Keeping your home insured is not only a commodity, it is a must these days. But finding the best homeowners insurance companies could be quite tricky as there are quite a few providers to choose from. In this article, we’re going to go through the best insurance companies out there and the main features they offer so that you can find the best insurance for your home.

We selected 10 companies that have affordable home insurance rates and attractive programs. Then, we rated them to give you an idea of what your options are. Take a look!

11. Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost Insurance Group is one of the best homeowner’s insurance company in California. It is the best option for homeowners who have been declined by other insurance providers. They offer excellent policies for high-risk homes, which is an important advantage. This brand should not be viewed as a last resort, as their insurance plans are well worth considering. Here are only some of the features they offer their clients:

  • Comprehensive property Coverage. Foremost will replace a wide variety of direct and accidental physical losses, provided that their official policy does not exclude them.
  • Liability Coverage. Foremost will provide coverage in the event that you are found liable for accidents involving people who do not reside in your home.
  • Peril Coverage. Foremost will provide coverage in the event of a number of situations referred to as “perils”, such as explosions, lightning, or fire, in accordance with the signed contract.
  • Replacement Cost. This feature is available in the Replacement Cost policy which ensures that clients have their items or properties replaced with new property or items of comparable quality.
  • Cash Value. Foremost will cover your costs to repair or even replace your damaged properties, in the event that your home gets destroyed by an insured loss.

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10. SafeCo Insurance

Safeco Insurance is one of the best homeowners insurance companies on the market because it offers its clients a wide variety of packages. They can also create personalized plans so that all of their needs are properly met. Here are some of the most important features offered by SafeCo:

  • SafeCo doesn’t only protect your home, but everything inside it as well, including you, your family, and even your guests.
  • If you happen to accidentally cause damage to a neighbor’s house or property, SafeCo’s got you covered.
  • SafeCo’s got you covered if one of your guests happens to get injured in your home.
  • If you want to repair or restore your home and you need to live somewhere else for a short period, SafeCo’s Additional Living Expenses feature will have you covered.

9. Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance offers its clients an excellent package meant to meet their specific needs. Like SafeCo, Progressive also includes special features to keep clients, as wells as their personal belongings safe and sound. They also provide special Hotel Expenses and Legal Fees packages meant to keep homeowners safe in a wide variety of situations. This makes them one of the best homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida.

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8. Erie Insurance

If you are looking for a comprehensive package for your home insurance, Erie can offer you some good deals. Their insurance policies include everything from home (be it a house, a condo or an apartment) and personal property coverage (including jewelry theft or that of other valuable objects) to temporary living expenses packs and special discounts. They provide some of the best homeowner’s insurance plans.

7. Nationwide

With an extensive experience in the insurance sector, Nationwide is one of the best homeowners insurance companies you can opt for. They offer tailor-made packages for residents of each state, as well as a wide range of attractive discounts. Here are the most important features this company offers:

  • Brand New Belongings Policy. Nationwide enables clients to replace their damaged belongings with brand new ones.
  • Superior Claims Service. Nationwide aims to help their clients recover their homes as fast as possible, in the event of a tragedy.
  • State-Based Home Insurance Quotes. Nationwide sets its home insurance quotes according to the state where the client resides so that they can provide the best possible rates.

6. Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance is one of the best homeowners insurance rates on the market because it offers its clients coverage for everything from rental and mobile homes to condos and all the way to farms.

Whichever type of property you may want to insure, you will have access to property coverage. You will also receive coverage for your personal belongings and identity theft features. Auto-Owners Insurance also offers special discounts to mature home owners and/or renters, buildings which are under construction, and clients looking to make multiple policies.

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5. MetLife

MetLife is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in the world. They offer coverage for a wide range of dangerous situations, including theft, fires, tornados, windstorms, and vandalism.

MetLife will provide homeowners with the money they need to repair or even rebuild their homes so that their lives can go to normal as soon as possible.

4. Travelers

Travelers is considered by may the best homeowners insurance company for green homes and living. Their strategy to discount homeowner insurance policies for customers with LEED-certified homes not only brought in a lot of business. It also made a lot of customers happy. And this isn’t the only reason why the decision to place Travelers on the 5th place and USAA on the 4th was tough.

The company offers its customers access to a series of discounts and gratuities, additional coverage, online claim reporting, and other convenient features. Some might say its lack of a mobile app or online insurance purchase might be a disadvantage, and we tend to agree for some cases. Nevertheless, Travelers offers a viable homeowners insurance policy for those who are into green living.


USAA is the only homeowners insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage for any type of home. They condos, townhomes, apartments, farms, mixed-use buildings, and mobile or prefabricated homes. This might be more than enough for some to call it the best homeowners insurance company in the US, but it only made the fourth place on our list.

The only quote they have below average is their introductory rate quote; all the other ones are well above the industry average. But despite the higher rates, their services are reliable and high-quality which the most important aspect for some customers.

3. State Farm

State Farm is out third choice because it has a longstanding reputation in the home insurance sector. The company also offers excellent rates to its customers. The company insures homeowners in the events of fires, windstorms, theft, vandalism, aircraft damage, riot or civil commotions, plumbing system freeze, falling objects, explosions, and many other situations. Their excellent policies make State Farm one of the best homeowners insurance companies out there.

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2. Best Homeowners Insurance Company Runner-Up – Amica

Amica is one of the best homeowners insurance companies because their main policy is to treat customers with respect. Their perils list features an extensive amount of circumstances. In addition, they also offer attractive discounts for clients looking to insure multiple properties or to merge their home and auto insurance policies.

Amica also offers discounts to clients who thrive to keep their homes safe by installing alarm systems or other special features. They offer personalized home insurance policies to make sure that each client has access to all the features necessary to keep his/her home properly covered.

1. Best Homeowners Insurance Company No. 1 – AllState

Allstate is our no. 1 choice for the Best Homeowners Insurance rates list because it is one of the most successful companies in the business. Its flawless reputation and the massive amount of satisfied clients ensure that Allstate is a reliable and fair insurer. They offer insurance plans for car and motorcycle owners, renters, and condo owners, as well as special plans for businesses and life insurance policies.

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By merging other Allstate insurance plans with the home plan, clients can gain access to special discounts and deductions. The basic Allstate home insurance plans feature complete peril coverage for the clients’ homes, as well as their personal belongings and liability charges.

For all the special features that clients want to add to their policies, they can create personalized plans. These include all the additional optional coverages they need to feel a little bit safer day by day.

We hope that our list of the best homeowners insurance companies has been of help. You should now be one step closer to finding the ideal provider for your needs. For more details, explore the company websites because you deserve to feel safe in your own home. Feel free to tell us about your experience in the comments sections. We look forward to hearing from you!

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