Having an iPhone is normally an excellent way of communicating and entertaining yourself, but it is rather useless if the battery dies. If you have lost or damaged the charger that came with your phone, it is definitely time for an upgrade. We will take a look at all the iPhone chargers on the market to find the best options. This article will take into account durability, affordability, and convenience to find the best iPhone chargers for every type of iPhone user.

10. Anker Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone

This is a solid, budget choice for someone who just wants a basic charger without any extra frills. It is certified by Apple, so you know that it will be completely compatible with all generations of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Anker has tested that the cord can last for over 4,000 bends without breaking, so the charger may last even longer than your iPhone. The only downside is that you will need a USB to wall plug converter if you want to charge your phone in a wall.

anker iphone charger best iphone chargers

9. LAX Gadgets iPhone Charger

LAX Gadgets makes a fun set of chargers for iPhone users who want a little more style in their charging accessories. Users can pick a basic grey shade or choose fun metallic colors like silver, gold, or pink. These chargers don’t just stand out due to their novelty colors. High-quality charging components ensure effective charging and a strong signal transfer. At the same time, these cables also have a durable and flexible braided exterior that is quite long lasting.

lax iphone charger best iphone chargers

8. Yunsong iPhone Charger

It can be a little hard to find iPhone chargers that actually contain both the USB cable and the wall plug adaptor, so the Yunsong charger definitely gets points for versatility. It also comes with multiple cables so you can keep them in different locations. The fast charging technology quickly charges your product, and at the same time, you do not have to worry about overheating or wasted electricity due to the Smart IC design.

yunsong iphone charger best iphone chargers

7. Danteng iPhone Charger 4 Pack

A huge pro for the Danteng charger is that it comes with multiple cord lengths, including three feet, six feet, and ten feet. This versatility lets you sit far away from an outlet or avoid tripping hazards with a more compact charger. The cables are made from thickened copper wiring to ensure fast charging, and it is wound with thick, nylon fibers that stand up to daily damage. As a USB charger, this set does require you to get a wall outlet converter.

danteng iphone charger best iphone chargers

6. Bullem iPhone Car Charger

No list of the best iPhone chargers of 2019 would be complete without a good car charger. The Bullem charger is a sturdy car charger that works with all generations of iPhones up to iPhone 6S. It plugs into any cigarette lighter and then charges your phone as you drive. The coiled cord design ensures that the cable will not get wrapped around your steering wheel or gear shift while you are busy on the road.

bullem iphone charger best iphone chargers

5. Onson iPhone Charger

Onson coats high-quality copper in a braided nylon coating to combine fast charging with a durable design. In addition to the six foot long cable, the charger has a wall plug converter to allow for versatile charging methods. The prongs of the charger flip up to make it more compact during travel. A huge advantage for this charger is that the wall plug has an extra USB slot. This means you can share the charger with a friend or charge two items at once. It not just one of the best iPhone chargers on the market, it’s also a great travel iPhone charger!

onson iphone charger best iphone chargers

4. Lightningfast Apple Certified Charger

The Lightningfast charger is ideal for those who just want a wall charger and do not care about connecting their phone to a computer. Instead of being a USB cable with an adaptor, this is a single piece, so you do not have to worry about losing the cable or the adaptor. The pins in the plug fold in, making storage easy and ensuring that pins will not get bent while the charger is stored. Apple has certified it as compatible with most iPhone and iOS systems, so you can be sure it works effectively.

Lightningfast iphone charger best iphone chargers

3. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning Cable

This Amazon made cable is designed specifically for iPhone users on a budget. It is a solid, affordable choice that is quite reliable. The cables have been tested to bend to 90 degrees 4,000 times, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart in your backpack or purse. This cable is certified by Apple to be completely compatible with iPhones, iPads, and even iPods. Unfortunately, it does not come with a converter to let you charge the phone from a wall outlet, even though it is compatible with wall charging converters.

amazon basics iphone charger best iphone chargers

2. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning Cable

Just like the previous cable on the list of best iPhone chargers in 2019, this cable is made by Amazon and certified as compatible by Apple. In addition to its impressive stats, this cable is made with a clever retractable design. Not only can you adjust cord length when needed, but you can also use the design to store the cable. This helps to ensure that you never have to worry about tangled charging cords again.

amazon basics retractable iphone charger best iphone chargers

1. Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Though there are a lot of other great products on the market, you just can’t beat the classic iPhone charger. It has a reversible design that makes it easy to plug in anywhere. The thick plastic coating insulates the cable and protects from any breakages. You can use it with any Apple USB power adapter, or it can be plugged in directly to a computer. At a little over 3 feet in length, the cord is long enough to be useful without becoming a tripping hazard. Its compact size make it one of the best iPhone chargers on the market, and a very portable iPhone charger as well!


Now that you know more about iPhone chargers, it will be easy to find one for you. The main thing to look for is a durable cord that will not break easily. Each list item belongs to many satisfied users, so you can be sure it’s a great choice. Is there anything we left out of our list of best iPhone chargers? Feel free to add in the comments!

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