Graduation is one of the most exciting achievements a person may accomplish. After spending the time and energy required to graduate, a gift may be the perfect token of appreciation and acknowledgment for the graduate. It may be tough to figure out the best graduation gift ideas, with so many options at hand, but after comparing reviews and prices, we have provided 10 amazing graduation gift ideas, sorted in order from most expensive to least expensive. All of the graduation gift ideas listed are priced below $150, vary in design to fit any personality, and have excellent reviews from customers!

10. UpTrak – by Stand Steady Standing Desk

This fully adjustable product can turn any desk or cube into a stand up desk! This gift is priced at only $144.49 with free shipping as an added benefit. Simply place the “Stand Up Desk” on top of your current desk, adjust it to a comfortable height, insert the support leg, and you can now stand while working or using the desk, which is an excellent health benefit to keep the graduates blood flowing while providing a comfortable work space.

9. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

It’s a fact that every graduate must eat. And what better graduation gift idea than a pot that can cook an endless amount of meals? Whether it is soup, beans, meat, poultry, rice, porridge, stew, or chili, this gift handles all and more! For only $119.95, with free shipping included, you’ll receive this spectacular kitchen appliance with a 6 quart capacity. Be sure to read the included user-manual in order to best utilize the built-in cook settings.

8. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Backed by a 6″ High-resolution display (330 ppi), this Wi-Fi enabled E-reader will be perfect for any graduate who loves to read. For $119.99, you’ll get the (black) Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader, with free shipping included. And with the option of buying digital books and even downloading some for free, you’ll stay entertained. Most noteworthy, the estimated battery expectancy is “weeks” and the storage can save thousands of digital books available at any time you request.

7. AKASO EK7000 4K UHD WiFi Sports Action Camera

After graduation lies a whole life ahead. What better graduation gift idea than a professional-grade portable camera to capture all of life’s greatest moments? Priced at $74.99, with free shipping included, the AKASA EK7000 is built with a 12 MP optical sensor resolution, water-proof exterior, wireless 2.4G remote control, and comes in 3 colors of choice (black, blue, or silver). Simply plug the device, or its memory card, into a computer and instantly access your recorded content.

6. Roku Streaming Stick

This is the perfect graduation gift for anybody who loves visual entertainment. Priced at $48.99 (shipping not included), this portable USB streaming device can turn any HDMI-enabled television into a video-streaming smart television! You can access over 300,000 movies and television shows, plus music, sports, and more. Powered by a quad-core processor, performance is unmatched. This device is “plug-and-play”, meaning it doesn’t require any software installation. (Requires an internet connection in order to access content).

5. Epson Expression home XP-330 Wireless Color Photo Printer w/ Scanner and Copier

In a world where printing/scanning documents are ever so present, every graduate must have this amazing gift! Priced at $44.98 (shipping not included), this high-end printer/scanner/copier provides the ability to print documents/photos from virtually anywhere, and provides a 100-sheet capacity for less-often loading. With the added ability to change individual ink cartridges, as opposed to having to change all colors at once,this product will save money in the long run.

4. IFill Cup – Single Server Compact K-cup Brewer

With the constant demand of easily available “energy”, this single-serving coffee/espresso maker can provide any graduate with a quick beverage within 3 minutes!
This graduation gift idea is perfect for the comfort of any home. Although shipping is not included, this gift is priced at only $43.49, and includes 6 IFill Cup Filter’s, which are each reusable up to 10 times! As an added benefit, you can choose exactly how much water you want in your beverage from a 2 ounce shot up to a 16 ounce mug.

3. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Container (42-piece Set/Red)

This impressive 42-piece dining set can be utilized by any graduate. For only $23.38 (shipping not included), you’ll receive a 42-piece set of BPA-free plastic containers with clear bases to easily identify contents. As opposed to similar brands, Rubbermaid provides consistent quality to ensure safe use of products. You also have the option of purchasing the same product, at a lower quantity, for a lower price. All pieces included are sized to nest for compact storage!

2. Mpow Buckler Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker Bluetooth with Built-in Speakerphone

The crisp sound delivered by this portable speaker is a must-have for every graduate. With a built-in speaker phone for hands-free conversation, as well as Bluetooth technology that can play music/podcasts, this product is unmatched. This gift is priced at $20.99, shipping not included. As an added benefit, you have the option of choosing between a blue or black speaker. In addition, the battery capacity is listed at a stunning 8 hours of playing time with a single charge. Recharging the battery takes a mere 3 hours.

1. Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want (Paperback)

Written by Jenny Blake on March 29, 2011, this top-rated book is an excellent graduation gift idea. For $13.98 (shipping not included), you will receive this informative, yet entertaining book which answers many questions a graduate may have after finishing school. Life After College will provide a sense of confidence, and direction in creating the life that you want. With 304 pages of content, this can be the perfect graduation gift.

Of all the graduation gift ideas listed, feel free to mix and match ideas for the perfect graduation gift. Please share any thoughts or opinions on these wonderful graduation gift ideas. You can refer to the specified product links to view any features or read any reviews regarding the gift.

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