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10 Best Jansport Backpacks for Travelers

The Jansport Backpack collection provides excellent all-around backpacks, suitable for a wide range of purposes, from school backpacks to travel, hiking, and moving stuff around.

Good backpacks are defined by strong stress-resistant straps, resistant waterproof fabric, a high-quality zipper, and plenty of storage space, without making the bag too cumbersome. Jansport backpack options are great at achieving these standards and have a tradition of being top of the line on the market. Thus, here are the 10 best Jansport backpack choices of 2016.

10. JanSport Superbreak Backpack

JanSport Superbreak Backpack

Versatile and efficient, the JanSport SuperBreak backpack can be used for almost any light transport task, from textbooks to groceries. A decently good-looking bag, it will serve its purpose well regardless of whether you’re a first-year student or just starting to work. The main reasons for this are its comfortable shoulder straps, which make it easy to carry even when full. A very good multi-purpose backpack.

9. JanSport Half Pint Classic Daypack

JanSport Half Pint Classic Daypack

A wonderful little bag, very useful for brief trips and city breaks. It has just enough space to carry various essentials around without becoming too much of an encumbrance. The bag combines great size with a high-quality fabric and an organizer for small objects. The perfect choice for people in need of a smaller-than-usual bag, the Jansport daypack is a must-have in the house.

8. JanSport Women’s Classic Mainstream Half Pint Backpack

JanSport Half Pint Classic Daypack Multi Floral

A beautiful small backpack for ladies, the Jansport Women’s Classic is ideal for using in lieu of your standard purse. A perfect casual Friday or shopping trip companion, this small bag will allow you to carry your essential around comfortably and securely. In addition, this Jansport backpack also comes with a nice floral model.

7. Jansport Mesh Back Pack

Jansport Mesh Back Pack

The Jansport mesh backpack is the perfect choice for going to the gym and/or any other physically soliciting activity. The main utility of the mesh body is air circulation, which prevents clothes from becoming stale in the brief period between training and putting them in the washing machine. Though the design is not for everyone, this a very useful sports’ bag which will serve you well when going to the gym.

6. Trans by Jansport Supermax Multi Blue Cosmos

Jansport Supermax Multi Blue Cosmos

The Blue Cosmos Jansport Backpack is an ideal choice for scholars and academics constantly who carry books around from one place to another, as the bag is specially designed for this very purpose. As such, it has reinforced shoulder straps to handle the extra weight, alongside special soft pads to prevent your shoulders from becoming sore. The bag also has a lateral water bottle holder and makes for a great overall tool to ease your campus life.

5. JanSport Right Pack Originals Backpack Navy

JanSport Right Pack Backpack

The Navy Jansport Backpack adds extra elegance and size, making it a great travel bag for extended trips or vacations. Its suede leather bottom ensures great insulation from the elements, as does the special, waterproof, fabric in the rest of the bag. In addition to being water-resistant, the Navy Jansport Backpack also comes equipped with an internal sleeve to fit your laptop in, which also provides extra protection from shocks. A very good choice if you’re looking for a big, sturdy bag to keep in the long run.

4. JanSport Unisex Big Student

JanSport Big Student Backpack

The Jansport Big Student Backpack is a reliable bag, which combines a lot of space (2 internal compartments), with high-quality fabric, a reinforced back panel for extra comfort and ergonomic shoulder straps. Its two internal compartments allow you to better organize your stuff, while the high quality of the materials makes the bag extremely reliable in a wide variety of environments (protection from rain and wind for instance). A backpack of superior quality, suitable for any age and sex.

3. JanSport Hatchet Backpack

JanSport Hatchet Backpack

When we’re talking about the Jansport Hatchet Backpack, we’re talking real pro backpacks, which will not let you down even in the hardest of circumstances. The Hatchet Jansport backpack has a deluxe organizer panel, which includes a special place for your phone, a voluminous compartment with more internal pockets, and a special protective sleeve, which you can use for either a large water bottle or a laptop. A great overall bag, which you can buy on Amazon right now.

2. Jansport Cool Student Backpack

Jansport Cool Student Backpack

This Jansport backpack is truly impressive, both in terms of actual utility and in terms of elegance and design. The bag is made from special water-proof fabric and will protect books and documents in any weather. In addition, it is also very spacious and thus a perfect choice for a student carrying books/a laptop around all day. Finally, it is also very elegant and you can carry it around regardless of whether you’re wearing jeans or a suit and tie.

1. JanSport Right Pack Expressions Backpack

JanSport Men's Right Pack Expressions Backpack

Sheer versatility, resistance, and cost-efficiency have brought this Jansport backpack at the top of our list. It is accessible in terms of money and provides everything you could possibly want from a backpack: resistance, space, high-quality zipper, hidden pockets, and a laptop sleeve. The fact that you can use this backpack for almost anything, including outdoors activities such as hiking, give it a universal utility which truly makes it the very best Jansport backpack.

Best JanSport Backpack – The Bottom Line

Jansport stands true to its tradition of providing high-quality backpacks at accessible prices and continues to come forward with models which satisfy every possible customer need in terms of backpacks. One of these 10 best Jansport backpacks will surely provide you with exactly what you need in terms of backpacks for the times to come.

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