We’ve taken all the guesswork out of car seat cover shopping by compiling a list of the best car seat covers of 2019. We considered their materials, versatility, and design and only chose products that are compatible with most car seats, have at least 3 stars on Amazon, and have at least 10 customer reviews. To provide accurate information, we also went through online reviews from verified customers. Here they are, sorted from the lowest- to the highest-rated at the moment of writing.

10. Car Pass Six Piece Universal Front Leather Car Seat Covers

These seats are made from a combination of PU leather and spacer mesh, so they are both breathable and stain resistant. The 5 mm backing of super soft composite sponge makes them feel luxuriously thick. The package comes with two front seat covers, two headrest covers, and the clips needed to secure the covers on the car seats. You can pick them in either solid black, gray, or a combination of black and brown.

CAR PASS car seat cover


9. OxGord Car Seat Cover Set

This 17-piece set comes with a steering wheel cover, headrest covers, seatbelt covers, and seat covers for your entire car. The full set will fit most basic car seat shapes, and it has covers for a front seat, passenger seat, and back bench seat. Due to the PU leather material, you can easily wash them in a machine in case any spills occur. Unfortunately, the color options are a little limited, so you will probably only like these if you enjoy red or black.

OxGord car seat cover


8. Leader Accessories 17 Piece Universal Seat Cover

Leader Accessories has created car seat covers that will fit most typical car seats. Their set includes covers for both the front and back seats, so all of your seats will match. One of the great features of this set is that it comes with many other accessories, including steering wheel covers and air fresheners. It is made from durable and machine washable mesh cloth that has a foam padding for extra softness. With over ten colors to choose from, you can easily find a set that matches your car.

Leader Accessories car seat cover


7. Car Pass Rainbow Universal Fit Car Seat Covers

The Car Pass covers let you pick from a variety of shades like mint blue and rich purple. They are made from a soft, breathable mesh that will expand to fit most normal car seats. The interior of the car seats is lined with a composite sponge to make them feel softer and more enjoyable. If you have side airbags, these seat covers are ideal because they are designed to cover the car seat without preventing airbags from deploying. Some people find them difficult to install, but once you get them hooked onto your seats, they remain secure.

CAR PASS colorful car seat cover


6. FH Group Airbag Ready Bucket Seat Cover

The FH Group seat covers are particularly useful because they have a special stitching technique that lets side airbags deploy in case of an accid the nt. The back of the cover contains a useful pocket for extra storage. Two seat covers and two headrest covers come with each package. You can select a variety of accent colors, including blue, red, grey, and gold. They will fit all standard bucket seats in cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

FH Group car seat cover


5. FuriAuto Car Seat Cover Cushions

These car seat covers are slightly pricey, but they definitely look stylish. Made from a polyurethane lever material, they have a tasteful black and beige color scheme. Underneath the outer layer is soft cushions that make your seats comfortable. They are compatible with both seat airbags and seat heating, so you can still enjoy your car seat features even with the covers on. This set comes with covers for five car seats. Though they fit most car seats, there are some compatibility issues with Ford and Honda vehicles.

FuriAuto car seat cover


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4. Bell Automotive Universal Baja Blanket Bucket Seat Cover

This colorful and affordable option is great if you want to add a little style to your car seats. With colorful stripes that mimic a Southwestern poncho, you can make your car look bright and cheerful. It also helps to protect your car from any wear and tear that may happen while driving. The universal design allows it to fit snugly over many different types of bucket seats. The lightweight cotton and nylon material will remain cool and comfortable even in the hottest of summers. We consider this one of the best car seat covers for its design.

Bell Automotive car seat cover


3. Soothing Drive Cooling Car Seat Covers

This seat cover s a unique design intended to increase driver comfort. It has a neck pillow and lumbar support to aid your posture. The seat is constructed from a bamboo and rattan material that remains cool even on hot days. This helps you to avoid sticking to your car seat during the summer. The bamboo and rattan construction allows you to wipe it clean in case anything gets on the car seat cover. Since it fits over the seat before being secured with tabs, you can be sure it will fit your seat.

Qbedding car seat cover


2. CleanRide Bacteria Resistant Waterproof Car Seat Cover

CleanRide’s car seat cover is perfect for those who want to keep their actual seats clean. It has been lab tested to be bacteria resistant ad 100 percent waterproof. This seat cover is also odor-resistant, so it will not smell like sweat or grease after you clean it. If you have a dirty job or spend a lot of time outdoors, you can sit on this cover on your way home to avoid making your seats stink permanently. The smart hook system allows you to quickly put it on your seat or take it off whenever you need to. In between uses, you can wash it quickly just by rinsing it down, which makes it the best car seat cover for trucks and utility vehicles.

CleanRide car seat cover


1. BarksBar Front Seat Cover for Cars

This type of car cover is ideal for people who are worried about liquids damaging their seats. The exterior is coated in a soft, quilted fabric that is quite comfortable. The interior is tripled layered, waterproof polyurethane that protects your car seats from pets or other sources of damage. It is machine washable, so you can clean it whenever it gets dirty. In order to keep the cover from slipping around, it is also coated with a rubber non-slip backing. According to verified customers, this is one of the best car seat covers for pets; nevertheless, it’s a great alternative to the aforementioned model since the BarksBar cover has a discreet design and adds a bit more comfort.

BarksBar car seat cover



According to online ratings and reviews from verified customers, the best car seat covers of the year are the BarksBar and the CleanRide models thanks to their resilience, materials, and versatility. Nevertheless, if design is important to you, we recommend the Bell Automotive car seat cover (our personal favorite), any of the 2 models from Car Pass. What’s your favorite?

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