The best electric nail files should be able to easily and precisely shape natural nails or shape and remove gel and acrylic nails without affecting the natural nail.

Additionally, a great electric nail filer is all about simplifying the process of doing your nails. An electric nail filer should not take too long for you to set up and use and the clean up afterward should be just as effortless. After all, the whole point of an electric nail file is to cut down on the time that a manual nail file requires of the user. It is supposed to make filing your nails easy and simple.

This article reviews the best-selling and best-rated electric nail file machines based on their ease of use, speed, strength, shape, and toughness in the search for the absolute best electric nail file on the market.

While there are literally hundreds of different types of electric nail files you can choose from, it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to narrow down the best electric nail file for your needs. That is where we come in. Let’s take a look!

10. W&B Lion Complete Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine

This nail drill set has seven different bits that can be switched out for polishing, shaping, smoothing, or engraving. Whether you are wearing gel nails or working on your natural nails, the different nail drill bits allow you to find the perfect friction level to help you shape up and file your nails. 

WB Lion Complete professional electric nail drill machine for manicure and pedicure

9. Lorje Nail Art Drill Kit

People who are just starting to experiment with nail drills will appreciate this simple and affordable nail drill. The Lorje electric nail drill is made from lightweight plastic, so it is easy to transport to different locations. You get a few different nail bits in the package along with the drill, so you can experiment with different actions. This drill lets you shape natural or false nails, remove gel polishes, and smooth nail surfaces.

If you are making the transition over to electric nail filers, then you will certainly want to start with this nail filer. The learning curve is super low and you will find that it is rather easy and effortless to learn how to shape up your nails with an electric nail file. This one is definitely the right one to help you bridge the gap. 

Lorje nail art drill kit electric buffer

8. Zeny Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit

Made of metal with a white powder coating, this nail drill is built to last. It has a replaceable fuse, so you can fix the parts that wear out first. Simple on/off switches, an optional pedal control, and a speed control drill make it easy to use the drill, and it goes all the way up to 25,000 RPM if needed. The nail drill comes with some nail art rhinestones, finger separators, six different bits, and 20 sanding bands for added convenience.

Zeny complete electric nail drill kit set

7. Subay Portable Nail Drill Pen

With two different power settings, it is easy to customize the nail drill for your purposes. The lower setting can be used to shape natural nails, while the higher settings can shape even thick acrylics. It comes in a small and portable size, and the metallic pink cover makes it look very stylish. The set comes with six different filing heads, so you can change the drill’s tip to suit your preferences. You also get 100 sanding bands in the kit, so you will not have to order replacement parts for a while.

Subay portable electric nail drill pen

6. Vogue Professional Electric Nail Drill with 7 Specialty Attachments

Most people use this nail drill when they want professional power in a portable sized drill. You can adjust the drill from 2,000 to 35,000 RPM depending on your needs. Its extra long 10 foot cord allows you to use the handheld drill without being right next to a wall outlet. The chrome plated attachments, including a nail charm drill, diamond bit, and buffer, that come with this nail drill make it even versatile. Everything is stored in a scratchproof storage box that keeps your equipment safe when not in use.

Vogue Professional electric nail drill with 7 specialty attachments

5. Belle 30,000 RPM Nail Drill Machine

Belle’s convenient nail drill machine contains slots where you can store all of the attachments. Thanks to the forward/reverse switch, the nail drill is useful for both right-handed and left-handed manicure artists. It comes with an optional foot pedal that can be used if you do not want to have to flick a switch to turn the machine on and off. The UL certified power cable will not overheat even when you use the nail drill at its highest speeds. Thanks to the silicone heat-resistant sleeve, you can comfortably hold the drill without being bothered by heat or vibration, which makes it the best electric nail file for its ease of use.

Belle 30,000 RPM electric nail file machine

4. Subay Professional Nail Care Electric Drill

Get up to 20,000 RPM without excessive noise or heat when you use the Subay Professional electric drill. An on/off switch on the handle of the drill makes it easier to control drill movements. The only downside is that this drill does not come with a pedal control. It comes with six different bits that can be used for simple nail shaping or elaborately engraved nail art. Though this drill is easy enough for an ameteur nail artist to use, it also works well in professional salons. Even though the design might not appeal to some, this is one of the best electric nail drills when it comes to performance and durability.

Subay Professional nail care electric nail drill

3. Beurer Electric Manicure Kit With Nail Drill

Beurer’s kit works particularly well for pedicures and toe nail art. This set includes ten different drill attachments and a small yet powerful nail drill. The drill attachments have a durable sapphire that finely grinds down nails and cuticles. It also has convenient attachments like a dust shield to control mess when using the drill at home. Another useful feature on the Beurer nail drill is the light at the tip of the wand which makes it easier to see what you are doing. Even though it’s not the best-rated product on this list, many customers deemed this the best electric nail file thanks to its ergonomic design and effectiveness.

Beurer Electric manicure and pedicure kit with nail drill

2. Makartt 30000RPM Nail Drill

This professional strength nail drill is perfect for those who will be doing a lot of nails. It has high-speed bearings and ventilation that prevent the machine from creating a lot of heat or noise. You can adjust the speed from 0 to 30,000 RPM and easily change bits depending on what you are working on. This means that the same machine can be used for light nail buffing, removing gel nails, or shaping acrylics. The electric nail drill also allows you to switch the drilling direction, and you can operate it easily with the on/off foot pedal. Even though this is one of the best electric nail drills available for online purchase, it doesn’t have as many positive reviews as the next product on our list.

Makartt 30000RPM nail drill low noise

1. PureNails Professional Manicure System

PureNails has created the best electric nail file for at-home manicures and pedicures. It can be set at either a low or high speed while in use and comes with a long-reaching AC adapter in the kit that lets you use the drill in a wide range of areas. The drill and all the attachments can easily be stored in the vinyl carrying case when not in use. since at the moment of writing this product had an average rating of 4.6 from 635 verified customers, we can safely say this is the best electric nail drill on this list.

PureNails professional manicure and pedicure system


The absolute best electric nail file according to verified customers is the PureNails one thanks to its resilience and effectiveness, as well as compact and lightweight build. Nevertheless, the Makartt or the Beurer are also reliable; we especially like the latter thanks to its modern and ergonomic design and we’d place it right next to the PureNails model when it comes to aspect. What’s your favorite?

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