If you want to capture high-quality videos of your adventures, then you’ve got to get the right GoPro SD card. This means that you’ve got to make certain that you get the right memory card for your action camera. The best way to do that is by reviewing this list of the 10 best GoPro SD cards.

Each GoPro SD card that is listed here is ranked according to how well it works with the high-speed action. Writing and reading speed are the most critical factors. The quicker these GoPro SD cards capture motion, the better they rate. Additional important factors include price and ability to withstand extreme conditions.

10. Gigastone 64GB Micro SD Card

This Gigastone model is ideal for the cost-conscious shopper. You get 64GB for just $15.61 on Amazon. It’s impervious to magnets and environmental extremes as well as X-rays. With read speeds of up to 48 MB/s, it’s not quite up to the performance of some of the other models. Still, that doesn’t mean that it will leave you hanging.

9. Amplin 64GB MicroSDXC Card

At $24.92, it’s tough to beat the price on this 64GB card. Shoppers love that it’s 100 percent guaranteed. Each card has approximately 60GB of formatted free space. With Class 10 Turbo transfer, you know it’s fast enough for GoPros. It boasts a read speed of up to 90 MB/s. Users say that it works great. You can pick one up at Amazon.

8. Silicon Power 64GB Elite Flash Memory Card

This card is equal to the task of capturing 1080p, full-HD videos. It rates at an 85 MB/s read speed and usually delivers around 80 MB/s when writing. Fans say that it performs flawlessly while capturing 4K video. You might find more than one use for this card at $27.03 for the 64 GB capacity. These GoPro SD cards are readily available on Amazon.

7. Delkin 64GB microSDXC Memory Card

Delkin is no newcomer to the high-tech field. This GoPro SD card is a product of that history. Its ability to capture non-stop 4K Ultra HD footage is impressive. Delkin boasts that this model attains maximum read speeds of 99 MB/s and write speeds above 50 MB/s. It’s also shockproof, dustproof and waterproof as well as being impervious to X-rays. Extreme temperatures won’t bother it. The Delkin is priced at $28.95 on Amazon.

6. PNY Elite-X 64GB microSDXC Card

With an approximate read speed of 90 MB/s and an estimated write speed of 80 MB/s, the PNY Elite-X is a solid performer as far as GoPro SD cards. Users love it for how easily it handles 4K and HD video recording. The lifetime limited warranty and exclusive 4-Proof Technology make this a reliable model. Exceptionally fast transfer speeds mean it’s a favorite for people who like to share their videos or transfer them to various devices. Amazon prices it at $29.99, which is a great bargain for this level of performance.

5. Samsung 32GB PRO

This GoPro SD card may not have the capacity of some of the other models on this list, but it certainly packs a punch. It features a read speed of up to 90 MB/s and a write speed of approximately 80 MB/s. It is described as being invulnerable to magnets and X-rays as well as being unfazed by water and extreme temperatures. If you want to record in Full HD and 3D, then this may be the SD card for you. Samsung boasts that this model has up to four times faster write speeds than conventional SD cards. It’s readily available at Amazon for $32.99, which makes it a bit pricey when compared to others on this list.

4. SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GB microSDXC

With a write speed that is advertised at 90 MB/s, it’s tough to beat this GoPro SD card. In addition to admirable speed, this card is built to deal with adverse conditions. It’s shock proof, which is an important consideration for extreme sports enthusiasts, and it’s also temperature proof and water proof. X-rays won’t bother it. Plus, this card is 4K Ultra HD ready, giving you the best performance. Priced at $39.99, this high-performance card may not be the cheapest available, but it certainly delivers, and it comes with an adapter.

3. Kingston Digital 64GB MicroSDXC

Kingston may be a less well-known name when compared to Samsung, Lexar and SanDisk, but this doesn’t mean that they make an inferior product. This GoPro SD card earns rave reviews from Amazon users thanks to its 90 MB/s read speed. A write speed of only 45 MB/s certainly counts against it. Still, this is a Class 10 performance model that also comes with an SD adapter for $31.90 on Amazon. Kingston delivers higher sustained write speeds, which is critical to video integrity.

2. Transcend 64 GB MicroSDXC

If you haven’t heard of Transcend before, then it’s time you did. This GoPro SD card is built for performance. This 64 GB model might cost $44.30 on Amazon, but it’s worth the price. It reads up to 95 MB/s and writes as much as 85 MB/s. Just as importantly, it’s static proof, shockproof and waterproof. X-rays and outrageous temperatures won’t bother it. This is definitely the kind of performance you want to have, and the lifetime warranty is icing on the cake.

1. Lexar High-Performance microSDXC

This Lexar model deserves the first spot on this list of great GoPro SD cards because it was designed for this purpose. It captures 4K video with ease thanks to its 95 MB/s speed. Each card comes with an SD adapter for file transfers. The 64 GB size is capable of recording up to 36 hours in 1080p full-HD. Each card has a limited lifetime warranty. With a price of just $18.99, this is also an economical choice. The fans at Amazon are definitely impressed.

With your camera and one of these 10 best GoPro SD cards, you’ll never miss a minute of the action. You’ll get lightning fast transfers, and you’ll be able to trust that your camera will always operate in top form right when you need it to.

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