Car cameras, more commonly known as dash cameras or dash cams, are becoming increasing popular as people want to record their own versions of various events. Video footage has been used for many years by the police-force to provide evidence for or against fault in a potential crime.

Dash cameras have also been utilized by truck drivers across the world to record their driving habits to prevent false “at fault” car accident claims.

It is important to remember that in most places, car cameras are not illegal as long as you are not infringing on anyone's privacy. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, you should always check to ensure that it is legal to have car cameras in your state.

In addition to checking that your camera is legal in your state it is important to keep in mind that where in your car you place your camera is just as important.

Read up on the legality of obstructed views and how to set up your car camera to be within the limits of the law.

Today, we’re bringing you the ten best car cameras on the market in 2019.

Comparison Table

How Does Our Rating System Work?

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With so many types of car cameras on the market, it can be difficult to choose which is the best suited for you.

We use a combination of factors to rate our products, but we like to focus on three main factors: value for cost, customer service, and customer reviews:

Value for Cost:

Your hard-earned money is valuable, which is why we look at the cost of all of our recommended products and compare these costs to similar product costs.

We also take into consideration what accessories are included with the product to get you the best deal, as well as what features are included with that product to ensure that you don't overpay.

Customer Service:

No matter the product, there is a chance that you may have questions. We want to make sure that not only are you getting a quality product, but you are also receiving quality service.

When reviewing these products, we take into consideration the ease of communication and responsiveness to customer needs.

Customer Reviews:

Reviews are arguably the most important factor when shopping online for products of any type. Who knows a product better than someone who uses it on a daily basis?

When we gather our top lists we only include those products that have the highest ratings and customer reviews. Customer reviews can tell you the good (and the bad) about a product or a company without bias.

Top 10 Best Car Cameras

Using our rating system, we have pulled together a list of the top 10 best dash cams on the market today.

Read on to find the perfect fit for your vehicle and lifestyle:

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam, 2.5K 1440P Front Dash Cam,...
  • 【Dual Lens 1080P Car Camera】Best dual dash cam for uber, rideshare, lyft drivers, picked by Wirecutter, CNET,...
  • 【Single Front 2.5K 1440P Dash Cam】When recording in front-only mode, footage is captured at at 2.5K...
  • 【Infrared Night Vision w/Sony Sensor】The interior facing camera utilizes a Sony sensor, 4 IR LED lights and f/2.0...

The Vantrue N2 Pro features dual 1080P full HD recording, which means that you can get a beautiful picture of both the road ahead of you and the interior of your cars cabin. The front facing camera offers 170 degrees of view while the rear facing camera offers 140 degrees, both cameras record simultaneously to give you the full experience when reviewing your footage.

You may also easily shut off the interior recording feature, if you wish to do so.

Not to mention, this camera has a built-in microphone and speaker to capture audio from within the car, you may also choose to turn this feature off if you do not wish to record sound at any time.

The Vanture N2 Pro has super night vision capabilities and takes stunning video of both inside and outside of the cabin even in the darkest nights. The camera automatically adjusts to low light conditions with the use of infrared technology both inside and outside of the car.

The parking monitor and motion sensor features allow the camera to automatically record any time it detects motion in front of your car, which can be helpful in gathering footage of any potential side collisions, especially when your vehicle is parked.

Following an impact, a g-sensor within the camera is triggered which will detect the collision and save that video footage to an event folder for later viewing making this model an “eye-witness”.

One of the coolest features of this model is the optional GPS which allows you to track your driving route, location, and speed. This model also adds the date and a time stamp to all video recordings.

If you are worried about running out of space on your SD card, this camera supports effortless loop recording, meaning that when your card reaches capacity, the camera will record over the oldest footage without having to get more storage. Any saved videos from collision are safely locked and are not deleted as part of the loop recording.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: Samsung 64GB EVO Select Memory Card

Overall Rating: 

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4” LCD

Rexing V1 - 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD Screen, Wi-Fi, 170°...
  • ULTRA HD DISCREET DESIGN DASH CAM: Top image sensor captures beautiful 2160p video even while driving fast. Signature...
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS & WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE: The 7 layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of...
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR: The dash cam uses a supercapacitor which can withstand extreme temperatures from -20...

The Rexing v1 offers full HD video capture during both day and night time driving and 170 degrees of coverage. This camera can be mounted almost anywhere on your windshield and still capture the entirety of the road ahead of you.

This model features a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which automatically adjusts the cameras exposure and helps to create balance across multiple light conditions to prevent light flares or dark spots while recording your drive. with easy playback

This model also features the industry’s standard loop recording feature while keeping locked videos safe from being overwritten. When the built in G-sensor detects a collision, the footage currently being recorded will automatically be locked in order to document the possible accident.

This model is high temperature resistant with a 140-degree operating temperature and a 160-degree storage temperature, which makes it ideal for hotter climates.

Rexing is also quick to give the customer information on how to reach their customer support staff and includes information on firmware updates to constantly improve their product, which shows that the company is continuously improving their products to match customer needs.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Micro SD Card 64GB

Overall Rating: 

Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K

Rexing V1GW-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam w/Built-in GPS Logger, 2.4" LCD...
  • ADDED VALUE- BUILT-IN GPS: Enjoy our most top rated dashcam however with a Built-in GPS logger that can show you the...
  • ULTRA HD DASH CAM: Top image sensor captures beautiful 2160p video even while driving fast. Signature low-profile design...
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS & WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE: The 7 layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of...

The Rexing V1 3rd Generation is an amped up version of the aforementioned Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam. The 3rd Generation sports the same 170-degree wide angled lens, but with an updated camera that features Ultra HD Video with up to 2160p resolution at 24fps.

The 3rd Generation has a new feature, built-in WIFI which allows you to save recordings to your smartphone for quicker viewing or to make it easier than ever to share footage of your road trip to your friends and family.

This version features the same loop recording technology and gravity sensor to detect collisions and lock important video from being overwritten.

The 3rd Generation steps up its game by including a 16GB SanDisk Micro SD Memory Card, but if you prefer a larger memory card, it is recommended that you move up to the 64GB SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD Card for longer recording times.

If you are looking for stellar quality video and WIFI capabilities, then this camera is worth paying the extra $.

If you are happy with great quality video, buying a USB card, and plugging your camera into a computer to get your video save yourself the money and buy the Rexing V1 (above).

Memory Card: Included! 16GB SanDisk Micro SD Memory Card.

Overall Rating: 

Z-EDGE Z4 2K Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z4 2K Dash Cam, Super HD 2560x1080 Dashboard Camera Recorder...
  • Ultra 2k HD Image Quality: Record every moment in exceptional 2560 x 1080p super HD resolution at 30 frames per second....
  • DIY Installation: Quick and easy to install for anyone. Secure suction cup mount with quick release mechanism carrying...
  • Never Miss a License Plate: Featuring best-in-class color CMOS image sensor and processor to capture incredible details...

The Z-EDGE Z4 2K is a mid-range device that has a lot to offer. This device features an A7 processor that pumps out high resolution 1080P video and can also be set up to take photographs of vehicle damage or your family on vacation. HDR technology records clear, crisp 2K HD video in extreme exposures and balances out light and dark spots quickly to record everything in sight.

This model has a built-in 2.7” LCD display for immediate playback of whatever video or photos you have recorded. You are also able to remove the camera from the easy-apply mount and take it with you to capture close up images.

Not to mention that the whole device fits directly behind your rear-view mirror to allow for optimal field-of-view while driving.

The Z-EDGE detects when you turn your vehicle on/off and will turn on/off accordingly, without you having to worry about it. This model also has a parking mode which, when enabled, waits for vibration detected by the G-Sensor to turn on and begin recording. The device will automatically shut of 30 seconds after the vibration is no longer detected. This feature can protect your car from parking lot accidents and can help you to be sure that any damage is paid for.

This model has the option to record sound in cabin, or you can easily turn this feature off when not desired.

The Z-EDGE Z4 comes with a 16 GB TF Card which can record approximately 2 hours of 1080P footage. The loop recording technology automatically manages this storage by writing over any footage once the storage is full, however, any files that were recorded during a potential crash are saved and will not be overwritten.

Memory Card: Included! 16 GB TF Card.

Overall Rating: 

YI Smart Dash Camera, 2.7” Screen, Full HD

No products found.

The YI Smart Dash Camera is a budget-friendly car camera that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

This model comes equipped with a 165-degree wide angled lens that will record 1080p 60 fps video during all times of the day. The manufacturer claims that the wide angled lens covers a full 3-lanes to provide ample video coverage.

You are also able to preview your video for you to monitor the whole road while driving.

The YI Smart Dash Camera also sports the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which provides real-time intelligent lane departure warnings and forward collision warnings, which detect the distance to the car in front of you, to help you drive safer.

The YI Smart Dash Camera has the industry standard G-Sensor technology and the ability to auto-save footage in the events leading up to, and directly after, a collision.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: 64GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC

Overall Rating: 

Dencier Car Camera Front and Rear

Dash Cam Sony Sensor Front and Rear Dual Lens Car Camera 140°Wide...
  • FRONT & REAR DUAL RECORDING DASH CAMERA and DUAL VIEWS: Excellent 140 degree 1296p (1728*1296)/30fps front camera...
  • SHARP NIGHT VISION ASSISTANCE: Upgraded D100D installed with sony sensor. Built-in 4 infrared lights give you a better...
  • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION & EXTRA USB PORT CAR CHARGER: Putting this camera on the dashboard or you can also installing...

The Dencier Car Camera is different than the other dash cameras on the list so far in the way that it attaches to your dash and not your windshield AND it acts as a backup camera.

This camera also has two separate cameras, one for the front facing view and one that attaches to the rear of your vehicle to give you a rear facing view for backing up and rear end collisions.

You are able to view both video feeds at once, since the views are simultaneously displayed on the 2-inch screen. You can toggle between the front facing and rear facing camera views with an easy push of a button.

This model comes with the industry standard motion detection capabilities and looping 1296P recording, while still protecting saved files that have triggered the G-Sensor. This model also sports night vision capabilities and a 140-degree lens to monitor blind spots.

At a price tag under $, this model won’t break the bank.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: 64GB SanDisk Micro SD Card

Overall Rating: 

Rock Space 1080P Car Camera

Dash Camera for Cars - 1080P Full HD Dash Cam,Dashcam With 2.3" LCD...
  • [1080p FHD Rechargeable Dash Cam & Super Night Vision] This dash cam vastly more intelligent.1080P FHD dash camera for...
  • [Tiny Design & Ideal for Any Climate] Our dash cam 1080 Full HD video through a 150-degree lens.This dash camera for...
  • [Emergency SOS & G-Sensor Built] Dash camera for cars’s emergency sos could detect a serious collision when you are...

The Rock Space Dash Cam features a 150-degree wide angle and records video at a high quality 1080P at 30fps, which offers clear images without using all of your storage space. This model also features a 2.3” LCD screen for immediate playback.

HDR Technology provides vison during daytime and nighttime hours and claims to have high stability and no jump seconds so that you record everything that happens with no glitching.

This model comes equipped with the standard loop recording and G-Sensor technology to only save those files you need and automatically overwriting the ones you don’t.

The Rock Space Car Camera boasts an easy set-up and will securely mount to any windshield or dashboard and comes with a double-sided 3M pad and cable clips.

The manufacturer guarantees this item for 1 year with no hassle and immediate customer service response.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: SanDisk Ultra Class 10 Memory Card

Overall Rating: 

Crosstour Dash Cam

No products found.

This is by far the most affordable camera on this list and is perfect for someone who wants to get started with dash cameras and is not sure if they want to drop top dollar on the most expensive camera out there.

The Crosstour records full HD 1080P video with a 170-degree wide angled lens and gives you an option between 2 mounting kits (suction cup or adhesive mount).

This camera sports a 3-inch LCD screen for real time feedback and allows you to play back any video footage without having to upload it to a computer.

This model comes equipped with the industry standard G-Sensor, loop recording, and motion detection to record any activity that is happening outside your vehicle while saving space for times when the vehicle is not in motion.

The motion detection feature will also allow the camera to record when it detects motion outside of the car in stand-by mode.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: 32GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD

Overall Rating: 

OldShark Dash Cam, 3”

Dash Cam 1080P Full HD 3 Inch Dashboard Camera Car Recorder with 32GB...
  • 【Loop Recording & Lock Accident】The Dash Camera with seamless loop record, it will overwrite old videos make sure...
  • 【24 Hours Car Security Camera Dash Cam】Parking mode: the dash cams will power on to record important videos when...
  • 【Ultra HD Night Vision Dash Cam for Cars】With super HD video resolution and superior fluently recording. The Car...

The OldShark Dash Cam is another one of the most affordable on the market right now. It is equipped with a 170-degree wide-angled lens which captures Ultra HD video. The OldShark can be installed to almost any windshield with the included suction mount.

This model will capture both day time and night time video and automatically records while you are driving and is triggered by engine ignition.
If your car is running, the OldShark is on.

The OldShark is equipped with crash detection and Loop recording, so that if the G-Sensor detects a collision any video recorded during that time will be locked and protected from being overwritten during the loop recording cycle.

The OldShark is resistant to temperatures as low as -15 degrees and as high as 160 degrees so that it is safe to leave outdoors in most states.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: 32GB Sandisk Class 10 High Endurance Card

Overall Rating: 

AZDOME 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

AZDOME GS63H 4K Dash Cam Ultra HD 2160P Car Camera with WiFi GPS,...
  • [4K RESOLUTION & 170 VIEW ANGLE] Distinguish from other 1080p dash cam, our car DVR provides a video resolution high up...
  • [BUILD-IN WIFI / GPS] "AZDOME" APP(IOS und Android) can remotely control the dash cam, change settings, real-time...
  • [3 POWERFUL FUNCTION] Loop Recording, users will have the option to record videos in loops of 3 / 5 / 10 minute video...

The AZDOME 4K Ultra HD Dash Cam is equipped with 1 170-degreee wide viewing angle lens that records 2160P at 24fps for 4K Ultra-HD Video or 1080P at 60FPS for full-HD video.

This camera comes with super night vision technology that utilizes an ultra-low sensitivity lens and is guaranteed to pick up any and all license plates.

In addition to the industry standard loop recording, motion sensor technology, parking monitor, and built-in G-Sensor; this unit also comes equipped with Wi-Fi and built in GPS.

The WIFI function allows you to instantly share video with your smartphone or wireless device to view your video whenever you would like to use a downloadable app.

You can also view any of your footage in real time on the 2.4” LCD screen.

The built-in GPS records your location, route, and speed using Google Maps and pairs it with your video footage.

Memory Card: Not included.

Recommended: Samsung 64GB 100MB/s Micro SDXC

Overall Rating: 

Which is the Best Car Camera for You?

car dash cam

Source: Giphy

It is important for you to take into consideration your car type, price range, and lifestyle when choosing the best dash camera to suit your needs.

To learn more details about the specific products listed, click the name on the blow dryer of your choice. Each link will bring you to a webpage complete with further details on your selected car camera and tons of personalized customer reviews.

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