The best baby pool float should be safe and comfortable, easy to setup, and convenient to transport. Of course, a baby pool float gets bonus points if it can also entertain the kids; keep in mind they still require constant supervision, however. We researched the market and selected 10 best-selling and best-rated baby pool floats available for online purchase in 2019 and sorted them in ascending order according to their average ratings from verified customers.

10. Poolmaster Mommy & Me Float

This unusual design functions as a float for both baby and mom. The rear part of the float has a comfortable drop seat that lets the baby kick around in the water. Along the front is a split ring opening for the parent to grip. This lets you float in the pool alongside your baby. The entire float is made from 10 gauge vinyl to prevent tearing. It comes with a detachable sun canopy and inflatable character for additional sun protection and fun.

Poolmaster Mommy & Me baby float rider

9. Happon Inflatable Baby Pool Float

The Happon baby float is suitable for babies between the ages of 6 and 36 months. It has a cute car shaped design that is both fun and stable. The canopy design functions as both a sun shade and a handle, so you can always keep your baby safe. When you are done swimming for the day, deflate the float and store it in the backpack that comes with your purchase.

Happon inflatable baby pool float with sun canopy

8. Nearly Natural Decor Flamingo Baby Float Seat

This adorable float is the baby version of the flamingo pool floats that have become so trendy on Instagram this year. The flamingo shape is not just for cuteness; many babies like to hold onto the flamingo’s neck for extra security while floating. It is made from a durable and environmentally safe PVC that does not leak out air. With a middle ring and leg holes for the baby, your child can comfortably learn to play in the water. Just keep in mind that it is more suitable for larger babies and toddlers.

Nearly Natural decor flamingo baby pool float seat

7. Aqua Leisure Friendly Baby Boat

Aqua Leisure’s float is intended to help children safely enjoy water. The design includes a safety seat surrounded by an inflatable ring. This seat has a reinforced web core and a patented 3 play construction intended to create extra security. The seat also comes with a detachable sun canopy to keep your baby safe when the sun is bright. You can pick from two fun animal choices because the Aqua Leisure float comes in both a shark and a butterfly design. Both designs have stabilizing wings or fins on either side to help prevent flipping.

Aqua leisure friendly baby boat


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6. SwimSchool Lil’ Skipper Baby Boat

This baby float is designed to introduce children to water between the ages of 6 to 18 months. It keeps their head and shoulders out of the water while letting them kick around with their feet. Since children in this age range grow rapidly, SwimSchool’s float has an adjustable backrest to securely hold children of all sizes. For extra safety, the seat is triple-layered and reinforced to prevent collapsing. Though there is the potential of holes opening along the seams, this baby float does come with a patching kit just in case anything happens. Although it doesn’t come with a canopy, this is, in our opinion, the best baby pool float for boys thanks to its design.

SwimSchool Lil Skipper baby boat

5. Intex Kiddie Float

This cute and affordable option works well for children between the ages of one and two years old. It has leg holes that are purposefully smoothed to prevent irritation along your child’s legs. The smaller size helps to keep younger children secure without slipping out. Its inflatable sunshade provides some protection from the sun’s rays. In the hand bar are three play balls designed to keep your baby entertained in the pool.

Intex Kiddie Float with 3 play balls included

4. Intex My Baby Float

We have more than one Intex design on this list because the company creates so many different styles of infant pool floats. A dual ring design helps to improve stability and prevent flipping. The saddle style seat allows the baby to sit more comfortably in the water without slipping out. For extra comfort, there is a backrest that will help to hold up your child’s head if their neck muscles are not strengthened yet. You can save money by ordering the two-pack option if you have multiple children in need of floats.

Intex 59574 my baby float

3. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

The fabric covering on the SwimWays float provides a soft surface that will not scratch or rub. A sun canopy provides shade during the day, but it can be detached when the sun is lower. It has a mesh seat with leg holes, so your baby can enjoy kicking in the water. A patented inner spring helps to increase stability even when your child is moving around a lot. Other security measures include dual air chambers and child safety valves. When not in use, you can fold it into a compact circle that fits easily in the included storage bag. This is the best baby pool float for those who want to avoid PVC and plastic materials.

SwimWays baby spring float with sun canopy

2. Punada Baby Float

Made from durable PVC, this float will last for years. Two sturdy handles let you and your baby grip onto the float when needed. A detachable sun canopy and a head rest keep your baby comfortable in the float. The front of the float is also raised for babies who prefer to lean forward. Keep in mind that this float has a maximum weight of 44 pounds.

Punada baby pool float

1. PFloat Baby Float with Sun Canopy and Bath Toys

With extra large valves, the upgraded design of the PFloat float is five times quicker to inflate than normal floats. An inflatable sun canopy is included to keep your baby from being burnt, but you can detach it if desired. Along the front of the float is a cute little steering wheel and beeping horn for extra fun. The side has a feeding bottle holder so you can keep your child’s bottle or cup with them in the pool. This package comes with three cute water toys for your baby to play with in the pool and a carry case for when the float is deflated. This is the best baby pool float on the market thanks to its safe and fun design and the manufacturer’s attention to details.

PFloat baby pool float with sun canopy and bath toys


The best baby pool float is by far the PFloat model thanks to its flawless design and resilience, but the Punada float is a great alternative with a similar design and quality. The SwimWays model is a great alternative for those who want to avoid plastic pool floats and our personal favorite thanks to its materials. What’s yours?

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