This article provides a list of the best fax machines available for online purchase this year. To decide on the best fax machine of 2019, we considered how convenient, easy to use, and versatile the various options are. We also looked at ratings and reviews from verified customers to find out which products are reliable and sorted them from the lowest to the highest rating.

10. Panasonic KX-FP205 Plain Paper Fax and Copier

Panasonic has produced a useful little fax machine that will not take up too much space in your office. Keep in mind that this fax prints on thermal paper, which is thinner than printer paper. Automatic fax and phone switching allows you to use this with just a single phone line. If you have an answering machine, you can even connect the fax to the machine to take messages when a call comes in during a fax. This fax can also be used to copy up to 20 multiple copies.

Panasonic KXFP205 fax machine


9. Canon PIXMA Wireless Office All-in-One

You can use the all-in-one machine as a fax machine once you hook it up to a phone line. In addition to sending faxes, you can also copy, scan, and print items in both color and black and white. The wireless printing feature is particularly useful in an office setting. Unfortunately, the speed dialing function can take a little bit of work to set up.

Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office fax printer


8. Brother 4100E IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser Fax

This fax machine is packed with extensive features that make it easy to send and receive a large quantity of faxes. It can transmit as quickly as three seconds per page for many faxes. The Faxes are printed at a 600 x 600 DPI, so they look very clear and accurate. Up to 30 sheets can be fed through the automatic document feeder for convenient fax transmission. It is nice and quiet, so you can send faxes without disturbing others in your office. This well made machine will remain functional for years.

Brother FAX4100ELaser Fax and Copier


7. Epson WF-2750 All-in-One Wireless Fax, Scanner, and Printer

In addition to faxing, you can also use this Epson machine for printing, scanning, and copying. Keep in mind that you will need to connect it to a phone line before using because the wireless capabilities are only for the printing. It uses inkjet printing to faithfully reproduce your faxes without any issues. Thanks to the 2-sided printing option and the 150 paper sheet capacity, you do not have to reload the fax machine a lot. Its 20 page auto document feeder allows you to send even really long faxes with ease.

Epson WF2750 Wireless Color Printer fax machine


6. HP 640 Inkjet Fax Machine

HP’s fax machine sends faxes at a speed of up to 6 seconds per page. When the faxes are printed, they have a resolution of up to 400 x 200 dpi. This machine has the memory to store up to 50 incoming pages, and its tray holds 50 sheets of paper. You can program 100 speed dials for more convenient faxing. The convenience and reliability of this machine make it the best fax machine for a busy office who sends a lot of faxes.

HP CB782A ABA Inkjet Fax Machine


5. Brother FAX-275 Personal Fax and Telephone

This is one of the most compact models on our list, so it is perfect for a person with a tiny home office. It uses a thermal printing method, so you do not have to deal with the cost of printer ink. The handy switch feature lets you get faxes and voice calls from the same phone line. An automatic paper cutter makes it even easier to print out faxes onto your roll of thermal paper. Though it may not have flashy features, this is the best fax machine for those looking for a compact and affordable option with basic faxing capabilities.

Brother FAX275 fax machine


4. Brother FAX-2840 High-Speed Mono Laser Fax machine

With a 33.6 K bps modem and 16 MB of memory, this brother fax machine is an excellent selection even if it is on the pricier side. You can store 200 speed dial locations for optimum convenience, and the paper tray will hold up to 250 sheets. The laser fax provides optimum clearness when printing faxes. It also contains a high-capacity replacement toner cartridge to lower printing costs. The USB port allows you to connect the machine to your computer to scan items.

Brother FAX 2840 Laser Fax Machine


3. Canon Faxphone L190

This multifunction fax machine includes printing, faxing, and copying capabilities. With 40 one touch speed dials and up to 200 coded speed dials, you can send a fax to anyone in your address book. Both printed faxes and copies will print at 26 ppm. The fax is extra quick at 33.6 kbps, so you do not have to wait long for your faxes. Altogether, this list item is quick, efficient, and very convenient.

Canon FAXPHONE Laser Fax Machine


2. HP 2140 Professional Quality Fax and Copier

As the name implies, this type of fax machine is ideal for those who need professional looking, high quality faxes. The 14.4 Kbps and 200 page memory allow you to send even lengthy faxes quickly. An automatic document feeder will manage up to 15 pages at once. You can set 100 speed dials and 20 broadcast locations, so it is easy to send faxes if you regularly send them to particular locations.

HP CM721A B1H Fax and Copier


1. Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax, Phone, and Copier

Like a few other options on our list, this personal fax machine is made by Brother. It is a compact model that just contains a fax machine with a small phone and copier attached. You can store up to 50 sheets of paper in the fax machine, and if you run out of paper, the machine will store the memory of 25 more sheets until new paper is added. When sending faxes, you can automatically feed up to 10 pages through. Some people find the ringer to be a little shrill, but it is otherwise an excellent option – in fact, it’s the best fax machine according to online reviews.

Brother FAX575 Fax Phone Copier



You can choose a simple device to just send a couple faxes like the HP 640 Inkjet Fax Machine, or pick a more elaborate machine with a lot of useful features like the Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax, Phone, and Copier which is the best fax machine available this year according to online ratings and reviews. If you are looking for a multi-purpose machine with a sleek design, we recommend the HP 2140 Professional Quality Fax and Copier.

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