Baby bath seats are designed to simplify the task of bathing your baby. Common types include lie-back seats and baby seats that support your kid into a sitting position. Some baby bath seats have straps to keep your baby safe, cushions to keep him or her comfortable, and other features that make bathing fun (or at least tolerable) for your newborn. For this article, we reviewed some of the best baby bath seats with prices under $50. Here are our recommendations:

10. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

This deluxe baby bather is designed from mesh, plastic, and metal. The materials are free from substances like latex, lead, and phthalates that are injurious to the skin of your baby. The summer infant deluxe baby bather has a sturdy base that protects your child against falls. You can install it in a sink or a bathtub. The baby bather is folded for ease of storage or transport. At first, the baby bather may be challenging to fold. The baby seat is available on Amazon at a price of $13.22. Shipping charges are included in the price.

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

9. Angel Bath Support

The Angel Bath support comes in aqua, gray, and pink colors. It is made of a sturdy plastic material that lasts long. Furthermore, the plastic material is mold resistant and easy to wash. Its top is a plastic mesh that drains water while you are bathing your kid. The angel bath support has an ergonomic design that features a soft material that is tender to your baby’s skin. It has a loop used for storage and drying. The disadvantage of this baby bath seat is that it is too big to fit in a standard sink. In Amazon, the Aqua colored bath seat costs $17. 99 and the price is inclusive of shipping charges.

Angelcare Bath Support

8. First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub & Seat

First year’s sure comfort deluxe tub and the seat have an ergonomic mesh sling that supports your baby. Also, the headrest keeps your baby comfortable while enjoying a bath. The met sling is detachable and machine washable features that enhance the hygiene of the bath seat. The bathtub is suitable for infants and toddlers. The baby bath seat’s tub has a drainage plug that can leak if improperly plugged.

Comfort Deluxe Bathtub

7. Safety 1st Sink Snuggler Baby Bather

This baby bather is designed with a soft foam material that makes your baby comfortable while bathing. You can unfold this baby bather, a quality that makes it easy to dry, clean, and store. Thanks to its small size it fits in kitchen sinks, hence no need to bathe your baby in a regular bath tub. It’s recommended for infants. The disadvantage of this baby bather is that it is not sturdy enough to support kids on its own, so you still have to help your child while washing him or her.

Safety 1st Baby Bather

6. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

This Fisher-Price baby bath seat has cushions that keep your infant comfortable while reclined. The product comes with stoppers that prevent your kid from slipping while bathing. The Fisher- Price Precious Planet Whale of the tub has a drain to release used water. The whale of a tub is suitable for kids aged betweenmonths. The green but fitter under the baby bath seat needs regular cleaning to prevent the seat from catching mold. You can buy your bath seats from Amazon at a price of $21.43 and shipping is free.

Fisher-Price Bathtub

5. Munchkin Clean Cradle

Munchkin clean cradle is made of plastic, an easy to clean material. It has a safety overflow that discharges excess water and a removable top to facilitate easy cleaning. The head rest is made from a super soft material that will protect the delicate skin of your child while bathing. Its side walls protect your baby from sliding and falling. Nevertheless, the product is pretty bulky and doesn’t quite fit in standard kitchen sinks. You can buy one from Amazon at a price of $27.99 and shipping is free.

Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub

4. Leachco Hug Tub Stingray

The Leachco Hug Tub Stingray is a cushion that is designed for babies who have just begun to sit. It only offers a bit of support to the child when you are bathing and shampooing her or him. Its bottom has a non-slip feature that prevents sliding on wet and smooth surfaces, hence preventing falls. The product comes along with a sturdy hanger for storage and drying. The downside of this Leachco Hug Tub Stingray is that soaks up and can be hard to dry. In Amazon, the product costs $36.95 and shipping is free.

Leachco Hug Tub Stingray

3. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub & Compact Seat

The Shnuggle baby bath tub is a small support seat that is recommended for kids aged less than one year. It has smooth curves that provide comfort to your child. It has a bum bump and foam backrest, features that support your kid in a sitting position. Its small design can fit in a kitchen sink, a bathtub of even on the floor. Its base is fitted with rubber hence does not slide easily. The only downside of the tub is that it lacks a feature to drain used water.

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

2. AJ Baby Bath Chair

The AJ Baby Bath Chair is a light weight baby bath seat that supports different contouring styles for easy bathing. The bath chair supports the legs and arms to protect your kid from slipping into the bathtub. The bath chair’s material is an easy to clean plastic that is free of lead and phthalate. Its drain holes drain away used water. The downside of this bath seat for baby is that a child may easily roll off since the seat lacks sides to prevent rolling. The AJ Baby bath chair is sold on Amazon, and its price is $38.89. Shipping is free.

Aojia Baby Bath Chair

1. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

The Fisher seat tub is designed to accommodate children of different sizes and developmental ages. The seat tub comes with a soft mesh sling that secures and supports newborns. As the newborn grows, you can substitute the mesh sling with a stage two baby stopper. The stopper is made of soft foam that supports reclining. Furthermore, the stopper has inserts that help kids who have just started sitting. One disadvantage of this seat tub is that the head padding on the mesh sling is thin. You can buy the bath seat for baby from Amazon at a price of $23.99 and shipping is free.

Fisher-Price Sling N Seat Tub


A baby bath seat or baby bath seat ring is an important part that simplifies the task of bathing your baby. They keep your child in an upright position and prevent sliding that can result in falls or even drowning. Good bath seats have a smooth finish and offer the necessary support to protect your child from falling off. You can recommend a good product that is not listed in our reviews.

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