A domestic lifestyle predisposes dogs to quite a few domestic health issues, including a wide range of dentistry issues. Due to improper hygiene, dogs eventually develop dental plaque, which can lead to periodontal disease (gum disease). Moreover, there are quite a few small and medium dog breeds that have the predisposition to develop dental issues, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Cockers, and Shih-Tzus. Here’s our list of the 11 best dog toothbrush alternatives you can choose from, ordered to the best-rated.

11. Large Dog Toothbrush for Pet Dental Care by Boshel

This Boshel toothbrush for dogs features a triple head which allows owners to clean the outside, top, and inside part of the teeth all in the same stroke. The main advantage of this type of brush is that the cleaning process can be completed quickly and efficiently, which makes it the best toothbrush for large dogs who don’t have a lot of patience when brushing their teeth.

This triple-headed toothbrush is a bit bulkier than regular a dog toothbrush. Therefore, it is recommended to dogs of larger breeds. Other than this, the toothbrush features extra-soft bristles and a nonslip ergonomic handle for easy maneuvering. This is one of the best dog toothbrushes for large breeds because it is large enough to make dental cleaning easy for the owners. The triple-headed bristle ensures a superior cleaning process.

10. The LILYS PET Dog Soft Finger Toothbrush

This simple dog toothbrush is finger-sized, which makes it extremely easy to use. It is the ideal product for pet owners who want to get their pups used to having their teeth brushed. Each pack features three brushes, so it will be a while until they’ll need replacement.

This toothbrush is made from liquid silicone (the same material used for baby’s pacifiers). It’s transparent, extra soft, and highly efficient in reducing dental plaque and tartar buildup. Dog finger toothbrushes are the best tool to start with because your dog will not feel threatened by having a foreign object inserted into its mouth. If you’ve never used a toothbrush on your dog, it is recommended you get them used to having their teeth brushed by using a finger toothbrush for dogs.

9. Virbac CET Double Ended Dog Toothbrush

The Virbac C.E.T. double ended toothbrush for dogs is one of the most accessible brushes you can opt for. This double headed toothbrush is extremely useful to dog owners because it enables them to reach the inner parts of the dog’s mouth, which are usually inaccessible to standard brushes. Use the larger bristle end for the front and lateral teeth and the smaller head for the inner parts of the dog’s lateral teeth.

This Virbac pet toothbrush is an excellent choice for dogs that are already accustomed to having their teeth cleaned by their owner. It also has extra soft bristles, which makes it suitable for dogs with sensitive gums. Just like the first entry in this best dog toothbrushes list, the brush featured in the Virbac dog toothbrush & toothpaste set is one of the best toothbrushes for dogs.

8. Triple Pet EZDOG Small Pet Dental Kit

The EZDOG Pet Dental Kit includes both a dog toothbrush and paste. It is one of the most accessible dog oral hygiene sets available on the market. We recommend it to pet owners who have already gotten their dogs used to the brushing ritual because the triple-headed dogs toothbrush might be rather frightening to animals who are not accustomed to having their teeth brushed.

But unlike most triple-headed toothbrushes, this oral hygiene set is specially made for small dog breeds. The triple-headed toothbrush is significantly smaller than most, thus allowing easy access to the back teeth. The dog toothpaste featured in this set is nonfoaming, thus does not require rinsing. This dental kit is considerably more accessible to owners.

7. Legacy Pet Supplies Double-Headed Dog Toothbrush Set

Double headed dog toothbrushes are best-suited for pet owners who have acquired a bit of experience in brushing their dogs’ teeth. The Legacy Pet Supplies set comes with two brushes, each of which has two heads. You can use the larger head for the front and side teeth and the smaller head for deeper places that are more difficult to reach.

The dog toothbrush from Legacy Pet Supplies is an excellent tool that provides easy & highly efficient teeth cleaning. Each set includes two dog toothbrushes with a small head and a large head. These dog toothbrushes have extra soft bristles and long handles to help you better clean your dog’s teeth.

6. The Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Set

If you are looking for a dog toothbrush and toothpaste kit, the one from Virbac is one of the best options. You will get a dog finger brush, a double headed brush, and a tube of dog toothpaste. It is perfectly suited for first-time users because it includes the finger toothbrush which can be used to accustom the dog with the teeth brushing process. You can begin using the double-headed brush once the dog gets used to the procedure.

In addition, Virbac is a very highly regarded veterinary pharmaceutical company, which offers a quality guarantee that you can trust. This pack comes complete with two pet toothbrushes and a toothpaste tube which is exclusively designed for veterinary use and can be swallowed. Both toothbrushes are extra soft.

5. CET Small Pet Toothbrush

This pet toothbrush by CET is specifically designed for small dogs and cats. This product is highly similar to the aforementioned Virbac C.E.T. Double Ended Dog Toothbrush; the only difference between the two is that the CET Small Pet Toothbrush has smaller heads and softer bristles, making it ideal for smaller dogs and even cats.

Most reviews of this CET dog toothbrush are positive, stating it efficiently removes tartar buildups and plaque after a few uses. If you are looking for the best toothbrush for small dogs that is also inexpensive, this is the product for you.

4. Double Sided Canine Dental Hygiene Brushes with Super Soft Bristles

Unlike most dog toothbrushes on this list which feature soft bristles, this double-sided toothbrush by Duke’s Pet Products comes with extra soft bristles. This makes it ideal for large breed dogs with sensitive gums. The smaller brush end can also be used for large breed puppies soon after they changed their teeth to prevent tartar and plaque buildups.

At the moment of writing, these double-sided dog toothbrushes were available in packs of 2 and 4. Even though 2 toothbrushes might be enough, the difference was under $1 between the two options, making the pack of 4 much more convenient.

3. Next Level Premium Toothbrush Pack

This premium toothbrush pack by Next Level comes with a double-headed toothbrush and two finger dog toothbrushes. The double-ended dog toothbrush has soft bristles and can be used for small and large dogs alike. This pack also comes with a super soft rubber & silicone finger brush that cleans tartar and plaque buildups and massages the gums, thus stimulating blood flow and improving their gum health. The third toothbrush in this pack has medium bristles and is ideal for large breed dogs with significant buildups on their teeth.

In addition, this dog toothbrush pack also comes with dog toothpaste recipes. This makes it ideal for owners who want to keep their dogs away from harsh chemicals in commercial dog toothpastes. In addition, this product is also one of the best for owners who care for 2 or 3 dogs.

2. Pet Republique Dual Headed Toothbrushes Set

This dog toothbrush set by pet Republique is one of the most convenient on the market at the moment. The set comes with 6 double-headed toothbrushes which will last about one year according to the manufacturer. In addition, the toothbrushes in a set also come in 2 colors, making this product ideal for owners of 2 dogs who don’t want to mix up their dental hygiene products.

According to the manufacturer, these dog toothbrushes are made from high-quality materials and went through rigorous testing to provide the perfect bristle hardness for efficient cleaning and gum protection. In addition, 15% of their profits go to the American Animal Rescue Society, which is definitely a plus to many customers.

1. RoundPaw Cat & Dog Dual Headed Toothbrushes & Dog Finger Toothbrushes

This dog toothbrush set from RoundPaw includes 4 double-headed toothbrushes and 4 finger toothbrushes. Just like with the aforementioned set from Pet Republique, this set comes in 2 colors with owners of multiple pets in mind. Even though all dog toothbrushes in this set have the same type of bristles, this set is definitely the best on this list.

The money-back guarantee the manufacturer is another reason why this set by RoundPaw got the first place. According to their official website and to many of their customers, the company offers a full refund to those who were not satisfied with their product. This is the best toothbrush for small dogs and large dogs alike.


Pick one of these dog toothbrush suggestions and help your canine best friend(s) lead a healthy life. Not only will a dog toothbrush keep their teeth and gums healthy and their breath fresh, these will also keep them away from deeper health issues which might develop in time because of bad dental hygiene – like heart and digestive system issues. What do you think about our top? Did you see your favorite product on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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