Himalayan salt lamps have become trendy because of their unique, rock-like appearance. Some also claim that the lamps improve overall air qualities as well as blood flow, sleep, and serotonin levels while also reducing asthma and allergy symptoms. Of course, any Himalayan salt lamp provides the same benefits, but not all salt lamps are equally appealing. This article presents the 10 best lamps of 2019; these Himalayan salt lamps are well made, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. We sorted the products according to their average customer rating in ascending order to the best Himalayan salt lamp.

10. Amethya Salt Lamp With Elegant Wood Base

Amethya’s Himalayan salt lamps tend to be slightly pinker than other companies, so they work well in rooms with pastel color schemes. The rock salt itself is nicely hand carved, and this lamp gets its spot on the list of top Himalayan salt lamps due to its wood base. The carved and polished wood glows beautifully in the light of the salt lamp. This lamp does make it easy to switch to a new bulb after you burn out the first, but unfortunately, there is no dimmer switch on the lamp.

Amethya himalayan salt lamp


9. HemmingWeigh Himalayan Crystal Hexagon Lamp

HemmingWeigh is known for their unusually shaped lamps. Instead of looking like a natural rock, they gently craft and polish the salt into more defined shapes. This lamp comes in hexagonal shape that is particularly stylish at the moment, so it is perfect for a person following the geometric trends of 2019. Unfortunately, the bulbs burn rather brightly, so it is not a good choice for someone who wants a very dim salt lamp.

HemingWeigh hand crafted himalayan salt lamp


8. WBM Himalayan Glow Lamp With Genuine Neem Wood Base

Each one of these lamps has a sturdy base made from Neem wood which is a wood known for repelling termites. The lamp has a dimmable switch, so you can decide how much you want your salt lamp to shine. The Himalayan salt is hand carved in Pakistan, and most of the lamps from WBM are made from a more amber-colored salt. Since each one is hand carved, the shape varies slightly. However, each lamp will be between 6 and 7 inches tall.

WBM himalayan salt lamp


7. Himalayan Salt Solution Lamp with Shiny Wooden Base

This lamp is handmade from Himalayan salt and mounted on a polished base made out of neem wood; it comes with a 6-feet standard cable and a 15W bulb. The most appreciated feature of this salt lamp is its dimmer switch, which allows you to also use it as a night light. Customers are happy with this lamp and note it provides the perfect amount of light for a bedside lamp. In addition, the color of its lighting is natural and easy on the eyes.

Himalayan Salt Solution handcrafted lamp


6. Crystal Decor Himalayan Salt Lamp in Metal Basket

These lamps are ideal for someone who wants the health benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp but prefers a more ornate design. Instead of just looking like a lump of salt, the Himalayan salt is embedded in a lovely metal basket. The salt in the lamp itself is hand-mined and carved into smooth shapes and includes a dimmable light for customized brightness. We think this is the best Himalayan salt lamp for offices and dining rooms thanks to its discreet design that fits any interior.

CRYSTAL DECOR himalayan salt lamp


5. Wuudi Mini Hand Carved Crystal Salt Light

This tiny little Himalayan salt lamp is ideal for people who want all the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps without adding a giant lamp to their decor. It can be plugged in to any outlet to provide a pleasing and subtle glow. Customers can choose either a natural looking lump or a hand carved cylinder, depending on their design needs. At just three inches high, this mini lamp is a cute addition to any room and is the best Himalayan salt lamp that also doubles as a night light.

wuudi himalayan salt lamp


4. Crystal Allies Gallery Himalayan Salt Basket Lamp

A more affordable option for someone who cannot afford a huge, hand-carved lump of salt is this adorable little basket. The durable, metal basket contains chunks of salt piled around a lamp for a unique and geological look. Though the lamp is made of smaller pieces, it still gives off the classic, warm glow that makes people love Himalayan salt lamps. Crystal Gallies has a 90 day money back guarantee which is nice because you can make sure you really like the lamp before deciding to keep it.

Crystal Allies Gallery himalayan salt lamp


3. Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp with Steel Base

Levoit mines their Himalayan rock salt from the western edges of the mountains in Pakistan. The lamp is outfitted with a safety-checked bulb and switch to avoid the overheating problems that come with some rock salt lamps. This lamp is also on the list due to its patented touch controlled dimmer that lets you adjust brightness easily, which makes it the best Himalayan salt lamp when it comes to its ease of use. Though the stainless steel base may not work in certain decor schemes, it does provide a sturdy and durable base for your salt lamp.

LEVOIT himalayan salt lamp


2. Mineralamp Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

These lamps are hand carved into a subtle teardrop shape The Mineralamp lamp also gets its high place on this list due to its base which is made of lovely, fine-grained Indian Rosewood. Its six foot power cord and dimmable switch let you choose the best location and brightness for your lamp. Just keep in mind that they range between 7.5 to 10 inches tall, so there may be some variation in the lamp you end up with.

Mineralamp himalayan salt lamp


1. Crystal Decor Hand Crafted Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Crystal Decor lamps are hand carved, so each one is completely unique. One of the great features of the Crystal Decor lamps is that you can actually choose your size, ranging from 6 inches to 13 inches high, instead of just picking a vague small or medium size. The bigger lamps weigh up to 25 pounds, so if you are looking for a bigger model, this is the best Himalayan salt lamp for you. A dimmable light switch allows you to adjust the lamp brightness to suit your needs, and the wood carved base matches any decor.

CRYSTAL DECOR hand crafted himalayan salt lamp



No matter the reason behind your search for a Himalayan salt lamp, you can find one on this list. According to ratings and reviews from verified customers, the best Himalayan salt lamp is the one from Crystal Decor. We also consider the Mineralamp and the Levoit reliable choices, depending on the style you’re going for, but our personal favorites when it comes to design are the ones from Crystal Allies Gallery and the Crystal Decor ones. What’s your favorite?

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