Whether you have kids or throw parties all the time, you need to invest in a gun safe. As a gun owner, you are obligated both morally and legally, in some cases, to make sure your firearms don’t find their way into untrained hands and cause accidents or even deaths. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s a very real statement. Luckily, most gun owners are responsible and keep their guns secured.

You may use other methods to keep your guns safe like removing the action or using a trigger lock, but a gun safe offers many additional benefits those methods can’t provide. See our section on the reasons to invest in a gun safe for more details. For now, let’s look into finding the best gun safe that fits all your needs and guns.

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How We Chose the Gun Safes on Our List

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We let the opinions of people that own the safes on our list carry a lot of weight during the decision process. They use the gun safes and understand them better than anyone else. They’ve found all the strengths and weaknesses for us. However, we needed a lot of other criteria to make good choices and find the best investment for you.

We considered everything that might make one gun safe a little better than its competitors, and we looked into the materials used to manufacture them. The short list of the things we considered include the following list in no particular order:

  • Weight
  • Capacity
  • Overall size
  • Accessibility
  • Fire rating

The gun safe’s weight and size didn’t really affect our decisions since smaller safes designed for handguns weigh much less than a large safe built to hold 30 long guns. However, we did consider the weight of the safe compared to others in its class. For instance, a handgun safe made to hold two handguns must be easy to move around the room or travel with, so it should be somewhat lightweight.

The interior volume of the case is essential, but it only matters to you since you know how many firearms you need to put in there. We don’t have this information, so this part is solely in your hands. That said, most of the gun safes we chose that hold multiple weapons got selected because of the way they hold the guns. Some cheaper gun safes claim they hold ten pieces, but you have to cram them into the safe.

Again, the overall size is dependent on your needs. You can’t hide a 20-gun capacity safe in a kitchen cabinet, but gun safes don’t need to be massive to hold 10 or 20 weapons. Some safes are just monsters that don’t offer a lot of interior volume because they focus on protecting your guns from a nuclear blast. We can only assume that’s the case when they build the safe three times larger than necessary.

One of the more critical criteria we looked at was the safe’s lock. A gun safely locked away that takes you 10 minutes to unlock isn’t going to protect your family from a home invasion. The gun safes we chose had to be easy to open while remaining extremely hard for criminals to break into or crack. We can’t stress enough how critical this aspect of gun safes is when choosing one.

The fire rating of each safe we chose is high enough to reasonably expect your guns to survive most house fires, assuming the fire department gets water on the fire quickly. No gun safe can protect your firearms from prolonged exposure to extreme heat. However, we did our best to chose a few gun safes that can withstand heat for reasonable periods.

Once we finished our research, we wound up with a list that includes ten safes. Each safe was picked carefully to help you make an educated decision without sifting through a ton of boring data. Check the buyer’s guide for more details and information to help you choose the right safe for your needs. Keep in mind that you may own three guns now, but you may buy or inherit more later. 

Our Top 10 Gun Safe Picks

Every gun owner is different, and they all have different needs. You may own a single handgun for protecting your home, or you may own several handguns and a few hunting rifles. To cover every gun owner or at least try to cover them, we included gun safes to meet most needs on our list. Whether you own one or 20 guns, there’s a gun safe on the list for you.

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You can order this gun safe on Amazon for $$. This one holds one handgun as long as the gun isn’t over 10 inches from its grip to the front sight. It uses a biometric fingerprint lock and keypad for quick access, but it includes a key in case the batteries die. It is not a fire rated safe, so only use this for traveling or keeping a gun close to your bed.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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You can order this safe on Amazon for $$$. You can store four long guns in it with room for a handgun or two as well if you put them in there correctly. It uses a biometric lock with a key backup to make sure you can get to your guns quickly and quietly. It accepts up to 120 fingerprints, so you can make sure anyone that needs access can get into the safe. It’s not fire rated.

Liberty Fat Boy Junior 48 Gun Safe

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You can order this gun safe on Amazon for $$$$$. This monster holds 48 guns including around 25 long guns if you place them wisely. It includes a top shelf inside the safe for storing ammo or handguns. It uses an electronic lock to let you get in quickly and a five-inch door to keep everyone else out. It’s fire rated at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour. 

Fort Knox Pistol Box Handgun Safe

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You can order this handgun safe on Amazon for $$$. You can store one handgun in this safe with room for a little ammo as well. It uses a quick access pin code system to get you into the safe quickly and with very little noise. The gun safe is not fire rated, but it will keep your gun safe while traveling. It's also an excellent choice to stay beside the bed or under it.

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20-Gun Safe

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You can order this safe on Amazon for $$$$. It holds up to 16 long guns without much hassle with room for a few handguns and some ammo. It uses an electronic lock system which gives you almost immediate access to your guns with no noise or beeps whatsoever. It’s fire rated a 1,875 degrees for up to an hour.

Blue Dot Gun Safe

You can order this gun safe on Amazon for $$$$. It can hold four long guns and several pistols along with a lot of ammo. It uses a drill-proof electronic lock, so you always have quick access to your weapons. It can survive a 1,700-degree fire for up to an hour, and it resists flood damage as well. However, it’s a bit pricey for a safe that doesn’t hold many long guns. 

Stack-On Fire Resistant 8-Gun Safe

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You can order this one on Amazon for $$$. This is an affordable option that doesn’t take up much space. However, it holds eight long guns and a few handguns if you put them in just right. It’s rated for 1,400-degrees for up to a half hour. It’s an excellent option if you don’t have the budget or room for a Liberty safe.

Bighorn Gun Safe

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You can order this gun safe on Amazon for $$$$. It uses an electronic lock that’s EMP and drill-proof to keep the door secure but allow you easy access to your weapons. It’s fire rated at 1,400-degrees for at least a half hour. You can store 20 long guns in the safe easily along with four or five handguns and some ammo. There are a few places to keep other valuables as well.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

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You can order this one on Amazon for $$. It holds around four semi-automatic handguns or short-barreled revolvers along with a little ammo. It uses a key or pin code to allow you easy access to your guns. It’s not fire rated, but it is easy to conceal in the top of a closet or inside a cabinet. It's not a good option for traveling, but it includes a cable to secure the safe to a wall or heavy structure.

Kodiak Gun Safe

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You can order this safe on Amazon for $$$$. It uses an EMP and drill-proof electronic lock that’s quiet. It holds up to 30 long guns and a few handguns along with some ammo. There are places for other valuables as well or more ammo. It’s fire rated for fires up to 1,400-degrees for up to a half hour. It’s not waterproof, so it may not be the best option if you live in areas that are prone to floods.

A Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

We like the SentrySafe Pistol Safe for handguns and traveling safety. It's lightweight and uses a biometric lock and easy access pin code lock so that you can get to your weapon quickly. The Liberty Fat Boy Junior 48 Gun Safe is our overall pick for the best gun safe. It can survive a major fire, and it holds a lot of guns. 

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You need to decide how many guns need storing and how much your budget can handle. Aside from that part, do you need a handgun safe for traveling, or to keep beside your bed? These are questions we can't answer for you. However, there’s a gun safe on our list that will fit your needs.

Reasons to Invest in a Gun Safe

Whether you have one handgun or 10 long guns, a gun safe is a good investment. Over half the states in the US require gun owners to keep their weapons in a safe. Legal reasons aside, it just makes sense, and it's much safer to keep your firearms in a safe place where kids and criminals can't get to them. Some of the best reasons we can think of include:

  • Keeping your family safe from accidents
  • Protecting your guns from fires
  • Protecting your guns from thieves
  • Keeping your weapons and ammo organized

If your guns stay secured in a gun safe, your kids can't get to the guns. We've all read a story in the news about a child finding a gun and injuring themselves or someone else. Some of the injuries in these reports turned out to be fatal accidents. Protecting your family is a good enough reason to invest in a gun safe by itself.

A gun safe may end up being the only thing that saves your weapons if you have a house fire. Hopefully, you may never have a fire, but if you do, the investment you made in a gun safe may save the investment you made in all your guns. It’s good common sense to keep your valuables in a safe place, and guns are valuables. 

While rarely as damaging as a house fire, protecting your guns from thieves falls under the responsibility of your gun safe as well. You may not be home when thieves decide to stop by, but you can make sure your weapons are secure. The bonus to this scenario is your guns won’t make their way onto the streets and into the hands of other criminals. 

Gun safes serve other purposes beyond protecting your weapons or keeping them locked away from kids. Your guns stay organized for one, and large safes have places to store ammo or other valuables like jewelry. A gun safe is also an excellent way to keep your spouse from noticing you added a new gun to your collection.

Some Final Notes

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Gun safety is essential and includes protecting your guns and keeping them away from untrained hands. A gun safe is the best way to protect your weapons from all of these issues. You just need to decide how many guns you need it to hold and work it into your budget.

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