A cup of green tea a day will do wonders for your health. It has caffeine which stimulates the brain, therefore works great as a morning drink. Green tea is also loaded with antioxidants, stimulates fat burning, reduces the risk of diabetes, and has bacteriostatic effects, especially when it comes to oral health. Another advantage of this miracle drink is the convenient pricing. You can purchase a box of up to 100 bags of high quality green tea for under $10. Without further ado, here are the best green tea brand options in 2019 ordered to the most popular according to customer ratings:

14. Organic India

ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea, 18 Tea Bags (1 Pack)
  • UNIQUE BLEND THAT PACKS A PUNCH - Each different variety created to be a perfectly balanced herbal infusion
  • INVIGORATING BLEND - Tulsi and the finest Green Tea offers a natural energy boost with a hint of caffeine
  • NATURAL REMEDY - Potent when consumed as a tea, Tulsi, rich in antioxidants, supports the immune system
best tulsi green tea

As the name suggests, this is a green tea brand that offers organic green tea. Their teas are infused with tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum or Holy Basil, a sacred plant in Hindu belief), which offers a unique flavor that will turn every cup into an exotic experience. Organic India is the best green tea brand for tulsi enthusiasts.

13. Yogi

Yogi Tea - Green Tea Super Antioxidant - Helps Reduce Free Radicals -...
  • FLAVOR: Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant tea combines bold Green Tea with Lemongrass and Licorice for a lightly sweet...
  • BENEFITS: This rejuvenating blend combines Grapeseed and Amla Extracts with Green Tea to supply antioxidants and help...
  • ORGANIC: Made with Organic Lemongrass and Non-GMO Ingredients.
best green tea brand for weight loss

If you are aiming for a strong antioxidant source, then look no further because Yogi green tea is your ideal choice. This tea brand includes lemongrass, providing a refreshing taste and a multitude of medicinal properties (antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic etc). It is an excellent product for weight loss because both plants can help you increase your metabolic rate and burn your fatty deposits. Yogi is the best green tea brand for those looking to lose weight in a healthy way.

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12. Tetley

Tetley Pure Green Tea, 40-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)
  • 100% pure and natural green tea
  • Made with the finest green teas of exceptional quality
  • Mellow green tea with a smooth aftertaste

This is one of the best brands to get you started on green tea because it offers an excellent product at a very accessible price. Tetley is one of the most prestigious brands on the green tea market. They include 2g of green tea in each tea bag, which is the ideal amount to provide an intense flavor in every single cup. The brand has maintained the irreproachable quality of its products all throughout its many years of experience, so you can be sure you are going to get amazing tea every single time. Tetley is the best green tea brand if you are looking for intense flavors.

11. Lipton

Lipton Green Tea Bags Flavored with Other Natural Flavors Orange...
  • Lipton Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green tea bags contain a unique blend of the exotic flavors of orange, passionfruit...
  • Blended with freshly picked young tea leaves and natural flavors
  • Feel awakened and enjoy a moment of feel good in the afternoon
best green tea brand for intense flavor

This is one brand that needs no introduction. Over its many years of experience, Lipton has proven itself as one the top brands of the global tea market. This is why we recommend you their green tea with absolute confidence that you will enjoy every drop. You can choose from Lipton’s pure green tea, their decaffeinated version, and their green tea and fruit products. Whichever one you choose you are in for a very special treat. Lipton is the best green tea brand for every-day use.

10. Numi

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green, 16 Ounce Pouch, Loose Leaf Tea...
  • FULL-BODIED FLAVOR: Within hours of being plucked, this whole leaf organic green tea is gently steamed and then rolled...
  • BRIGHT, FRESH GREEN TEA: Whether you're looking for jasmine tea, gunpowder green tea, or matcha green tea powder, Numi...
  • LOOSE-LEAF TEA: Numi's organic full-leaf quality teas come in convenient, resealable pouches to keep your tea fresh for...

This is yet another brand that offers premium quality organic tea. The tea leaves are handpicked and processed with the greatest care to preserve its strong aroma and amazing properties. We strongly recommend Numi due to the extra care they put into developing this tea – they gently stream the leaves after plucking them and roll them into tiny, well-packed pearls. Numi is the best green tea brand for health-conscious people who are looking for a coffee replacement. The Numi green tea gives off an energy boost without having to also experience the jitters and energy crashes you get with coffee.

9. Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf Hot Loose Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea 5.8 oz
  • Pure Leaf hot loose tea leaves, Gunpowder Green Tea, uses tightly rolled green tea leaves that when steeped, unfurl into...
  • Premium long leaf teas, crafted with exceptional quality ingredients always in perfect balance to ensure distinct...
  • Tea leaves are simply picked, rolled, and crafted– we select the finest tea leaves from tea estates around the world,...

Gunpowder green tea takes its name from its resemblance to gunpowder. Unlike most green teas, this variety contains green tea leaves that have been tightly rolled into pellets which resemble the aspect of gunpowder. If you like this type of green tea, you will enjoy the smooth and smoky, yet refreshing taste of this Indonesian green tea by Pure Leaf.

8. Bigelow

Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags, 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 6),...
  • DELICATE GREEN TEA: Our Classic Green Tea provides essential antioxidants making it delicious & healthy! Our tea is not...
  • GREEN & BRIGHT: Green tea is a more delicate brew that is typically lower in caffeine than black & Oolong teas. Include...
  • TRY EVERY FLAVOR: There's a Bigelow Tea for every mood and every time of day. Rise and shine with English Breakfast,...
best green tea with no bitterness

This green tea by Bigelow comes from higher-elevation gardens which have been hand-picked. This variety is gluten-free, has zero calories, and no carbohydrates. A single pack contains six boxes of 40 individually-wrapped tea bags each, which come in practical and delicate packaging that preserve the aroma and nutrients of green tea. If you want to enjoy a flavorful and fresh green tea loaded with antioxidants, this might be the best green tea brand for you. Customers were surprised to find this green tea has absolutely no bitterness.

7. Prince of Peace

Prince Of Peace, Tea Green Organic, 100 Count
  • 100% organic green tea leaves
  • Certified organic by ECOCERT ICO, USA.
  • The pan-frying (common to Chinese green tea) process gives it its great taste, as well as its darker color.

This 100% USDA certified organic green tea is freshly harvested, washed carefully and gently, steamed, and dried in a controlled environment to preserve the delicate natural aroma and its potent ingredients. A box contains 100 unbleached tea bags to provide a 100% organic product. Customers report Prince of Peace as being one of the best green tea brand options on the market.

6. Uncle Lee’s

Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea -- 100 Tea Bags net wt 5.64 oz (160g)
  • Uncle Lee's Green Tea (camellia sinensis) comes from high in the mountains of the Fujian Province of China and is grown...
  • The package length of the product is 7.4 centimeters
  • The package width of the product is 14.2 centimeters

This green tea brand comes straight from the heart of the Fujian Province in China, where growing and processing green tea has become an art. If you want to experience green tea just as locals used to make it hundreds of years ago, Uncle Lee is the best green tea brand for you. The tea used to make this product is grown with no pesticides and natural fertilizers to ensure the preservation of the ecosystem.

5. Twinings

Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea Bags, 25 Count (Pack of 1)
  • FRESH FLAVOR: One box of 25 Jasmine Green tea bags. Green tea scented with jasmine flowers. Steep for two minutes for...
  • ONLY THE FINEST QUALITY: Our expert blenders source only the finest leaves cultivated to our exacting standards by...
  • JASMINE GREEN TEA: Pure green tea expertly blended and infused with real jasmine flowers to deliver a fragrant tea with...
best green tea brand with high catechins content

Twinings is one of the best green tea brands because it offers a great product at an extremely approachable price. You have a wide range of options to choose from, such as Twinings Pure Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Cranberry Green Tea, Green Tea and Lemon, Peach and Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Apple and Pear Green Tea, Pineapple and Pear Green Tea, Mango and Lychee Green Tea, and many others. Experience these enchanting green tea blends and enjoy their health benefits, as Twinings green tea has more catechins than most of the other brands. Twinings is the best green tea brand for those looking for variety and quality at the same time.

4. The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea Honey Ginseng Green Tea, 50 Tea Bags, Relaxing...
  • Finest Ingredients: This Chinese Green Tea with Panax Ginseng and full blossom honey is sourced from the world's best...
  • As Featured on NBC's Today Show: The Republic of Tea's Honey Ginseng Green Tea was featured on the Today Show's segment,...
  • A Taste of Elegance: The combination of honey and ginseng creates a subtle, sweet flavor that makes this Chinese green...
best green tea brand for smooth, elegant taste

The Republic of Tea confidently states their green tea is made with the finest ingredients out there, and this might not be far from the truth. With high-quality Chinese green tea, Panax ginseng, and full blossom honey, this tea brand has been praised again and again by consumers worldwide. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and carb-free. If you are looking for an elegant taste that you can enjoy all year around, the Republic of Tea is the best green tea brand for you.

3. Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant Green Tea, 20 ct [Pack of 6]
  • Six 20-count boxes of Antioxidant Green tea bags
  • Rich in antioxidants vitamin A and C
  • 25 mg. of caffeine per serving

The green tea from Celestial Seasonings has a delightful and delicate taste thanks to the addition of white tea and citrus natural flavor. In addition, it’s also loaded with vitamins A and C, which makes it a great option for a winter drink. It should go without saying this product contains caffeine – around 25 milligrams per serving. In addition, it’s also gluten-free and comes in responsible packaging, which makes it one of the best green tea brands for the environmentally-conscious.

2. Newman’s Own Organics

Newman's Own0174;Organics Royal Tea, Organic Green Tea, 40...
  • USDA Organic; OAI Certied Organic
  • A special organic blend for great tea
  • Individually Wrapped for Portability & Freshness

This USDA organic and OAI certified organic green tea is made out of a unique blend. The company confidently states this variety truly is fit for a king, and this might not be far from the truth. In addition, it comes in individually-wrapped servings. Many customers also appreciate that the company donates part of the earnings to a variety of charities around the world, which makes it one of the best green tea brand options for the socially responsible ones.

1. Basilur

best green tea brand in the world

If you are looking for a rich experience, then Basilur is your best possible bet. This luxury brand offers premium quality green tea imported all the way from Sri Lanka. While it is somewhat pricier than your other options, Basilur is an exotic choice worth every cent. Basilur is the best green tea brand for luxury seekers, as the fresh aroma of wild strawberries will enchant your senses. In addition, it comes in 100% biodegradable and compostable tea bags, which also makes it ideal for those who are environmentally-conscious.


All in all, our personal favorite is the Basilur green tea with wild strawberries due to the impeccable deep and refreshing taste. However, teas from Newman’s Own Organics or Celestial Seasonings are also highly-rated green tea brands and, therefore, reliable choices. We also liked the Bigelow green tea due to the smooth, non-bitter taste; the green tea from The Republic of Tea also made an impression due to its very smooth and elegant taste.

Include green tea in your daily relaxation ritual and you will be healthier for years and years to come. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite green tea brand is.

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