Ladders are one of the most universally used tools which can be found in almost any workshop. From individual use to commercial and business use, ladders have endless advantages and practical uses. Here is a list of the 10 best ladders, each chosen for their price to quality ratio and overall customer satisfaction. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical list of high quality products with a clear overview including uses, features,  and technical specs like the product’s weight and maximum supported weight, their maximum height, materials, and size when folded. You will definitely find the best ladder for you here.

10. Finether Multi-Extension Ladder

finether folding ladder

Finether Multi-Extension Ladder features several different adjustable functions such as trestle, work platform, and stair ladder. This ladder is constructed with a rust-proof, aluminum allow material and earned the Certificate of European Safety thanks to the safety locking hinges. Most satisfied customers citing the ladder’s durability and functionality as its best features.

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  • Very solid, secure, yet lightweight
  • Very versatile


  • The hinge latches are a bit difficult to operate
  • The flat metal treads have sharp edges

9. RRT Multipurpose Ladder

rrt folding aluminum ladder

This RRT Ladder is built with specially treated aluminum alloy which is anodized to prevent corrosion. With a multi-purpose design, this ladder can be used as a standard a-frame ladder, a scaffolding latter and much more. It has also received the European Standard Safety certificate thanks to its sturdy construction and smart hinges.

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  • Easy and compact storage
  • Very versatile


  • The hinges can be a bit noisy
  • Takes a while to extend it from its storage position

8. VonHaus Folding Stepladder

vonhaus steel folding ladder

The VonHaus Folding Stepladder was designed for smaller and more compact projects and is made with easy transportation and storage in mind. It is constructed of strong power coated steel and features 4 wide steps that are covered with gripped treads to prevent slipping. The four feet also include slip-resistant rubber covers.

[table id=169 /]


  • Very compact when folded down
  • Depending on your height, your shins can hit the steps while climbing it


  • Does not come with clear instructions
  • The lock latch is difficult to use and can fall off

7. Vulcan Multi Task Ladder

vulcan multi task ladder

The Vulcan multi-task ladder has 31 possible configurations including step ladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, wall ladder, and scaffold frames. The hinges have a patented design that increases the safety and ease of use for this ladder. It has flared rails which increases the stability of this product and is also made from aircraft-grate materials. If you are looking for a versatile product, this is the best ladder for you.

[table id=170 /]


  • Very sturdy and safe design
  • Compact when folded and lightweight


  • The rubber can leave marks on walls or flooring
  • Not made in the USA

6. Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

ohuhu telescopic ladder

The Ohuhu telescopic ladder is the best ladder for those with little storage space. The steps on this ladder snap in place when extended using a smart and safe locking mechanism. In addition, it also features plastic pillars between each step that prevent pinching when folding it down. It’s definitely one of the best designs for a ladder and one that will probably be replicated by other companies, too.

[table id=171 /]


  • Great futuristic design that is developed for convenience
  • The most compact ladder in this top when folded down
  • Very sturdy


  • The top rung can be faulty in some designs (very rare)

Note: Ohuhu is a well-known manufacturer among those who prefer to do their own handiwork and since you’re here we assume you do, too. Check out the Ohuhu snow rake as well as those who scored more among customers on this list of the best snow roof rakes of the year.

5. Little Giant Alta One (Model 22)

little giant aluminum ladder

The Little Giant Alta One is able to be used as a scaffolding system, an adjustable ladder, a stair-case ladder and even more with its dynamic telescoping sides and hinge locks. It is OSHA and ANSI-compliant and we assume this is mostly due to the smart triple-locking hinge that makes it one of the safest ladders on this list. Most users are impressed with how versatile the ladder is when adjusting it for different projects.

[table id=172 /]


  • OSHA and ANSI-compliant – very safe and sturdy
  • Can be safely used on stairs


  • Heavier than other products on this list

4. Werner Fiberglass Stepladder

werner fiberglass ladder

This Werner Stepladder comes with a holster top equipped with an accessory system that locks in and secures tools. The heavy duty internal spreaders lock when extended to ensure the ladder remains stable and secure. To keep the ladder from sliding, there are riveted foot pads on the feet of the ladder. In addition, the steps feature double riveted rubber traction-treads to reduce the chances of slipping while using the ladder.

[table id=173 /]


  • Comes with lots of useful features like a paint can hook
  • Very strong construction


  • Heavier than some others

3. Louisville Fiberglass Ladder

louisville fiberglass ladder

This Louisville Fiberglass Ladder features a simpler A-frame ladder design for more practical projects. There is a thick rubber tread on the bottom of all the ladders feat to ensure a slip-resistant and sturdy grip. Steel rivets are constructed to reinforce each step to maximize strength and weight bearing capacity. Many customers agree that the ladder is well constructed and sturdy, but limited in its versatility.

[table id=174 /]


  • Very sturdy, has impressive stability
  • The rubber on the feet of the ladder do not scratch or leave marks on flooring


  • The steps could be wider

2. Cosco Signature Series Stepladder

cosco step ladder

The Cosco Stepladder features a patented and lightweight aluminum boxed frame. When folded, there is a security lock and handle to make it easier to carry. Each step includes a tread, slip-resistant design. This ladder also features project trays to conveniently hold tools and other equipment such as paper towels and paint. A majority of customers praise the ladder’s stability and height and, according to our criteria, it’s the second best ladder on this list.

[table id=175 /]


  • Easy to carry thanks to the handle lock
  • Very lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy and stable overall


  • Some parts might seem flimsy

1. Flip-N-Lite Stepladder

flip n lite step ladder

The Flip-N-Lite Stepladder was designed to be lightweight and portable and folds in one simple motion. Another feature of this Flip-N-Lite ladder is the wide platform at the top of the ladder for extra stability and room. This ladder is designed with industrial grade aluminum and has 4 wide, comfortable steps including the top platform. It’s hands down the best ladder available for online purchase in 2019.

[table id=176 /]


  • Very lightweight ladder
  • Wide and stable platform


  • Doesn’t have a latch to lock it open


We hope you got something valuable from this list of the best ladders reviews. According to their specs, the best ladder is the Flip-n-lite one, but the Cosco and the Louisville are also reliable choices. Share your thoughts about this list and any additional information that you may have. Also, please tell us if there is another product that is not on this list that you think deserves to be.

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