Updated in May 2018

If you have high blood pressure, you should keep track of your blood pressure daily. While searching for the best blood pressure monitor, we gathered the best-rated and best-selling monitors available online and went through their specs, as well as online ratings and reviews from verified customers, to make sure the info we provide is accurate. We analyzed the number of measurements you can take with a battery charge, the ease of measuring and use, accuracy, memory recall function and the number of users they allow, cuff size, and whether they detect irregular heartbeat. The products are sorted from the lowest- to the highest-rated.

10. MatchMates Sphygmomanometer – Manual Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

This manual blood pressure kit from MatchMates does not use electricity or batteries, just an inflation bulb you need to squeeze to pump air into the cuff. It has an aneroid gauge with large numbers, which make it great for people with poor vision and/or those who find electronic blood pressure monitors unreliable. The kit includes a nylon cuff, an inflation bulb, the aneroid gauge, and a case.

Online reviews mention this device works great and is fairly accurate, but neither the manufacturer nor the customers who purchased and tried this product will detail on its accuracy. Some have complained about the high price of this monitor, and if we compare it to the Paramed model that uses the same principle, we tend to agree; however, this kit also includes a stethoscope.

mabis matchmates blood pressure kit

9. Ann Bully Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Using a one-step measuring technique, the Ann Bully wrist blood pressure cuff is designed for fast use. It can take up to 80 readings with a single charge and uses a smart system to inflate the cuff to peak pressure depending on the user’s blood pressure, thus eliminating discomfort. The internal memory of this blood pressure monitor can store up to 90 readings per user, allows up to 2 users at a time, can also detect irregular heartbeat, and has an adjustable cuff between 8.66 and 12.5 inches. The accuracy of this blood pressure monitor as described by the manufacturer is ±3mmHg for blood pressure and ±5% for pulse.

Online reviews mention this product is, indeed, very easy to use. Most customers are happy with the readings and ease of use of this blood pressure monitor; nevertheless, some customers say they got very different readings which they couldn’t trust.

Ann Bully Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

8. DigHealth Upper Blood Pressure Cuff

DigHealth’s blood pressure monitor is FDA-approved and can also detect arrhythmia. It can support 4 users with up to 30 readings for each one. With every reading, the monitor displays advanced results including the average between the last three readings for a user. It requires the use of four AA batteries, meaning that you must have a fresh supply of batteries on hand at all times. Although no info is available on the size of the cuff, the manufacturer mentions it’s fit for average to heavy builds.

Online reviews mention this blood pressure monitor’s readings were within 2% of their doctors’ readings. However, some customers mentioned the cuff can sometimes overinflate and cause discomfort. Most reviews say this is easy to use, but some customers complained about its low memory.

DigHealth Upper Blood Pressure Cuff

Note: This product is no longer available in online retail stores, but it can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website!

7. Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff

This blood pressure monitor is battery-operated, can memorize the last 14 readings, and fits arms between 9 and 17 inches in circumference. The cuff has a comfortable design and is able to detect irregular heartbeats with every reading. Even though you cannot use this for multiple users, it can be used while lying down, which is one of the most appreciated features of this monitor.

Even though the manufacturer provides no information regarding the accuracy of this device, most reviews swear by this product and add it’s also very easy to use. Verified customers most appreciate how “touchy” this monitor is; it will not provide a reading if using it over a sleeve, thus forcing the user to take a more accurate measurement. Even though Omron is said by many to make the best blood pressure monitor, this product only got the 7th place in our top.

Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

6. Good-Health Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff

Good-Health’s automatic upper arm blood pressure cuff is by far the best home blood pressure monitor if you want reliable readings without spending a lot of money. It is waterproof and easy to use and runs on batteries. The cuff is adjustable for arms between 8.6 and 12.6 inches. The device can store up to 90 readings per user and supports a maximum of 2 users. This is the second best blood pressure monitor according to online ratings and reviews and has also been approved by the FDA. Like most electronic blood pressure monitors, this device alerts users of arrhythmia.

Online reviews mention this device is very easy to use and read by elderly people, which is another highly-appreciated feature. if this device has a downside, that’s its maximum of 2 users; some customers would have preferred to record readings from all family members.

Good-health Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

5. Aickar Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff

Aickar’s upper arm blood pressure monitor can support up to 3 users with 99 measurements each and can fit users with arm circumferences between 8.7 inches and 13 inches. It comes with its own AC adapter which allows continual use even if you run out of batteries and a software that automatically syncs readings to your PC or laptop, which might make it the best blood pressure monitor for those who want a long-term report of their blood pressure if only it worked properly.

Most reviews are positive and mention the accuracy, quality, and ease of use for this monitor. Nevertheless, some customers note that the software is difficult to install and does not perform properly, which is a big letdown for us. In addition, it doesn’t seem to detect irregular heartbeats, which is another downside.

Aickar Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff

4. Balance Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff

This blood pressure monitor is FDA-cleared and can memorize up to 60 readings per user for 2 users. It can also detect irregular heartbeat and alerts you accordingly. The device is pretty straightforward to use, like most other electronic blood pressure monitors on this list; however, it also comes with a video tutorial on how to use it. The device can use its internal battery or 4 AAA batteries which are included in the kit.

According to online reviews, this blood pressure monitor is one of the most accurate online; however, neither the manufacturer nor the customers provide specific info regarding its accuracy. reviews from verified customers also mention its ease of use and how quiet it is. Unfortunately, we did not manage to find out how many readings a battery charge will support, but it’s still one of the best blood pressure monitor options of the year.

Balance Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

3. ParaMed Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff

The manual blood pressure monitor from ParaMed has a long adjustable cuff between 8.6 and 16.5 inches in circumference. It comes with a large number dial and a smooth pressure relief system and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customers who used this cuff mention it’s reliable and gives you enough time to take an accurate reading without over-inflating itself and causing pain or discomfort. They also appreciate that the cuff is made from durable and waterproof nylon. However, you also need a stethoscope to take readings with this cuff; if you already have one, this is one of the best blood pressure monitors for home use. If not, you should skip to the next products.

ParaMed Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff

2. Care Touch Upper Blood Pressure Cuff

This FDA-approved blood pressure monitor from Care Touch can store up to 250 readings for each user with a maximum of 2 users at a time. With every reading, this device also displays an average of the last 3 readings for that user and whether the heartbeat is irregular or not. It has an accuracy of ±3mmHg for blood pressure and ±5% for pulse. The cuff is medium to large, covering circumferences between 8.5 inches and 16.5 inches.

According to online reviews from verified customers, this blood pressure cuff is very sensitive so you need to follow the instructions to the letter. Nevertheless, it takes accurate readings and is long-lasting. One downside of this BP monitor is that it fits slender people loosely; nevertheless, it’s the best blood pressure monitor within its price range.

Care Touch Upper Blood Pressure Monitor

1. Fam-Health Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff

This Fam-Health blood pressure monitor is ultra-silent and approved by the FDA. With each reading, the device also displays an average of the last 3 readings and can also detect irregular heart beat. In addition, it also comes with a hypertension indicator which alerts users if their blood pressure exceeds the normal limit. The cuff ranges from 5.31 inches to 8.46 inches in circumference. The manufacturer states this blood pressure monitor has an accuracy of ±3mmHg/±0.4kpa for blood pressure and ±5% for pulse. The internal memory of this device can store data for 2 users with up to 90 readings each. This device uses AAA batteries instead of an internal one.

Customers most appreciate how silent, compact, and easy to use (and read) this blood pressure monitor is. In addition, this is one of the most comfortable blood pressure monitors available online, according to online reviews. However, some customers noted the case of this monitor is too tight and can accidentally press the buttons, drain battery, or delete data. Even despite these, the Fam-Health is the best blood pressure monitor available this year.

Fam-Health Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff


We declare the best blood pressure monitor the one from Fam-Health thanks to its accuracy and the fact that it’s easy to use by people of all ages. Nevertheless, the Care Touch model is another reliable option for the same reasons. However, the most accurate readings can be taken with a sphygmomanometer like the one from Paramed or the kit from MatchMates that also contains the much-needed stethoscope. We also liked the idea behind the Aickar blood pressure monitor for offering the possibility of a digital report containing all readings; however, customers feel the software needs some serious improvements, and we tend to agree. Do you?