A good set of kitchen knives does not need to break your budget entirely. In fact, there are quite a number of brands that offer affordable and reliable kitchen knives, which are guaranteed to improve your cooking experience and save you a considerable amount of money. Due to the numerous messages we’ve received from our readers, we’ve decided to do review the best kitchen knife set under $100 based on their materials, storage options, durability, and practicality.

Our List of the Best Knife Set Under $100

10. Farberware Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set

Farberware Self-Sharpening 13-Piece Knife Block Set with EdgeKeeper...
  • EDGEKEEPER TECHNOLOGY: Each primary slot features a built-in knife Ceramic sharpener that automatically hones the...
  • HIGH-QUALITY BLADES: Each knife features a high-carbon, stainless steel blade which ensure the knife retains its...
  • ELEGANT HANDLES: Each handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and feature a brushed, semi-matte finish

The Farberware self-sharpening knife block set contains 11 knives, a pair of all-purpose shears, and a storage block.

Each slot in the storage block hones the knife as you remove it or replace it. The Farberware set comes with a basic chef knife and santoku, and it also includes steak knives and paring knives. Furthermore, each knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel, which means they are stain and corrosion resistant.


  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Also includes  kitchen shears
  • Steel handles for added durability


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • May require additional sharpening

9. Oster Baldwyn Brushed Satin Cutlery Block Set

Oster Baldwyn High-Carbon Stainless Steel Cutlery Knife Block Set,...
  • 14-Piece Set Includes: (6) 4.5" Steak Knives and (1) Each: 6.5" Santoku | 8" Carving and Bread | 5" Utility | 3.5"...
  • Precision Stamped High-Carbon Stainless Steel Construction for Durability and Quality
  • Superior Fine Edges for Smooth Cutting and Slicing

This 22 piece set comes with almost every knife shape you would ever need. You get multiple sizes of chef’s knives, a Santoku, a carving knife, paring knives, and a bread knife. It also has a carving fork, kitchen shears, and a knife sharpening tool. If you love minimalist, modern designs, this is the best kitchen knife set under $100 you could get.


  • Elegant brushed satin finish on handles compliments kitchen decor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic comfort-designed handles
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Steak knives have unusually thick handles

8. LivingKit Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

LivingKit Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Set Block 14 Piece For...
  • HIGH QUALITY Kitchen Knife Set - Exclusive Taper Grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for precise cutting...
  • BLADES MATERIAL - Knife Blades Are Made From 420 Grade 3Cr14 Stainless Steel. The Following Formula Is A Break Down In...
  • VALUE SET - 14-piece kitchen knife set includes 8" chef's knife, 8" slicing knife, 8" bread knife, 5" utility knife, and...

The blade of the knife extends throughout the handles, which are triple-riveted together, so these knives are quite sturdy. With this kit, you get five cooking knives, six steak knives, kitchen shears, and a sharpener.


  • Very sharp blades when purchased
  • Small storage block doesn’t take up much space
  • Includes chef’s knife, bread knife, and slicing knife
  • Extremely strong shears


  • Requires frequent sharpening

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7. Utopia Kitchen Premium Knife Set

Each one of these knives is made from a single piece of stainless steel, so the knife won’t snap off at the handle. In addition to six steak knives, you also get a chef knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, paring knife, as well as an Acrylic stand. If design is important to you, this is the best kitchen knife set under $100 you could get this year.


  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Stylishly see-through clear acrylic stand
  • Well-balanced cooking knives


  • Not dishwasher safe

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6. AmazonBasics Knife Set

Amazon Basics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with High-Carbon...
  • 14-piece set includes (11) knives, (1) pair kitchen scissors/shears and (1) knife sharpener neatly stored within (1)...
  • Knives include: (1) 8-inch chef's knife, (1) 8-inch slicing knife, (1) 8-inch bread knife, (1) 5.5-inch utility knife,...
  • Superior high-carbon stainless-steel blades for precision results

This 14-piece knife set includes 11 stainless-steel knives, one pair of scissors, one pinewood block, and a wood block. This sturdy and affordable set from the AmazonBasics line of home furnishings contains most basic knife types, however, their chef’s knife has a particularly nice shape; it is curved enough to cut in a convenient rocking motion.


  • Sharpener included with kit
  • Triple-riveted handles for extra strength


  • Wooden storage block is easily scratched
  • No medium sized knives

5. Den Haven Multi-Use Knife Set

Kitchen Knife Set Chef Knives - 8pc Gift Knive Sets - Stainless Steel...
  • 8 PIECE STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE SET: Form meets function with this colorful 8 piece knife set.
  • 8 PIECE STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE SET: Form meets function with this colorful 8 piece knife set.
  • 8 PIECE STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE SET: Form meets function with this colorful 8 piece knife set.

This set includes 7 kitchen knives made of stainless steel, plus an ergonomic peeler, all with easy grip handles. Each knife is designed for different purposes. The package includes the following: a chef knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, a carving knife, a paring knife, a cheese knife, and a pizza knife. If you like playful colors and utility, this is the best kitchen knife set under $100 you could get as it’s easy to differentiate between them.


  • Colored handles make it easy to grab the correct knife
  • Non-stick coating makes knives easier to clean
  • Affordable and lightweight


  • Does not come with storage container
  • Requires regular sharpening

Are you looking for more advice on choosing the best knives for your kitchen? Take a look at our extensive buying guide below!

4. Cusinart Stainless Steel Block Set

Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set
  • Superior high carbon stainless steel blades for precision and accuracy
  • Strong, durable bolster for perfect stability and control. Lightweight knives that slice, carve, and chop
  • Ergonomically designed stainless steel handle provides comfort

In addition to the standard chef, Santoku, and serrated knives, this set from Cuisinart also has a sharpening steel tool and kitchen shears. A thick bolster provides security and control while using each knife and the ergonomically designed steel provides extra comfort while chopping and slicing.


  • Comes with six steak knives
  • High carbon stainless steel holds blade sharpness
  • Single piece construction provides durability


  • Knives may be too lightweight for some preferences
  • Not dishwasher safe

3. Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set, 18 Pieces, Stainless...
  • 3.25" parer, 3" peeler, 5" utility, 8 4.25" steak knives, 7.75" chef, 8" slicer, 7.75" bread, 5" partoku, 7" santoku, 8"...
  • Professional high carbon stainless steel forged blades with black comfort grip poly handles
  • Exclusive taper grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for precise cutting and is easy to re sharpen

This 18-piece kitchen knife set from Chicago Cutlery is made of high-carbon steel blades with poly handles and are constructed with taper grind edge technology which ensures their durability. The Chicago Cutlery knife set includes a peeling knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, a slicer, chef, bread, partoku, santoku, and steak knives. Of course, the wooden block is also included; the set also comes with a sharpening steel.


  • Can hold an edge even with heavy repeated use
  • Have good grip and maneuverability
  • Very sharp right out of the box


  • Not dishwasher-safe

2. Aicok Kitchen Knife Set

No products found.

The Aicok kitchen knife set contains five knives made of high-carbon stainless steel, along with a wooden stand. Though there are only a few knives in this set, each one is a quality kitchen instrument. The comfortable grips are riveted onto the tang of the knife, which extends throughout the handle. Each set includes a chef knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife. The second best kitchen knife set under $100 is designed in Germany and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Each blade forged from a single piece of steel
  • Compact stand for easy storage
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Lacks steak knives
  • Not suitable for dishwashing; can only be hand-cleaned

1. J.A. Henckels International Block Set

HENCKELS Definition 12-pc Kitchen Knife Set with Block, Chef Knife,...
  • SET INCLUDES: 3-inch Paring Knife, 5-inch Serrated Utility Knife, 8-inch Bread Knife, 5-inch Hollow Edge Santoku, 8-inch...
  • QUALITY MANUFACTURING: Fabricated from high-quality stainless steel
  • DURABLE BLADES: Single-piece, precision-stamped blade construction provides durability

J.A. Henckels lives up to their reputation for quality construction with this set. Each blade is made from a single piece of precision stamped steel with a grippable handle riveted onto it. The set contains 9 kitchen knives, a pair of kitchen shears, sharpening steel, and a hardwood knife block. This is, by far, the best kitchen knife set under $100 available for online purchase this year.


  • Comes with shears and sharpener
  • Includes both santoku and chef’s knives
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle design


  • A bit expensive
  • The knife stand is slightly bulky

How to Properly Care and Handle Budget Kitchen Knives

Modern manufacturing technology has greatly improved the quality of low budget kitchen knives, however, cheaper cutlery will still never last as long as higher priced kitchen knives. Although this is the case, taking some minimal care and maintenance of your knife set will ensure that your knives last for years. Here are our tips on how to properly maintain and handle your budget kitchen knife set:

1. Avoid Chopping Things That Are Frozen

This can often result in a chipped or rolled knife blade and will also dull the blade very quickly. Frozen items are better to be cut with a cleaver.

2. Do Not Wash Your Knives in the Dishwasher

This can result in some rust spots on the knives and the vibrations of the dishwasher can dull the blade quite quickly. This is especially true if they are in a cutlery basket along with other silverware and utensils. If you do decide to wash some of your knives in the dishwasher, then you should dry them immediately and you should use a honing rod to ensure the blade returns to its optimal sharpness.

3. Avoid Storing Knives in a Drawer

If your knives have individual sheaths or guards then they will be fine to be stored in a drawer. However, the wooden block which usually comes with knife sets is the essential way to store your knives. If you do end up having to store your knives in a drawer then it is best to get individual guards or sheaths for them to avoid blade dulling and accidental cuts.

4. Use a Honing Rod Regularly

To ensure that your knives maintain their optimal sharpness, use of a honing rod on a regular basis is essential. This will ensure that your knives retain their edge and will result in them performing well for years.

5. Sharpen Your Knives

Sharpening your knives should be done at least twice a year if you use them on a daily basis. This ensures that they stay at their optimal sharpness and will perform at their best when in use. If you use your knives less regularly, then sharpening may only need to be done once a year.


As you can see, there are many different kitchen knife sets available for under $100. When making your decision, be sure to consider your budget and cooking habits in order to determine which one of these top sets works best for you. Our personal favorite as the best kitchen knife set under $100 is the J. A. Henckels set, but you couldn’t go wrong with any other product on this list.

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