how long the battery lasts, how bright the light is, and how well they actually fit. Keep reading to find the best LED headlamp for your needs.

10. Energizer Vision LED Headlamp

Energizer’s headlamp is a simple yet durable design that works for many different situations. It is both water resistant and drop resistant. You can pick from four different modes, including a spot light, a floodlight, and a red night vision mode. These modes can be dimmed to save power when desired. The headlamp runs on batteries made by Energizer which are included with your purchase.

energizer led headlamp

9. Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

At just 2.6 ounces, the Shining buddy headlamp is very lightweight. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included with your purchase. The LED lights along the front of the headlamp can be turned to a high beam, low beam, red beam, or red strobe mode when desired. These long lasting bulbs will keep working for up to 100,000 hours. You can swivel the lamp down by 45 degrees to adjust the angle of the light for walking or working. Unfortunately, the single strap design may cause the headlamp to slide down for some head shapes.

shining buddy led headlamp

8. iZeeker LED Headlamp

This adjustable lamp can be made small enough to fit a child or large enough to stretch over a hard hat. It has a molded frontispiece that keeps the lamp from digging into the forehead while you wear it. The lamp is waterproof and heatproof, so you can wear it in all settings. A collection of three LED bulbs provide 6000 lumen of light at four different settings. You can adjust the side bulbs position to view different areas easily. The iZeeker headlamp is rechargeable, and a single charge lasts up to 12 hours.

izeeker led headlamp

7. Loyalfire LED Headlamp

This headlamp is made from a mixture of aluminum and rubber, so it is both lightweight and durable. The superbright LED bulbs are set in a weather resistant housing that lets you use the lamp even in rain or snow. You can set the bulbs to four different flashing modes and four different lighting modes. It can also be zoomed in or out for different brightness widths. Each headlamp is individually tested, so you can be confident that it works. It comes with rechargeable batteries that provide hours of light with each charge.

loyalfire led headlamp

6. LuminoLite Ultra Bright Water Resistant Headlamp

LuminoLite’s headlamp comes with multiple settings, including red and white shades and strobe modes. With just three AAA batteries, the LED light will remain powered for days. Even with batteries inserted, this water-resistant and lightweight design is only 2.6 ounces. The stretchy strap can be further adjusted with buckles to fit the unique shape of your head. You can pivot the lamp’s beam up or down by 45 degrees to let you see your surroundings better. This lamp is a solid choice for those who just want a simple and long lasting headlamp.

luminolite led headlamp

5. CrazyFire Best LED Headlamp

This bright headlamp is set with an LED light that has a 1600 lumen brightness. You can set it on a high, low, or strobe brightness depending on your needs. Both the horizontal and vertical head straps are adjustable for maximum comfort. In order to power the headlamp, you just need three AAA batteries. The waterproof feature of this lamp allows you to use it in all types of weather. If you are going to use this led headlamp for sporting activities, you should also check out our list of the best wireless headphones for running!

crazyfire led headlamp

4. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

The Foxelli headlamp is recommended for those who do not like a strap going over the top of their head. Its headband is made from lightweight elastic that can be adjusted to fit most head shapes. The lamp portion is waterproof, and its IPX5 rating means that even splashes or sprays from various angles will not damage the light. Super bright LED technology creates a beam of light that can reach up to 60 meters. This lamp has several different light modes in both red and white light, and you can tilt the lamp at a 45-degree angle.

foxelli led headlamp

3. GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes LED Headlamp

The GRDE LED headlamp has many versatile modes and a double strap design for additional security. It can be turned on low, medium, or strobe, and you can zoom the lamp to focus on different distances. It is also adjustable, so you can change the angle of the light. This purchase includes a wall charger, USB charging cable, and car charger, so you can recharge your headlamp from anywhere. The superbright LED bulbs can go up to 1800 lumens depending on lighting mode, and they last up to 100,000 hours.

grde led headlamp

2. MsForce Brightest and Best LED Headlamp

Even in pitch darkness, the MsForce headlamp lets you see up to 200 yards away. Three high performance LED bulbs with a brightness of 6,000 lumens are set into the headpiece. It fits across the head with an ergonomic design that has dual straps. The light can be rotated 90 degrees in any direction, so you can light up areas without turning your head. It also has a zoom capability that lets you set the lamp as either a focused spotlight or wide floodlight.

msforce led headlamp

1. Lighting EVER Headlamp

The double strap design of this headlamp helps to ensure that it fits comfortably and securely. Since it is just 2.85 ounces, the adjustable LED lamp will not put strain on your head. With four different lighting modes to choose from, including a flashing red mode for emergencies, you have a lot of different options. This is the best LED headlamp as it is waterproof with an IP44 rating that means it is protected against all angles of splashing. It runs on easily accessible AAA batteries that provide enough power for the beam to reach 20 feet.

lighting led headlamp


All the LED headlamps on this list are made with comfortable designs, bright lights, and durable materials. You can use them to walk your dog, go hiking, set up a campsite, or work in the evenings. Which one have you tried? Let us know in the comments section below!

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