We have searched the online market for the best automatic soap dispenser out there and we have made a list of the 10 best options you have out there. All of the products on our list are entirely touch-free and got stellar customer ratings and reviews.

Our List of the 10 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

Following is our list of the ten best automatic soap dispensers:

10. YiDing Soap Dispenser,Automatic Hands-Free Battery Operated,Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor

The Rickyaaron touchless soap dispenser is one of the most versatile products on the market. Not only is it compatible with virtually any type of liquid, but it is also suited for wall mounting and flat counters. You can even adjust the amount of liquid this automatic hand soap dispenser releases to get the optimum washing procedure for your specific needs. As a bonus, it is also an automatic foaming soap dispenser, which means that it can use up to 75% less soap because you can dilute it with water.


  • Smart Motion Infra-Red Sensor.
  • Completely touch-free operation.
  • Suitable for any type of soap or disinfectant.
  • Adjustable liquid volume – You can control the amount of liquid released by the dispenser.
  • Wall mounted.

YiDing Soap Dispenser, Automatic Hands-Free Battery Operated Soap...
  • 🎄【Intelligent Induction】:Using advanced infrared sensing technology,automatically detects your hand from as far...
  • 🎄【Total 5 Levels Adjustable】:This Battery Operated Soap Dispenser has a total of 5 grades of fluid, which meets...
  • 🎄【Home Edition & 16.2 oz. Large capacity】:Medium size,the bottle can hold 16.2 oz / 480 ml of soap, which is...

9. Lightton Automatic Soap Dispenser

The SimpleOne is one of our favorite items on the list because of its exquisite design. It will add a modern touch to your bathroom or kitchen, which makes it one of the best automatic soap dispensers on the market. Its technology is virtually flawless because the battery pack will last you up to one year, its powerful motion sensor assures an entirely touch-free operation process. As a bonus, the SimpleOne automatic soap dispenser has a no-spill refill technique, which makes changing the soap a breeze. It is available in white and silver.


  • Powerful motion sensor for completely touch-free operation.
  • Operated with 4 AAA batteries (sold separately).
  • Modern design and stainless steel body.
  • Easy to refill; completely spill-free refill technique.
  • Available in arctic white and liquid silver.

8. Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

The Umbra Otto touchless soap dispenser is a slick little item you can add in your bathroom to include in your bathroom. With a minimum investment, you can get a high-quality dispenser that will optimize your entire hand washing routine. The Umbra Otto dispenser is entirely touch-free operated, which means that you will never have to touch it with dirty hands. Its flawless design and construction make the Umbra Otto the best automatic soap dispenser when it comes to design. It is also extremely versatile because it is perfectly suited for a wide range of liquids; therefore, you can use it in your kitchen, as well as your bathroom.


  • Suitable for dish soap, hand sanitizer, and liquid hand soap.
  • The window on the front lets you see soap levels at all times.
  • Soap Capacity – 6 ounces/ 177ml.
  • Operated with AAA batteries (sold separately).
  • Made from molded plastic with matte finish. 

No products found.

7. ELECHOK Touchless Automatic, Infrared Motion Sensor Stainless Steel Dish Liquid Free Auto Hand Soap Dispenser

With its slick modern design and its virtually flawless touch-free dispensing technology, the ToiletTree Deluxe automatic soap dispenser is one of the top products on the market. It can hold up to 300ml of liquid soap and it can be adapted for kitchens as well as bathrooms. Its drip-free design will help you avoid stains on your kitchen or bathroom sink and its efficient motion sensor makes for a completely touch-free experience. As an added bonus, ToiletTree products come with a lifetime guarantee, which should give you an idea of just how good their products are.


  • Motion sensor technology for touch-free operation.
  • Capacity – 300ml or a little over 10 fl.oz.
  • Suitable for a wide range of soaps, disinfectants, and lotions.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries not included in the package. 
  • Drip-free design.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

Automatic Soap Dispenser, TROPRO 7.5oz/250ml Sensor Touchless Liquid...
  • ✋【Read Before U Buy】✋Leakage or clogging problem: Now the lengthen pipeline adopts full machine welding that...
  • ⌛️【One Button & THREE Adjustable Volume】🕹 The power button now combines the ON-OFF switch and 3 volume...
  • ✋【Suitable for All Kinds of Liquid Soap】🛀 It is compatible with all kinds of liquid such as hand soap, and it...

6. PURELL LTX-12 Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Purell automatic soap dispenser is one of our favorite products on the online market because it is impressively long-lived. It has an extra-large capacity of 1200ml, which means that you will have to refill it once every few months. If you need a heavy-duty dispenser, this is by far the best automatic soap dispenser you could get.

This dispenser is perfectly suited for wall mounting, which makes it an ideal fit for kitchens and bathrooms alike. It is ADA-compliant, which certifies that it is one of the best automatic soap dispensers out there. You can use it for hand soap, as well as hand sanitizer, which makes it extremely useful.


  • Efficient motion sensor for touch-free operation.
  • Extra large  capacity – 1200ml or a little over 40 fl.oz.
  • Battery powered – 3 C batteries (sold separately).
  • ADA-compliant – meets federal law requirements.
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquids.
  • Wall mounted automatic soap dispenser.

Purell LTX-12 Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Chrome/Black, for...
  • PURELL LTX-12 Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser puts PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer where it's needed most – in...
  • Across millions of dispensers and billions of uses, PURELL dispensers and refills are proven dependable and guaranteed...
  • The PURELL LTX-12 Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser works with PURELL LTX-12 Hand Sanitizer Refills. Each 1200 mL...

5. Umbra 330265-047 Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

This Svinz hands free soap dispenser is a large-capacity dispenser that can hold up to 15 oz. of soap. It has a frosted reservoir with a large opening for easy refill. But the real star of this automatic hand soap dispenser is its pump, which dispenses an adjustable amount of soap in just half of a second. Of course, you can also use it as a dispenser of lotion, dish soap, or other similar liquids.

And the great news is, this product is ideal for those environmentally-conscious since 4 alkaline AAA batteries can power it for up to one year. However, it still lacks a bit in the design & functionality department as it is a bit too sensitive according to some users. This is why the Svinz touchless soap dispenser only got the fifth place in our top.


  • 15 oz. reservoir. 
  • Fast & accurate dispenser with a powerful pump.
  • Waterproof & fingerprint-proof metallic finish. 
  • Operated with 4 AAA batteries that last up to one year.
  • Suitable for hand soap, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, shower gel, etc.

Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser Touchless, Sanitizer, Hands Free...
  • HANDS FREE OPERATION: Whether you’re avoiding cold and flu season or cooking foods like chicken that could have...
  • WORKS WITH HAND SANITIZER: Otto’s 6oz (177 ml) capacity makes it an ideal hand sanitizer dispenser, liquid soap...
  • EASY TO FILL: Otto’s fluid level indicator widow allows you to see when it’s time to refill; and the large, top-load...

4. simplehuman 9 oz. Sensor, Brass Stainless Steel Kitchen Soap Pump

This Hayden hands free soap dispenser is one of the best-looking soap dispensers out there. The high-quality brushed stainless steel coating offers a sleek design, not to mention the fact that it’s smudge- and fingerprint-proof. Unlike most of the soap dispensers on this list which only have 2 volume settings tops, this new Hayden model features 3 volume options, which makes it even more comfortable to use. If you are looking for a reliable stainless steel dispenser that will blend in, this is the best automatic soap dispenser you could get.


  • Modern design with highly resistant stainless steel finish.
  • 3 volume settings.
  • Works with 4 AAA batteries, which are not included in the original package. 
  • Suitable for all types of liquid soap.

simplehuman 9 oz. Touch-Free Rechargeable Sensor Liquid Soap Pump...
  • TOUCH-FREE - Neat, easy and automatic. Touch-free operation means no germs passed on, and no smudges left behind.
  • CLOG-FREE TUBING PUMP - For precise and consistent soap flow.
  • FUNNEL REFILL OPENING - Makes it easy to refill your sensor pump without messy drips.

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3. Secura Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser w/Adjustable Soap Dispensing Volume Control Dial

This third best automatic soap dispenser is one of the highest-rated touchless soap dispensers on Amazon. Although it’s not made out of a solid aluminum or stainless steel block, its metallic parts still have an elegant and highly resistant finish. But the reasons for which this hands-free soap dispenser got the 6th place in our top have little to do with its looks. It’s just one of those products that is so comfortable and easy to use – a fast, customizable dispenser you can quickly and easily refill without spilling any soap.


  • Can dispense soap in just 0.2 seconds.
  • Made out of nickel & brushed with a metallic finish.
  • Adjustable soap volume with easy-access buttons.
  • Prevents messy drips with the help of a silicone valve.
  • Bonus: a simplehuman soap sample.

No products found.

2. Chunnuo Soap Dispenser 3.0, Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

The GLAMFIELDS dispenser is the second best automatic soap dispenser on our list. This stainless steel dispenser which is suited for your kitchen counter and your bathroom sink alike. It is extremely easy to use because all you need to do is add the four AAA batteries and these will last you up to one year.

Its powerful sensor will release the soap in less than 0.5 seconds after it is activated, which makes it extremely easy to use. Its waterproof bottom cover will keep the battery pack completely water-free. You can also set the specific amount of liquid you want to be dispensed!


  • Efficient reflective sensor technology for touch-free operation.
  • Stainless steel body and modern design.
  • Waterproof soap dispenser bottom cover.
  • Operated with 4 AAA batteries (sold separately) – Each battery pack lasts up to one year.
  • Suitable for hand soap, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, shower gel, etc.

1. Ropoli Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

If you are looking for the best automatic foam soap dispenser on the market, then look no further because the AutoFoam dispenser is the one for you. Not only will it help you reduce the amount of you use on a daily basis (and with no less than 75%), but it will also provide you with high-quality foam. The AutoFoam dispenser comes in immaculate white, electrifying green, and luscious pink, and is the best automatic soap dispenser you could buy.


  • Motion sensor for touch-free operation.
  • Foam Pump: you can dilute liquid soap with water to get excellent homemade foam.
  • Operated with 4 AAA batteries (sold separately).
  • Can be used 40,000 times per battery pack.
  • Touchless soap dispenser – wall mounted or placed directly on bathroom shelves or sink.
  • Available in white, green, and pink.

Ropoli Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser 304 Stainless Steel Electric...
  • 【5 levels volume control】The Fourth Generation auto hand soap dispenser comes with 5 different settings to adjust...
  • 【304 steel body anti-rust】Compared with traditional soap dispensers, we use better materials and more advanced...
  • 【Base Waterproof】Compare with other soap dispenser, upgraded soap dispenser increase the capacity of waterproof,...

Buyer’s Guide to Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers are amazing. They are great for hygiene, efficiency, and give an overall more pleasurable experience to traditional washing. However, not all automatic soap dispensers are as good as others. There are certain things to know and avoid before purchasing an automatic soap dispenser. This is where our buyer’s guide on purchasing an automatic soap dispenser comes in handy. We have done all the research for you to help you get the most out of purchasing a dispenser.

How to Avoid Sensor Malfunction

The best way to avoid a malfunctioning sensor is to buy a proper one. It is always important to check on reviews before making a purchase from consumers who have personally used the product themselves. However, if you are experiencing some issues with the sensor, this doesn’t mean you should just throw your dispenser away. Try changing the batteries, cleaning the sensor, removing objects placed in front of the sensor, and then see if that fixes any issues you’re having. Many dispensers come with a warranty, so if you do experience any long term issues, you should be able to get your dispenser replaced at no cost.

Know Your Soaps

Each soap dispenser handles soap differently. Many dispensers only work with foam soaps, and some only work with specific expensive brand-name soaps, so it is important to know which soaps work with the dispenser before you make your purchase. There are many dispensers which will work with anything including shampoos, conditioners, and many other liquids. If you’re ever unsure about what your dispenser can handle, we would recommend using a thin soap that can easily flow through the dispenser.

Keep Your Dispenser Clean and Dry

We have made sure all of the dispensers in our list are high-quality, however, some a more so than others, and it is, of course, important to take proper care of your dispenser to ensure you get the most out of it. You should always check your dispenser for leaks, both internally and externally. Be sure to set up the dispenser correctly and in a dry environment to ensure the battery never comes into any issues.

Take Advantage of all the Features

Before you purchase a soap dispenser, be sure to know all of the features that are on offer with it so that you can make the most of everything that the dispenser can do. Many dispensers include some great features such as on/off buttons, adjustable amounts of soap dispensed, and many more features. If you know the features available and make use of them, you will be able to reduce waste and make cleaning and maintaining your soap dispenser much easier.


We hope our list of the best automatic soap dispenser choices has provided you with useful information for your search and that you are now one step closer to finding the best possible product for your home. Good luck with your search from the Best10Anything team!

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