The silver wedding is a true milestone in a couple’s life and needs to be marked in a very special way. Finding the right 25th wedding anniversary gifts requires quite a bit of preparation precisely because it needs to be meaningful and heartwarming while also bringing some utility one way or another. Here are our recommendations for the best gifts you could give to couples in heir 25th year together.

10. Mr. & Mrs. Towel Set

classy bride mr and mrs towel set

This is one of the simplest, yet most endearing 25th wedding anniversary gifts you can get. You can opt for Mr. & Mrs. towels or you can personalize them with the full name of your friends. In spite of the fact it is simple, your friends will get a very warm feeling every time they use them. It is an inexpensive gift that will go a long way, so we strongly recommend it for couples.

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  • Long-term gift that is practical and heartwarming
  • Great as an add-on to a bigger present


  • Not ideal for couples you don’t know that well
  • Might not be enough as a standalone present for those you are very close with

9. Romantic Music Collection CD

must have romantic music collection

This 25th wedding anniversary gift requires a bit more preparation. We recommend you get your friends a collection of the greatest romantic hits at the moment. This is one of the most thoughtful 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas and your friends are guaranteed to love it.

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  • Long-lasting gift that will keep on giving
  • Contains 100 songs which makes it versatile


  • The song selection can be unsatisfactory for some

8. Wine and Chocolate Tower Gift

wine country gift baskets wine and chocolate tower gift

This is yet another simple, yet thoughtful 25th wedding anniversary gift idea that is very easy to find. Your friends are bound to appreciate the effort you put into finding them such an inspired 25th wedding anniversary gift that will pave the way to a great romantic evening. In addition, you can also combine it with the previously mentioned romantic music collection!

[table id=109 /]


  • Looks awesome, tastes even better and is diverse
  • Can be shared with friends during the party


  • It’s not a long-lasting gift

7. A Couples Spa Day

This is one of the best 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples because it is the ultimate way to relax and relieve stress. All you have to do is make a reservation for a couples’ spa day at a facility of your choice. If you want to make this one of the most memorable romantic getaways of their marriage and need some ideas, you can look over this top by VacationIdea. Make sure to request a gift card with all the scheduling specifications of the reservation, as well as the therapy options that are available to your friends.

There is nothing more relaxing than a couples spa day.

Image source: Flickr

[table id=110 /]


  • Can literally be a life-changer for couples who kinda lost touch with each other


  • You need to research local options for reliable and professional places

6. Romantic Dinner for Two

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult for people to find the time for a little bit of romance. If you are still undecided about what to get your friends for their 25th wedding anniversary, a romantic dinner for two is one of your best options because it will give the chance to have a very special evening. Under the right circumstances, this can be a very intimate moment that will give your friends a chance to have a delightful evening together. Therefore, it is one of the most inspired 25th wedding anniversary gifts if you know how to choose the location.

romantic dinner for two

Pro tip: research the best restaurants in your area using TripAdvisor!

[table id=111 /]


  • Can be a life-changer for busy couples or simply couples who don’t get out
  • It’s a thoughtful and heartwarming gift


  • Needs thorough research on their tastes and the quality of the locations

5. His and Her Watches

dreaming qp is and her watches

Watches are one of the best 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples because they mark the moment in a unique way. As opposed to many other 25th wedding anniversary gifts, watches are something that your friends can use for a long time. You can further explore the market to find some amazing watches for him and her and choose the best one for your friends according to their preferences.

[table id=112 /]


  • Long-lasting gifts
  • Easy to match with most outfits
  • Sleek & easy to read design


  • Not ideal for couples with very specific fashion tastes

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4. Personalized Photo Album

sico home personalized photo album

This may seem like one of the traditional 25th wedding anniversary gifts, but you can make it extremely special for your friends by simply choosing the right pictures. You can structure the album into 25 sections so that there is one for each year of their marriage. Begin with pictures from their wedding and their first years of marriage, if possible, and then try to add some for each of the 25 years they have spent together!


[table id=113 /]


  • A great, long-lasting memory that keeps on giving
  • A very thoughtful gift


  • Might involve some extra work if you want to gift it with pictures already in it

3. His and Her Silver Puzzle Pendants

urban jewelry silver puzzle pendants

If you are looking for symbolic 25th wedding anniversary gifts, then get your friends these puzzle-shaped silver pendants for their special day because it is the perfect representation of this majestic milestone in their lives. Explore the jewelry market to find some amazing pieces and choose a set that is well suited to your friends’ preferences. You can order online or you can visit your local jewelry store to get a chance to see the lockets yourself. To add a special touch to this elegant 25th wedding anniversary gift, you can even have the lockets engraved.

This is one of the 25th wedding anniversary gifts that your friends will be able to wear for a very long time. The silver lockets are a romantic reminder of the love they bear one another and they will cherish them forever.

[table id=114 /]


  • Looks great and has a stylish finish
  • It’s a timeless gift


  • Not ideal for couples that don’t wear jewelry

2. A Romantic Trip to Paris

If you are willing to spend more on your friends’ gift, then a trip to Paris is one of the most romantic 25th wedding anniversary gifts you could get them and they are guaranteed to be surprised. Paris is the ideal place to celebrate 25 years of marriage because it is a romance wonderland. In spite of all the clichés about Paris, it is a city everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime with a significant other. What could be more romantic than an evening walk along the Seine or picnic next to the Eiffel Tower?

Explore the tourism market to find some excellent offers for vacations in Paris and get your friends an amazing 25th wedding anniversary gift. It will be a trip they will remember forever because Paris is the ultimate destination for romance.

romantic trip to paris

[table id=115 /]


  • Very thoughtful gift that can be a life-changer
  • Will definitely surprise the couple


  • Can be too expensive for most gifters
  • Needs lots of planning and attention to detail
  • Must be in accordance with their schedule

1. Photo Collage with 25 Pictures

love kankei wood frame

We chose the photo collage for our no. 1 spot because it is one of the most thoughtful 25th wedding anniversary gifts you can find. The first step is finding 25 pictures that are representative of their 25 years as a couple. You can begin with a wedding picture and build up from there to create an extensive reminder of lives. This is one of the most creative 25th wedding anniversary gifts you can get your friends and also one of the most personal ones. They are guaranteed to be moved by the effort you have put into their gift and they will cherish it forever.

[table id=116 /]


  • Long-term gift that is heartwarming and will definitely impress
  • The couple can add pictures to it as more years together go by


  • Not doable if you don’t have access to their social media accounts or printed photos


We hope we have managed to provide you with the inspiration you need to find one of the best 25th wedding anniversary gifts for your friends. Take your time with the search process because a moment as special as this one is worth every minute. Good luck!

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